F*Choir’s BIG Five Fund

by F*Choir in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

We did it
On 27th February 2022 we successfully raised £5,600 with 159 supporters in 42 days

Help us save F*Choir! As we celebrate our 5th birthday, we’re looking to raise £5000 to safeguard the future of the choir.

by F*Choir in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Gay dreams do come true! Any extra funds raised over £5000 will go towards ambitious creative projects including making a record and an F*Choir archive. Read more about our BIG dreams below…

F*Choir written in coloured letters. The 'O' has both gender symbols emerging from it.

F*Choir's BIG Five Fund 

Help us save F*Choir! As we celebrate our 5th birthday, we’re looking to raise £5000 to safeguard the future of the choir. After 2 years of having gigs cancelled, singing on Zoom and outdoors in the rain and cold, losing and looking for rehearsal spaces and writing endless funding applications, we know all too well that being a choir during a pandemic really sucks!

Despite the challenges, F*Choir has been a vital lifeline for all of our members and wider LGBTQ+ community. We have supported each other through huge personal and financial challenges and offered an accessible and safe space for queer artistic expression, solace and celebration through singing.

The BIG Five Fund will give F*Choir a much-needed financial foundation on which to rebuild in 2022. It will enable us to hire a larger, safer rehearsal space, welcome new members, develop new resources for learning songs and plan for the future. More gigs! Music videos! Workshops! Recordings!

F*Choir are standing on a grand staircase wearing animal print clothing and blue light strings.

Our Story So Far

F*Choir has become a place to gather in body and voice to vibrate, move and learn together. Using non-gendered voice parts and unconventional scores, we sing percussive and experimental choral arrangements about gender, sexuality, love, freedom and rage.

Our aim is to hold space for all voices to be heard without assuming anyone’s gender, origin or sexuality – to develop the choir as a feminist practice and use communal singing as a form of magic.

Since our exhilarating week at Borealis in March 2020, we have had gigs and residencies cancelled and lost crucial income needed to sustain our practice. Our members have faced unemployment, housing issues, illness, isolation and financial worries. Despite this, we’ve constantly reimagined the choir in order to stay safe and connected, combating loneliness and offering joy through creativity and community.

2 years later we’re still here, though our resources are drained and our pockets empty. AND it’s our 5th birthday, so…

Rubie from F*Choir is singing through a megaphone in front of large wallhangings with F*Choir lyrics

How Can You Help?

To make sure that we (and our grand-queers) still have F*Choir in the future, we’re looking to raise £5000 to reconnect, re-establish and rebuild based on everything we’ve learnt during these tough two years. We really need your help.

With your donations we will be able to:

  • Hold regular rehearsals throughout 2022
  • Welcome 20 new members, creating a 50 person-strong choir
  • Hire a larger, safer rehearsal space, for physically-distanced singing
  • Make printed songbooks from our unique graphic scores
  • Use better technology to include singers who are self-isolating or unwell at home
  • Maintain 5 free bursary places for those who need them
  • Pay our artistic director and administrator for their time and leadership
  • Work toward new creative outcomes. Gigs! Music videos! Workshops! Recordings!

F*Choir are standing and sitting at a safe distance from each other in a grassy clearing.

Thanks & Rewards

Should you be in a position to donate, your support would mean the world to the F*Choir community!

We’d love to acknowledge your contribution on our website, invite you to see us perform, join us at an open session or workshop and share our songs with you.

A donation of £5 will keep us in tea & biscuits for one rehearsal

A donation of £15 will pay for a newly printed songbook

A donation of £50 will support a bursary place for one term

A donation of £500 will hire a rehearsal space for one term

A room with choir scores on the wall, the choir stand in front of a seated audience.

Our Dreams for the Future

Although it’s been a tough time, we’re determined to be positive for the future and look for ways to grow as a choir and thrive as a community. Along with gigs, workshops and music videos, we have BIG ambitions…

  • We would love to make our first proper recording – we have lots of original songs and arrangements to share and are so excited to record them. Fitting a 50-person choir in a recording studio is no easy task, so any extra funds we raise will help with hiring a large studio, sound engineer and making the record.
  • For the past 12 months we have been working on creating an F*Choir archive. So many incredible feminist projects have been forgotten without having the resources to tell their own story. We are collecting videos, photos, scores, art works and choir member testimonies to build an archive and share the legacy of F*Choir long into the future. Any extra funds we raise will help to host the archive on an accessible platform and work with an archivist.

Who is F*Choir?

F*Choir is a queer-led majority LGBTQ+, intergenerational, feminist choir founded in January 2017 by freelance musicians, creatives, writers and artists. F* Choir is led by performance artist and drummer Jenny Moore.

F*Choir has performed across the UK and Europe, including sold out gigs at Earth Hackney, Raven Row and the Wellcome Collection. We worked with Young Women’s Music Project and OVADA in Oxford and ran a group residency in Catalonia, Spain. In 2020 we performed at Borealis, a festival of experimental music in Bergen, Norway and led a euphoric week of gigs, workshops and interventions across the city. Our work has been featured on BBC3 Late Junction, The Guardian, New Statesmen and Stylist magazine.

A group of twenty choir members pose for the camera with powerful expressions.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£5 or more

Keep F*Choir in tea & biscuits at rehearsal

We love snacks. Buy us tea and biscuits for one rehearsal.

£15 or more

Buy a songbook for an F*Choir singer

We're turning our unique scores into songbooks for our singers, help us get them printed.

£25 or more

Gift two precious hours of administration time

Help us pay our administrator to induct new choir members, manage our finances and organise rehearsals.

£50 or more

Support an F*Choir bursary place for one term

Help us to continue to offer 5 bursary places every term for those who need them.

£75 or more

Pay our Zoom fees

Help us to pay for a whole year of Zoom fees, supporting self-isolating and unwell singers to join rehearsals from home.

£100 or more

Help pay our Artistic Director to arrange a song

Gift us a few hours of Jenny Moore's time to arrange some new F*bangers (songs) for us to work on.

£250 or more

Pay for a guest artist to run a workshop

Help us pay for an exciting guest artist to run a workshop for the F*Choir community.

£500 or more

Help F*Choir hire a rehearsal space for one term

Help us hire a larger, safer rehearsal space, for physically-distanced singing.

£5,000 or more

Be a life-long F*Choir patron

Donate £5000 and become a wildly adored F*Choir patron for life.

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