Scotland Matters - Council Election Campaign

by Scotland Matters Crowdfunder in Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, United Kingdom

Scotland Matters - Council Election Campaign


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Let's send the SNP a message!! Help us stop them and reach Scotland's 600,000 voters who are politically disconnected.

by Scotland Matters Crowdfunder in Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With more funds, we can greatly increase our campaign: more adverts on social media, more billboards, more impact. Plus additional funds will allow us to stay in operation and plan for the future. 

Our Scottish local election campaign has started and we have already been featured in the national press (click here to view). So far, we have: 

  • Built-up a stock of visual images and slogans that demonstrate the SNP's failures and provide information on how to vote. (Click here to see them)
  • All donations received will be used to promote them on billboards, advans and social media. 
  • In the last council election, the SNP only got 32% of the vote. Let's get them even lower than this and show them that they are not wanted in Scotland.

We reached well over 1 million people at the Holyrood election and at COP26. We want to repeat our success at the local election this May 2022, but it costs a LOT of money and this is WHERE WE NEED YOUR HELP, for example:

  • £1,200 for a full-page advert in a national newspaper
  • £1,000 to reach 100,000 people on Facebook
  • £1,000 for an electronic billboard
  • £1,000 for an advan for one day
  • £18,000 a year for web admin and social media content.

Please consider donating to our Crowdfunder and help us take indyref2 off the table and 1,2,3,4 show the SNP the door.

Scotland Matters is the premier pro-UK group in Scotland and we promote the benefits of being in the UK, highlight the issues of separation, and communicate this to Scotland’s voters.

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