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SigmaCarta Studios mission is to overcome self limiting beliefs by replacing them with liberating truths. We call this #Unlearn & #Relearn

by SigmaCarta Studios in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


SigmaCarta Studios is a dedicated platform for men's personal, spiritual, and entrepreneurial development. We produce a wide range of content, including shows, courses, events, audiobooks, and publications, all designed to foster growth and community among our subscribers. 

Our innovative approach integrates AI-assisted content, marketing, and analytics systems to measure engagement and optimize every area of our business. 

Content Strategy 

Social Media (The "WHAT") 

30-Minute Long-Form Content: These serve as lead magnets to raise awareness about SigmaCarta. The content focuses on identifying and addressing common challenges faced by our target audience, providing clarity on issues and insights on overcoming them. 

SigmaCarta Premium (The "HOW") 

60-Minute Shows: These premium shows guide our community through actionable solutions to life’s challenges. Each episode features a protagonist who is taken on a journey from incompetency to competency by a team of coaches, experts, and psychologists. 

This immersive format ensures viewers can relate and apply the lessons learned. Courses: 

Our courses cover personal, spiritual, and entrepreneurial development across different skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced, and master). Course providers work with our team to create comprehensive curriculums, ensuring content is tailored to the diverse needs of our audience.








With infrastructure and systems in place, our creative team will develop original shows to grow our licensing library and will market them to a global population of melanated men through our brand ambassadors and content distribution and marketing engine.


Brand Ambassador adverts 

SigmaCarta will engage 40 brand ambassadors, who will act as affiliates who earn 10% from all of their sales (which are transparent with their own electronic affiliate profiles on our content, marketing and analytics system)

Brand Ambassadors will gain early access to all materials, give feed back to our executive and productions teams and be invited to the studio to shoot materials that evangelise SigmaCarta to their followers.

Our marketing team will work with brand ambassadors to extend their reach by distributing their materials through our content, marketing and analytics system to create wider awareness of our products, services and events.

Brand ambassadors will clearly reflect our ideal customer profile and amplify the values he embodies to attract him at scale. By month six, we intend to attract 1000 unique annual subscribers a month.


Michael our ideal customer profile avatar

Rather than going too wide, we going an inch wide and a mile deep to provide Michael with solutions for every area of his life and community to support him as accountability partners.


This is our project, we're seeking to raise £60,000 to establish our TV studio and platform that includes the space, capital purchases, tech infrastructure for our educational TV platform to create our consistent ability to produce shows with our network of coaches, psychologists, industry experts and consultants.

#Unlearn & #Relearn


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These donors will be invited to 3 live audience panel Q&A show recordings at Conway Hall in South London.

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Lifelong membership to the SigmaCarta Premium platform with our roster of shows and courses that we'll continue to shoot on a weekly basis for our series and five courses a month that we record with experts in their field to contribute to your personal, spiritual and entrepreneurial development

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£500 Reward

These donators will be invited to have their own episode with the team of SigmaCarta coaches, psychologists, experts etc (family/personal development/financial/spiritual/entrepreneurial)

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£1000 Reward

Lifelong membership in our monthly mastermind with mastermind business owner members and the panel of expertise we assemble around a specific industry sector. The aim is to develop cooperative models to establish corporate boards with men of a similar ilk who converse in a common language as a byproduct of working with SigmaCarta.

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