Skin in the Game at the New Wimbledon Studio

by Kristin Duffy in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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We’re creating a near-apocalyptic near-future climate chaos play (Cards Against Humanity-style) - and we need your help to bring it to life.

by Kristin Duffy in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

New stretch target

- A brilliant theatre photographer so we can show the press, reviews, other theatres that we mean business- they will want to promote, review, book the show and future Slackline Productions. We have one we'd love to use who is challenging theatre photographer stereotypes, but we can't afford her very fair rate. (£500)

- Better set (to be captured by the brilliant theatre photographer) 

- More marketing (so we can sell tickets and the show WILL BE SEEN)

- A good stage manager to support our actors and director

The wish list is long! 


We’re creating a near-apocalyptic near-future climate chaos play - and we need your help to bring it to life. (Ticket info here!)

Are you terrified of the climate crisis - or taking it all a bit less seriously? Are you ready to cope with a little dark humour?

‘Skin in the Game’ wonders what would happen if the response to the real climate apocalypse wasn’t action, nor indifference… but “bread & circuses” light entertainment.

Whatever your feelings about our climate-future, the question is: Are you game enough to be in the audience? Are you game enough to help bring it to life? Do YOU have Skin in the Game???

'Skin in the Game’ has been in development since the summer of 2019, when playwright Gill Kirk was struck by lightning whilst walking in Scotland. 

Ok, not exactly- but a freak storm did strike her with inspiration… and now it’s time to bring that inspiration to the stage. Excitingly, Skin In The Game has been chosen as one of three new writing plays to make its debut at the New Wimbledon Studio theatre as part of their FIRST-EVER Premieres Season. But to get it on stage and to do credit to Gill Kirk’s brilliant (and bonkers!) writing, we need a cast, rehearsals, costumes… and a Derek the Bee God mask.

To thank you for your support of grassroots independent theatre, we have some excellent rewards on offer for supporters - check the rewards list on the right for all the latest.


The Costs

We’re aiming to raise £4510 by 8th November (less than a week before we open!) 

We’re already covering £5000 out of our own production company funds, but even if we completely sell out tickets, we can't pay actors and creatives national minimum wage. Your support will allow us to do so. 

Your generous support will cover:

Cast & crew wages: £2000 (the difference between what we can now pay and NMW)

Licensing fees: £800 (playwright fee, music licensing)

Costumes and props: £750 (as a climate change show, we are attempting to source all costumes second-hand, however, there is still a cost involved with a cast of five. The good news is that this we won't be contributing to cheap mass production or landfill waste!)

Marketing and printing: £550

Crowdfunding platform fees: £410 

At Slackline, we want to make sure there’s real diversity in the stories we tell. Because of this, paying our cast and crew fairly has to be central to our work- which is impossible in fringe theatre based on ticket sales alone. If the only people working in theatre are those who can afford to do it for free, we’ll never hear the full range of voices we need for theatre to thrive. And, after the last year of dark theatres and locked doors, it’s time for us all to come together and fund what we love - grassroots and fringe theatre has produced some of the most striking voices in the British arts scene, and it’s essential we don’t lose that.


The Team

At Slackline Productions, we put women in the driver’s seat to provide audiences with uplifting entertainment experiences that will impact their lives. We are redressing the balance in the stories being told and who’s telling them- working with female writers to offer new-writing plays that have female characters at their heart, focusing most specifically on stories of women aged 35+.

Slackline is more than just a theatre company. We support our artists and extend our reach beyond the actors, writers and directors who work on our shows to create a community (and have a lot of fun doing it!) 

The team consists of:

Gill Kirk, Playwright-  Gill Kirk is consistently recognised for the quality of her work: awarded 1/12 places (3200 applicants) on Channel 4 4Screenwriting & representation; Verity Bargate Award final stages & BBC’s Drama Scriptroom top 3%.

Gill received a Pitlochry Theatre 10-day Residency grant to develop ‘Skin in the Game’.

Sarah Gain, Director- Sarah Gain has worked across theatre for 30+ years and is Creative Producer at Sarah Gain Productions, with connections to Derby Theatre & the Lowry. Her work focused on making theatre & creativity accessible. She brings consultancy skills as a coordinator for Disney marketing events. 'Home Sweet Home Girl’ for Derby Plus One is now being shown by the National Theatre (the projected animation for their show); Sarah is bringing her ideas around animation to ‘SITG’.

Kristin Duffy, Producer & Actor- Slackline Productions was founded by Kristin Duffy who has often been referred to as a Renaissance woman. She has been a fashion designer, Ironman triathlete and triathlon coach, spin teacher, writer, and of course, amongst other things, a theatre maker.

Kristin also hosts The Second Chapter podcast, chatting with women who changed their lives and/or careers after the age of 35. She is an advocate for roles for women of all ages, telling important stories with humour and bringing people together in a variety of ways.

Actor bios coming soon!!


The Play

Skin in the Game is a darkly hilarious, irreverent look into the near-apocalyptic near-future. 

The once-unimaginable has happened and it’s time for the world to be saved… by a game show host?

It’s up to the courageous Elizabeth Smuir to bring down a glitter-blazered game show host with dictatorship ambitions, the charismatic Danny McCree. But her blundered kidnapping by a troll and a bee-god called Derek galvanises her: she’s going to save the planet and stop Danny becoming a dictator.

Well… she thinks she is.

Skin in the Game is an entertaining and disturbing adventure into a not-so-distant future where climate despair is met with tasteless “bread & circuses” light entertainment and abuses of power.

Audience comments from the sold-out script-in-hand development performance of 'Skin in the Game' included:

‘Terrifyingly watchable’ 

'Dark, dirty, weird and funny'

‘A great reflection of the conflict between science and expertise, celebrity culture, politicians & the media’

'Made me cry with laughter'


The Show

Tickets are already available for the debut run at New Wimbledon Theatre, 12-19 November 2021. And if you’d like to make sure your visit is something special, we have a few rewards which include tickets - how about the opportunity to be one of 10 sponsors recognised on our website as a project producer, plus a free ticket to opening night, two glasses of wine at the theatre and a personalised thank you on bee-friendly wildflower seed paper? And bigger pledges bring even bigger rewards, like the chance to be an executive producer on the show!

We also have rewards that reflect the climate-change themes of the show, including planting trees for your pledges! 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£200 or more

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1-2-1 Ideastorm with Playwright, Gill Kirk

We won't give away tooooo much of the plot, but you might not be surprised that Skin in the Game has a storm... and for £200, you get a storm of your own! In this energetic 90-minute online ideastorm, you can talk out your ideas for a play or a story with absolutely NO PRESSURE. Gill will be your sounding board, your advisor and your cheerleader- and you just may leave with your next big idea! (Date to be agreed between reward recipient/Gill)

£5 or more

Grassroots gratitude

For £5, you have our undying gratitude... and you've helped create grassroots theatre!

£7 or more

Media mention

For a lovely £7, you've helped us make great theatre AND we will shout out our eternal thanks on our social media pages!

£10 or more

Plant a Tree

Not only will you be helping Skin in the Game come to life, you'll be helping the planet stay alive! If you choose this reward, we'll plant a tree through Just One Tree.

£12 or more

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Bee our sponsor!

For £12, you'll not only help to pay an hour's wages to an actor or creative, you will also receive a personalised thank you, written on bee-friendly wildflower seed paper- so you can help the project and save the bees!

£20 or more

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Badge of Honour

You're a real theatre hero who wants to do their share to protect the environment as well... you've got SKIN IN THE GAME*! Show it off proudly with our exclusive 'I've got Skin in the Game' eco-friendly badges, featuring the amazing show graphic by Broadway and West End theatre poster designer, Steph Pyne. * to be directly involved in or affected by something, especially financially

£50 or more

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You're TOTEally awesome

For a £50 donation, you'll not only get the title of being totally awesome, we'll show our appreciation with an "I've got Skin in the Game" high-quality cotton tote bag, featuring the amazing show graphic by Broadway and West End theatre poster designer, Steph Pyne.

£75 or more

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Signed Skin in the Game Poster

Our show poster, with art by the amazing Broadway & West End designer, Steph Pyne, signed by our fabulous cast! (Let us know if you want it personalised!)

£75 or more

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1-2-1 Online Garden Consultation with Planty Jane!

Want to fight climate-change at home in your own lovely way? How about an online consultation with the fabulous "Planty Jane" of Jane Porter Gardens to help you turn your garden into a gorgeous bee-friendly paradise? Jane has worked on some amazing gardens, including the GOLD MEDAL WINNING Yeo Valley Organic Garden with Tom Yassey for the famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show. No matter how big or small your gardening ambitions, Jane can help!

£100 or more

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Producer Credit

You've put your money where your mouth is... so as special thanks, you'll get all of the credit with none of the work! Your £100 donation gives you the opportunity to be one of 10 sponsors recognised on our website as a project producer, a free ticket to opening night, two glasses of wine at the theatre and a personalised thank you on bee-friendly wildflower seed paper!

£150 or more

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60-minute Female-Led Marketing Consultation

In the spirit of all things Slackline & female-led, our lovely friend and business mentor, Elizabeth Lichten of Pink Mingo, is offering a 60-minute marketing consultation to a female-led organisation or business owner (of any type of business!) Pink Mingo offers on-demand marketing smarts- Elizabeth can help with start-up strategy, growth services, launch and investment, and brand and campaign messaging. Timing to be agreed with recipient

£500 or more

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Executive Producer of Skin in the Game!

The executive producer is like the CEO of the project, except you don't have to do any of the tough stuff! You'll get two tickets to opening night of Skin in the Game at the New Wimbledon Studio, a bottle of Prosecco at the theatre, an executive producer credit on our website, a live thank you from the actors, a personalised thank you on bee-friendly wildflower seed paper AND a copy of the original Skin in the Game script, autographed by our cast

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