Save The Dyke Pub

by [email protected] in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Save The Dyke Pub
We did it
On 13th December 2016 we successfully raised £680 with 31 supporters in 56 days

We are a commmunity group that is fighting to keep our local pub, The Dyke, a local (and not developed for retail or housing)

by [email protected] in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

The Dyke Pub needs you!! 

Support us in our mission to keep the beautiful building as a central community hub for all of us.

We are a group dedicated to stop the development of the pub into shops or flats - and get it back to being a pub. Whether you meet there for your book club, sports group, family gatherings - or just for a pint or two, we need you.

The team:

We are a small team of volunteers - supported by a wide community of people who want to keep The Dyke Pub from being developed into a retail outlet or housing. But we can't do it on enthusiaim alone sadly! So we are fundraising to enable us to call on professional services to help advise us in our petitions to the council.  The ultimate aim is to keep The Dyke as a pub.

And we're not alone - landlords and developers are closing pubs all over the country, and communities are fighting back where there is strong local feeling. Porthall and Prestonville - the two areas closest to the Dyke - have a long tradition of rallying around good causes and making them work - please help us if you can. And this is most of us below with the 1400 strong petition ready to send it into the council.

What people think about the importance of The Dyke

"All communities need places to meet, if we do not protect this asset we'll soon find there are none left to enjoy and remember that we are human beings in need of face to face social interaction."

" I'm part of the army reserves we went to the Dyke on special occasions, remembrance and also as a meeting place after exercise this then came as my local"

"Perfect position for pub. Spent many happy hours there with my family and friends. A shabby chic furniture shop? Really?"

" If you don't belong to a church, you still need somewhere to meet with friends and family - and that's your local."

"We need this pub as a community asset to allow parents and local clubs to meet on a regular basis."

"I used to work at the Dyke. I have a good idea of how much it would mean to the people of Dyke road and surrounding areas if it were to re open."

"It's a great pub for those audiences and casts going to BOAT in the park.  Don't let it close!"

" The Dyke Pub is an essential community venue and without it there is nowhere in the local community for people to meet, support local activities and events.this is a terrible loss for many active and productive groups"

" My maternal grandmother came from Brighton in the early 1900s. Our family has handed down a pewter mug from this Pub.  I sincerely believe this Pub is a national treasure and should be preserved!" 

" The Dyke was my local pub that I have used for over 28 years, without it the community has been left without a hub of social contact and its closure has been deeply felt by the local community both young and old. It was family friendly place that is easily sustainable as a pub or some form of social meeting place and it would ruin the fabric of the local community if it were to be lost forever and turned into yet another block of flats. With all these flats where are people supposed to meet? The fabric of local community is being eroded daily by the loss of our social meeting places, PLEASE help us to stop it before it completely disappears, for the sake of the old and the young."

History of The Dyke

The Dyke was purpose built as a pub over 120 years ago - and there's been an inn or a pub on the site for over 200 years. It's the first pub you see as you drive into Brighton down the Dyke road and for those north of the upper drive the closest pub for some miles. We know there are other pubs in the general area which are within a mile or two for those who live on the south / east side of the upper drive - for many these are not accessible and they are very different to the Dyke. It is well loved by the local community - but over the last year or so things hadn't been so great, something that was clearly reflected in review sites and on the venues own Facebook page. Regrettably the owners took the decision to turn the pub into a junk shop - which is why we are now actively trying to preserve its pub status and encourage the owners to work with the local community and make it work for everyone.

Why we need your help..

We need expert opinion, advice & professional support to help  supporting our submission to the council. And we need to pay for promotional materials to get the word out and continue to build the community awarness.

What we will spend the money on

  • Printed materials (unless we can get free support). This will mainly go towards the printing and binding of formal ACV submission documentation - these are weighty and contain evidence, imagery, written testamonials, any correspondance, the petitioners' details, the formal group membership forms etc. The first iteration of the document cost just under £300 and ran to over 200 pages as we needed to submit several copies. We may also use a small amount to print leaflets to generate interest, promotional posters etc -  £800
  • Professional advice (process, legal) - stage one funds will be connected to the Asset of Community Value submission - £2000 to fight a planning application, £1000 to defend the ACV at the council, £1000 to defend the ACV at a tribunal.
  • Drinks at the Dyke  £0       :(

And finally, if circumstances change and funds are no longer required to save the Dyke pub we will distribute any remaining funds to other community projects in the area.

What's next…

Please be part of the solution to save the important community asset. Support, pledge and get involved in our project and its funding to enable The Dyke to remain as hub for all within the local area.

If you’re not able to contribute but like what we’re doing, get the word out! Shout about us on twitter (@savethedyke) and Facebook (SAVETHEDYKE)  whatsapp it to your friends, email it to your colleagues and talk about it your family. And feel free to get in touch.



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Cheers! The opportunity to enjoy a drink in your local is a step closer.

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Prost! You will be first through the door at the pre- opening night party.

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Bottoms up! You have just enabled us to help keep your local, a local. And in return we will be sending you a limited edition Save The Dyke drink coaster,

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Skål! We (and the rest on the community) will love you forever. And will be the proud owner of a Save the Dyke t shirt - its very fashion forward.

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