Saving Keewaydin

by Saving Keewaydin in Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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Keewaydin is stranded on an iron island in Sailor's Creek. Our goal is to re-fasten and re-float her. We have the team... but we need bolts!

by Saving Keewaydin in Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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Sailors Creek CIC is a community of like-minded volunteers dedicated to the regeneration of a polluted creek in Penryn river. One of the boats abandoned in the creek is the gaff ketch called Keewaydin. Built in 1913, the boat has an amazing history including competing in and completing the first Whitbread round the world race in 1976.


The boat is now high and dry (mostly), stranded in a dilapidated dry dock. She needs our help to refasten the hull planks, re-caulk the hull seams and relaunch the boat. 

There are plenty of willing hands - shipwrights, volunteers and well-wishers from the local community - all under the able direction of master shipwright, Spike Davies... but what we need is money for materials! 

1706021127_photo-2024-01-21-11-39-57.jpg£2 buys a 300mm galvanised bolt and we need 3000 of them plus some tools and safety gear for our volunteers.
We have a generous donor who is prepared to match fund anything we can raise to help refasten Keewaydin.

The clock is ticking as we need big tides to relaunch Keewaydin and the biggest tides of the year are around the Autumn Equinox.  We need to be ready. 

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Super Set of 20 Galvanised 300mm Bolts

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Galvanised 300mm Bolt

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A bundle of 5 Galvanised 300mm Bolts

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Bumper pack of 10 Galvanised 300mm Bolts

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Refastening tools and PPE for our volunteers

**Heroic Legacy Package** Unlock the Heroic Legacy Package, pass go and receive 200 heavenly points in recognition of your contribution to the revitalisation of the old wreck, Keewaydin. You really are the best!

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