End Single Parent Discrimination in the UK

by Ruth Talbot in United Kingdom

End Single Parent Discrimination in the UK

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We want to end discrimination against single parent families and for the UK government to add single parents to the Equality Act.

by Ruth Talbot in United Kingdom

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The funds will be used to cover campaigning costs to help promote the campaign. If we can raise enough funds we will look to set up a dedicated website for the campaign. Any funds which are not used will be donated to single parent/ child poverty focused charities and the information here will be updated to reflect that. 

I’m Ruth, a forty something year old single mum to two boys – aged seven and two. As a single mum for over six years I've faced discrimination in various situations and seen many friends go through the same challenges. Such as:

  • In the workplace when it comes to recruitment, professional development and promotion;
  • In housing, specifically accessing private rental properties, especially for those who rely on housing benefit;
  • In child benefit calculations: a couple earning £98,000 combined will receive full child benefit for one child, whilst a single parent on £60,000 will receive no child benefit for two children;
  • In support and adaptations required for a disabled child to live safely in both homes where care is shared, 
  • Higher entrance fees at tourist attractions for single parent families than couple families. E.G. the National Trust single parents pay 25% more per adult compared with a couple family;

On top of this, many single parents face multiple levels of discrimination given 90% are women, around 27% live with a disability (compared with 21% of couple parent households), and black and mixed ethnicities communities have higher numbers of single parents compared with white communities.

During the Covid19 pandemic this discrimination has been heightened. Policy has been made at breath taking speed with single parents constantly being overlooked. Being a single parent is hard at the best of times, however the current situation has increased financial hardship, isolation and many of us are at absolute breaking point. It needs to stop!

This campaign aims to eliminate discrimination towards single parents. It will give us the foundations of equality upon which we can live our lives, without the added stress of discrimination and stigma, and the many negative impacts this brings - financially, practically and emotionally to us and our children. 

Myself and other single parents are volunteering to put a campaign together to end discrimination against single parents and calling on MPs and.the UK government to update the Equality Act*. 

With single parenthood not included in this act, employers, businesses and policy makers aren’t encouraged to proactively consider how they treat single parents and where unfair treatment occurs, it cannot be legally challenged.

This is where we need you help!

Your donation to our campaign not matter how small, will help us cover simple costs like design, printing and promotion. And ensure our single parent volunteers aren't out of pocket, while trying to make real change for their children and other families.

Thank you so much for helping our voices get heard and getting us on the road to equality.

*The Equality Act, 2010 outlaws discrimination towards certain groups who are deemed to have ‘protected characteristics’. Currently, there are nine protected characteristics: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation.

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