Save The Iron Road Live

by Muttley Van Zant in Pershore, England, United Kingdom

Save The Iron Road Live
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The Iron Road Live is staring at PERMANENT closure due to the pandemic. Help us keep the music live and bring happiness to the fans!

by Muttley Van Zant in Pershore, England, United Kingdom

We Are In Serious Trouble

Our last gig was on 14/3/2020, FIFTEEN months ago, we had been excited for our first all-day festival scheduled for the following week but it was not to be. We had the funds to cover the overheads until August and we naively thought we would be open again in July.  With support from friends we managed to cover costs until October but the 2nd wave ended all hopes of  reopening.

  • We are hungry to continue and don't want this to be the end
  • We are launching #savetheironroad
  • Please help us keep the music live

We Have Not Been Eligible For Any Support1623418491_iron_road_crowd.jpg

When the venue was born it was situated in The Railway Hotel in Evesham, the pub didn't have the best reputation in the past so we rebranded as The Iron Road, (which is a way more Rock'n'Roll name), however the business was officially registered as The Railway Hotel. when Enterprise Inns sold the building and we moved we then started trading as The Iron Road Live so when the pandemic hit we had not been trading long enough to be eligible for government support. On top of this as we were yet to finalise a new permanent home we were also ineligible for any grants.



Has To Be Worthy Of Your Support

If we are going to ask you to help #savetheironroad it can only be for a viable, sustainable venue. We need to be in a permanent home, the Iron Road principles for customer service and quality were impossible to implement in a temporary home that we had no operational control over.

Why We Are Worth Saving

Since 2013, The Iron Road has been supporting original music from around the world across many genres. Small independent venues that support original music are becoming scarce and are vital to the industry. It is extremely important to us to continue supporting original music and if this campaign is successful we will be able to do that better than ever.

What We Will Use Funding For

  • Purchase A New Lease
  • Costs of F&F, Stock etc
  • Build A New Stage & Sound Booth
  • Refurbish Green Room
  • P.A. Service and Re-installation
  • Additional Lighting
  • Video Wall & Editing Suite
  • Decoration & Additional Soundproofing
  • Deposits on Acts
  • Relaunch PR
  • Update Website

State of the Art


During lockdown we have been on a steep learning curve producing Live Streamed Events. We want to use this knowledge to make the new Iron Road state of the art. We will install a 12m x 4m video wall and full video editing suite to make the venue an incredible immersive experience whilst having the technology to stream all over the world as well as holding other exciting events and competitions to ensure the longterm health of the business.



We will be grateful for every hard earned penny donated, as pennies make pounds here's some rewards for those £s

  • £25 - Have a drink on us on your first visit
  • £50 - A drink on us and an "I helped save The Iron Road" T-Shirt
  • £100 - A drink on us, Commemorative T-Shirt and a free ticket to the show of your choice.
  • £250 - A drink on us, Commemorative T-Shirt and a free ticket to 12 shows of your choice in first 12 Months.
  • £500 - A drink on us, Commemorative T-Shirt and Free entry to all events for 12 Months.

We love you. We miss you. We hope to see you soon.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£25 or more

£25 Reward

Have a drink on us on your first visit

£50 or more

£50 Reward

A drink on us and a commemorative I helped save The Iron Road T-Shirt

£100 or more

£100 Reward

A drink on us. A commemorative T-Shirt Free Entry to a show of your choice.

£250 or more

£250 Reward

A drink on us, a commemorative T-Shirt, Free Entry to 12 shows in the first year

£500 or more

£500 Reward

A drink on us, A commemorative T-Shirt. Free Entry to every show for 12 Months

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