Save UK Youth Circus!

by CircusWorks in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Save UK Youth Circus!

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Help save UK youth circus!

by CircusWorks in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

We believe that every young person deserves the right to learn circus!

Circus is a non-competitive form of exercise that improves flexibility, strength, balance, co-ordination, resilience and overall health and fitness. Youth circuses across the UK provide vital services: they give young people a creative outlet, opportunities to perform, and a community, as well as keeping them fit and healthy. Many youth circuses specifically work with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and for these young people they can be nothing short of a lifeline.

Under the current Covid-19 crisis, keeping young people fit and healthy, giving them opportunities to socialise and express themselves creatively, and supporting those who have been hardest hit by this crisis, is so incredibly important. Unfortunately, the youth circus sector in the UK has been left devastated by the economic realities of this crisis, and many smaller youth circuses have fallen through the cracks of governmental support and are facing financial ruin.

CircusWorks is an advocacy and support organisation for UK youth circus. With your help, we are raising funds to support youth circuses through this crisis. All money raised will be paid in the form of grants to youth circuses across the UK, with a particular focus on supporting those who have been hardest hit by the Covid-19 crisis, and those that have the most impact on their local communities.

Young people attending youth circuses now are the circus performers of our future. If you or your children have ever been part of a youth circus, if you have ever loved a circus show, or if you want young people to have every opportunity in life - including learning to juggle - please consider donating to this cause.

£5 is the cost of a facemask to keep a child safe

£20 is the cost of PPE & cleaning equipment for 1 week

£50 is the cost of training 1 staff member on new safety procedures

£100 is the cost of a bursary for one child to attend classes for a term

£300 is the cost of a bursary for one child to attend classes for a year

£500-£2000 is the cost of new equipment to allow for quarantine and individual usage

  • The fund will be held by CircusWorks - the UK Youth Circus Network. We are a company limited by guarantee, and our company number is 10231764.
  • The fund in its entirety will be distributed to UK youth circuses, in the form of grants, in September 2020.

  • All UK based youth circuses will be able to apply for a grant of between £100 to £2000, via a one page application process.
  • Decisions on recipients will be made by a panel of independent non beneficiaries.

  • Funds will go towards organisations, not individuals, and organisations will need to share how funding is being used.

  • The total raised will be visible on this page, and via our website (

  • Case studies on recipients will also be published on our website.
  • We have multiple events and campaigns running to help us reach our target- for a full list of these and our donors please see our dedicated webpage here

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