Sherwood Community Hoodwinked Robin Fund

by Daniel Walker in Redhill, England, United Kingdom

Sherwood Community Hoodwinked Robin Fund
We did it
On 22nd October 2018 we successfully raised £7,525 with 491 supporters in 10 days

To raise enough money to win a Hoodwinked Robin at auction for the Sherwood Community, with all proceeds going to Nottinghamshire Hospice.

by Daniel Walker in Redhill, England, United Kingdom

The Sherwood Community are trying to raise funds to purchase (at auction) a Hoodwinked Robin. The Robins have been on an adventure throughout Nottingham city and are moving on to their forever homes! 

Each of the 33 Robins will be sold at auction on Thursday the 18th of October.... Only 6 days away!!! 

The bids will start at £3000 and to be in with a chance we have a target of £7000!

This is a very last minute decision so time is of the essence to raise the funds.

And as yet we don't even know if we can display the Robin in Sherwood! But as they say we will cross that bridge when we come to it!

 A few points to note...

If we don't raise enough money to win a Robin all the donations will still go to Nottinghamshire Hospice.

If we raise more than the purchase price of a Robin, the excess money will be held to cover any additional costs we incur (such as transporting the Robin), any money left after all this will then go to the Hospice.

If we can not site the Robin in a location where the entire community can see and appreciate it (and agree by majority), it will be re-auctioned and the proceeds will again, yes you guessed it, go to the Hospice!

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