Selkirk Community Bike Replacement Fund

by Selkirk’s Bike Replacement Fund in Selkirk, Scotland, United Kingdom

Selkirk Community Bike Replacement Fund

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Help Children effected by theft in the local community to raise money towards replacing their stolen property

by Selkirk’s Bike Replacement Fund in Selkirk, Scotland, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Any additional funds would go to a Selkirk community fund charity. 

Times at the moment are uncertain, unprecedented, and challenging financially. To have ANYTHING stolen is shocking, but for someone to steal a child’s bike and dump it in a river is disgusting.

6 bikes that we know of have been stolen and ruined. I have been in touch with the parents, who rightly so are devastated as are the children. These 5 kids, did not deserve to have their property stolen from their homes.

Having a bike allows children to get exercise, play, explore and find some enjoyment during anytime of the year, never mind during a world wide pandemic. Going out for a cycle is one of the few things kids can do right now.

We as parents only want the best for our children, and having to explain to them their belongings have been stolen is devastating. So instead of kids believing they live in a community of thieves and low-lives, Why not show them they live in a town of kind heartedness, community spirit, generosity  and togetherness.

PLEASE give what you can, be it only a couple of £’s the target it to reach £1000 to get each child a new bike and bike lock. 

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