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by Toni Finnimore in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

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I aim to support the UK’s musicians and performance artists across the UK by live streaming #ShowsOnTheRoad from a campervan

by Toni Finnimore in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

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On the 22nd December 2020 we'd raised £575 with 29 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


I’m on a six-month mission to support the UK’s musicians and performance artists. With your help, I’ll travel the length of this supremely talented country and stream live shows direct from my camper van.



The UK’s treasured arts industry is on the brink of collapse thanks to COVID-19. Performers have no venues. Venues have no audiences. Many artists are not able to claim sufficient support from the government grant scheme.

With guidelines ever-changing and the future in flux, the country’s performing artists are facing a reality where they are being advised to retrain. NO THANK YOU!

This is why I’m going to spend six months handing the UK’s artists a stage – okay, a van – to perform. I’ll pay them properly for their time, obviously, and live-stream the show.

As I journey through each city I will also be doing my part for local charities and amazing projects. I’ll be sharing the skills of my network and are particularly keen to help those most affected by COVID-19.


Okay so how will this van plan actually…work?

After launch, I will take video applications from artists that want to perform via our website. We will then promote, showcase and live stream – hopefully – between four and eight paid performances a month. For solo acts or small groups where social distancing is possible, the gigs will take place inside the van. If not we will erect a temporary stage outside.

Things kick off in my hometown Brighton with a live stream on the 1st of January The plan is to visit 15 cities and showcase over 100 artists during the next six months, before finishing in Belfast in June 2021.

As I travel to each city, I’ll connect with local charities, groups and projects that need our help in the form of skill sharing. Patreon supporters will then have the opportunity to volunteer their time remotely.


Who comes up with a van plan like this?

My name is Toni Finnimore and I’m the founder of The Social Society. We are a Brighton organisation that connects skilled volunteers with local charities – our members have donated around over 4500 hours of their time thus far.
I have nearly 15 years experience working with charities and provide management consultancy for businesses and organisations in the third sector.

I have an overactive brain but am Aquarian so cosmically wired with assertiveness. I’m a doer and have a HUGE passion for people and social good. The best gig I ever saw was Ludovico Einaudi. Seeing Les Miserables honestly changed my life. Do I love vans, you say? Well, read on.

You must be well acquainted with the #vanlife?

Confession time: I’ve never owned a van. I’ve never road tripped. This trip is literally driving me out of my comfort zone. But nothing is normal anymore. I will be sharing my journey with you via a video vlog – the highs, the hangovers, the beaches, the breakdowns (hopefully the latter being just the van…).


What's the overall cost of a trip like this?

There are a number of costs we need to cover to make this trip a reality. There are capital costs for sound, tech and video equipment. Then marketing, promotion, travel and those breakdowns (again: fingers crossed just the van).

Did I mention we haven't quite funded the van?

Here’s a breakdown of costs:

Van/motorhome – £6,000
Technical Equipment – £5,000
Fuel – £3,000
Artist fees – £10,000

Insurance and vehicle upkeep - £4000


Key questions

  • Will you be living in the van for six months? Yes, that is the plan. 
  • How will you ensure you are keeping to government COVID-19 guidelines? We will of course be live streaming artists following social distancing guidelines at all times. My direction of travel will be governed at all times by local restrictions. For areas in TIER 3, I will bypass and attempt to return when it’s appropriate. 
  • Who can apply?
    I’d love applications from across the live performance spectrum: from poets to jazzers; dancers to clowns; (small) choirs to comedians. The doors to this van church are wide open.
  • How can I follow the video diary and footage of the journey?
    You’ll be able to access all footage from the road trip and watch the live streams via our Patreon page.

Thank you for supporting us with our mission to support the arts and charitable organisations across the UK. Wish me luck! 



About Us

The Social Society is the UK's first social club for social good. We connect businesses and people with charities that need support. Our supporters offer their time, skills, expertise and much needed funds from their fees to local projects. We also run social events to reduce isolation and loneliness. Below is a snapshot of our fabulous end of year festival The Big Session 2019


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£1,000 or more

Travel the UK with us!

Before I set off on my UK tour I will be securing ten headline sponsors and splashing their logos all over our delightful home on wheels, website, national press and socials. Fancy promoting yourself or your business and supporting my bonkers journey? Grab yourself space as a headline sponsor. You or your business can travel the country with us!

£5 or more

A warm fuzzy feeling and a virtual high five

Help me along with a fiver and get a warm fuzzy feeling and a virtual high five!

£10 or more

A big old Toni shout out on socials!

A shout out and huge thank you on our socials.

£20 or more

Pray for Ed Sheeran applications

Get your face on our touring wall! Our performers will use this delightful wall of fame to have their end of show selfie. Get yourself in the background! #Prayforedsheeranapplications

£25 or more

Lois O Hara print & tote bag

Grab yourself a Social Society limited edition Lois' O Hara print from our launch! Lois is an absolute dream of a human and real artistic talent who is indeed making very big waves in the world. Lois, we salute you. Get yourself a print and tote bag. #getwavey

£50 or more

Signed artist postcards

Gets you signed a social club for social good postcard with an artist from our UK tour. Remember the tour is a complete mystery to date so who knows who will apply!

£100 or more

Grab your own prime time live slot!

Gets you your own road trip prime time promo slot. Jump on a live stream with me and our audience and showcase your own artistic talents however you see fit! Beatboxer, opera singer, trying to get a new style of dance out into the world now's your time. Limited spots are available, dates shared ahead of the tour start.

£150 or more

Sponsor a #ShowsOnTheRoad artist

Help our applicants take the campervan stage and share their talent! This spot will support one artist to perform at one of our live streamed events. The more slots we get sponsored, the more artists we can support. (Scales in line with musicians union payscales and costs are for one performer.)

£250 or more

Join me at a gig!

Gets you and a friend a ticket to an on site, in person (socially distanced and as per guidelines) gig at one date on the tour (Date and location to be agreed with six spots (12 people max) ahead of tour start). All events are selected from our in house panel after application and promoted via our Patreon supporters page so this spot is like a giant lucky dip. (Camping & travel costs not included)

£500 or more

An on site weekend pass!

Gets yourself a one time in person spectacular for you and a lucky pal! Join us for an evening of food, music and connection at a live intimate socially distanced gig at one of our unique locations across the UK. Spend the weekend with us and immersive yourself in nature and creatives. Think wild swimming, camping under the stars, open fires and connection. ( Food drink, music and artists, fabulous company and camping spots included)

£5,000 or more

Bespoke brand sponsorships

I will need amazing connectivity whilst on this road trip. WIFI, wild camping and remote locations do not always go hand in hand. I also need technical help with video editing and or sound for live performances. I am a novice that has jumped in to this in an attempt to highlight the plight of both the arts and charities across the UK. If you or your business can support with a bespoke sponsorship that offers the above please get in touch!

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