Scrubs Supporters - Funding Material Supplies

by Becky Ashfield in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Scrubs Supporters - Funding Material Supplies

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Supporting production and supply of scrubs sets to hospitals, GP surgeries and healthcare settings. Material costs only.

by Becky Ashfield in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Our target will allow for the production of approximately 170-200 sets (size dependent).  

Many are in production already and materials costs have been fronted by volunteers for speed due to time constraints.  Even more have been requested for production locally already, let alone national requests.  

The more we raise the more can be priduced quickly.  The stretch target allows for production of approximately 1700-2000 sets.  

Even though we are starting with a smaller target we would like to aim as high as possible; the more we raise, the more we can produce to fulfil requests!

We are raising funds to cover materials costs only in providing supplies of scrubs sets to hospitals, GP surgeries and other healthcare settings.  Currently supporting fabric supplies to the Sheffield Scrubs Up local sewing volunteers serving Sheffield and surrounding area.

 If we can increase and exceed targets any excess funds will be directed to other local/national groups for sourcing and covering material costs.  There is currently a big demand for orders to be fulfilled.

The next stage is to support the Yorkshire groups and then if we are still raising money add it to other local groups that have been set up.  When all orders have been fulfilled any excess funds raised will be given to hospital and hospice charities.

All our wonderful sewing volunteers are working extremely hard to meet demand on a voluntary basis.  They are not reimbursed for their time.  This is not-for-profit and transparency is a key objective in keeping everyone informed as to where their donations are going.

All funds raised go directly towards material costs only.  The faster materials can be purchased and distributed the faster requests can be fulfilled.  By streamlining this and bulk ordering we can improve on speed and efficiency and get things where they are needed as soon as possible.
Paypal and crowdfunder accounts progress will be regularly posted and updated for transparency and show where your support is going.  Paypal donations will be transferred into the crowdfunder pot to show progress in regards to targets.  Where paypal donations are spent immediately on fabric an update will be posted with a thank you to the donor.
Some healthcare providers are reimbursing material costs and also donating however this is detracting budgets that could otherwise be needed/allocated elsewhere.  Help us to reduce their need to stretch budgets by sponsoring a set of scrubs!  In some instances demand has increased requiring up to 10 sets per day in some healthcare settings.
Sewing volunteers are aleady working hard but some are still waiting for fabric, the aim is to get fabric distributed to people as soon as possible to ensure orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible.  If we can purchase it through fundraising it cuts down on waiting times and ensures production is already underway.  
One set of scrubs costs approximately £10-12 in fabric to produce depending on size.  Se are also making surgical caps, headbands, masks, and wash bags for scrubs sets.
Please help us ensure we can get these where they are needed as quickly as possible.

Keep an eye on our updates to see who we are being supported by and where the support is being received. 
Thank you for your time!

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