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by Shoot Your Shot in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Supporting performers and raising funds for our chosen charity, LGBT Unity Scotland.

by Shoot Your Shot in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 7th September 2020 we'd raised £3,200 with 136 supporters in 40 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

This extra funding will allow us to give more to LGBT Unity Scotland and more contribution to the artists and performers involved in the stream.  This will also enable us to establish the start of a solidarity fund towards subsidised ticket costs for future SYS events.

This SATURDAY 1ST OF AUGUST, join us on the good ship Shoot Your Shot as we sail you away on a 12-HOUR PRIDE LIVESTREAM SPECTACLE, full of fabulous video performances and a bevy of bespoke DJ sets guaranteed to soundtrack your day from afternoon Pride picnic to midnight music marathon. We've invited over !!30!! LGBTQ+ creatives from Glasgow and beyond to showcase their talents, and teamed up with our IRL home venue SWG3 to provide a virtual club space and stage worthy of the celebration. Full line-up to be dropped over the course of the coming week – in the meantime, check out our first teaser trailer. Keen-eyed SYS regulars might spot some familiar locations in the video too... :^)

So why are we doing all this? The nightlife, club and cultural sectors have been among the hardest economically hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, and as the world tentatively opens up shop again, it is these places - a lifeline and sole income for many of us - that still remain shut. Many folks are still isolating for health reasons, and it will be a good while before we're back on those safe, sweaty dancefloors again. It's vital we continue to look after each other, and ensure independent artists don't fall through the cracks in the system as big businesses reap government aid. We've hosted five SYS digital livestream parties since the start of April, for the sole purpose of giving our queer family a place to let loose, check in with each other, and give out-of-work queer performers and DJs a chance to earn some tips via digital donations. We're now taking things up a notch and, thanks to the easing of lockdown measures, over the past month we have also been able to pool our resources and help produce, film and edit over half of the DJ sets and performances especially for this stream. It's truly been a labour of love and we can't wait to share it all with you this weekend!

We've done all this not only to support local queer artists, but to call attention to an even more urgent cause: to raise money for our chosen charity, LGBT Unity. LGBT Unity is a charity which supports LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and refugees in Scotland, who are among the most vulnerable in our rainbow community right now. Thanks to the size of the stream, and with the help of a visibility boost through our pals at SWG3, we've decided to launch this project as a crowdfunder running throughout the next few weeks. All donations will be split equally, with 60% going to all contributors (over 30 of us so far!) and 40% to LGBT Unity. We will set our initial target at £3000, which would ensure a minimum £50 fee for each of our talented performers, as well as raise in excess of £1000 for LGBT Unity! And whats more, each donation of £5 or more will receive a VIP LINK to view any and all parts of the full stream after the premiere. That means you won't have to worry about missing a single thing even if you decide to pop out for a wee walk or have a disco nap. Pretty sweet deal, right??

The broadcast will run from approximately 1pm to 1am (FINAL START AND END TIME TO BE CONFIRMED), with specially curated performance sections followed by hour-long DJ sets from SYS residents and guests. All performances will be captioned/subtitled for accessibility, and any live hosting sections will be captioned in the recordings made available afterwards.

The show will be broadcast over on TWITCH: as well as aired via Facebook live on SWG3's channel. We recommend viewing the event over on Twitch for the full, uninterrupted experience, as Facebook has a tendency to suddenly mute livestreams at the first whiff of Lady Gaga.

So get together with your nearest and dearest (responsibly!), have a wee viewing party or if it's a sunny day, grab a Bluetooth speaker and take us with you to your chosen green space. You don't need to stay cooped indoors to enjoy the event as it unfolds! Or maybe you're still shielding at home? No worries, we'll be around on the chat on Twitch where you can cheer for the performers, connect with other viewers and get down in the comfort of your own gaff.

Trailer by Tiu Makkonen


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ALL DONATIONS £5 OR MORE will be given a VIP link to view the stream for a month after the premiere.

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