Save Sea Change

by Sea Change Festival in Totnes, England, United Kingdom

Save Sea Change

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Amidst the COVID-19 backdrop, the 2020 Sea Change Festival was forced to cancel and without your support, it will not return.

by Sea Change Festival in Totnes, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 19th November 2020 we'd raised £25,115 with 237 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

The £25,000 figure will help us with a very quick, very short term fix to the outstanding production costs that we accrued in 2020. With the support of the crowd we can aim higher and raise the amount of money that we were unable to secure via the Cultural Recovery Fund, genuinely looking to the future and how we can transform and return with Sea Change.

+ Why Crowdfunder?

May Bank holiday 2020 would have marked the fifth edition of our Sea Change Festival in Totnes and Dartington, an ever-evolving celebration of music, art, literature and good times curated by the Drift Record Shop

But this year, as they say, has been unprecedented.

After six months of planning and adjusting, we were forced into the very sad - but somewhat inevitable decision - to cancel the 2020 event and not attempt a rescheduled physical edition in 2021, certainly not to the scale or complexity that we had planned and promoted for.

Sea Change is independently owned and operated, we simply cannot take the risk of even being able to run in 2021. We spent seven months of production work for an event that we had to cancel and that has left us financially decimated.

+ Crowd, we are today asking for your help

We need to raise £25,000 to clear the debt, bail us out, get out of jail and give ourselves time and space to return in the future with an ambitious and relevant new edition. Without your support, the future is very dark indeed.


+ Our cultural recovery

We applied for the Arts Council-coordinated 'Cultural Recovery Fund' and we were hugely disappointed to learn that we were unsuccessful. 

Fortunately for the live arts industry, we were in the minority, but we remain in a perilous position and in desperate need of financial intervention.

For context, we applied to Arts Council England for £92,632 to cover the annihilation of not being able to run this year's event, but also to invest in keeping our network of highly skilled people working, to ensure that Sea Change has a future.

With your help we're going to make an independent cultural recovery.


+ How this is going to work

We have reacted quickly and set up this campaign as we have liabilities (to other independent companies) that we must address. 

Support from our friends and partners has already been humbling and we will be holding regular prize draws to win artwork, test pressings and all sorts of other beautiful things.

If you contribute financially to this campaign, we will enter you into those draws. When we have more headspace and bandwidth, we will also find a way to recognise every single person who has put their hand into their pocket and supported us, when we needed it most.

The tagline for Sea Change 2020 was 'Let Us Face The Future', with your help this is going to take on an even greater significance.

Honestly, thank you.

In just four editions, Sea Change has welcomed the following amazing talents to Devon; Metronomy, The Comet is Coming, Billy Bragg, Aldous Harding, Peggy Seeger, Gruff Rhys, Gwenno, Shirley Collins, Damo Suzuki x Bo Ningen, Lubomyr Melnyk, Gazelle Twin, Bill Ryder-Jones, Maps, Jane Weaver, Black Midi, W. H. Lung, Stewart Lee, Ana da Silva, Will Burns and Hannah Peel, Virginia Astley, TVAM, Black Country New Road, Pip Blom, The Pop Group, Adrian Sherwood, Rozi Plain, Snapped Ankles, Josh T. Pearson, Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti, James Holden & The Animal Spirits, Lost Horizons, The Weather Station, Rival Consoles, Gold Panda, Daniel Blumberg, Ryley Walker, Julie Byrne, Nadia Reid, Michael Chapman, Amber Arcades, Chris Forsyth, Jambinai, Blanck Mass, Sandra Kerr and John Faulkner performing the music of Bagpuss and our hero Andrew Weatherall (rip).


This project offered rewards

£25 or more

The Sea Change Raffle

Not only is it another twenty five pounds into the collection - helping us find our way towards Independent Cultural Recovery - every single person who buys a raffle ticket here goes into our prize draws to win all sorts of Sea Change related goodness. Test pressings, prints and all sorts else. We'll keep you updated as the news rolls in.

£50 or more

The Sea Change Raffle Big Ticket

Fifty pounds from you, to us, helping Sea Change find our way towards Independent Cultural Recovery. Every single person who buys a raffle ticket here goes into our prize draws (not once, not twice but THREE TIMES!!) to win all sorts of Sea Change related goodness. Test pressings, prints and all sorts else. We'll keep you updated as the news rolls in.

£100 or more

Sea Change Champion

One hundred pounds donated, a huge step to helping us find our way towards Independent Cultural Recovery. We do not know where yet, we do not know how yet, but we do know that you will be logged down as a 'Sea Change Champion' in perpetuity.

£200 or more

Black Midi Flags

Do you remember the amazing triple set of BLACK MIDI flags we made as part of Sea Change 2019? They filled up the counter at Drift, celebrating the release of Schlagenheim. We have dug them out of the archives and this is your chance to take one home! Three custom fabric flags, cut to 1000mm x 1000mm.

£250 or more

Sea Change 4 Life

Join the club. It's like the freemasons, only way better. You will receive a deluxe enamel pin badge and that's just the start of it. You will be bought drinks (one day), offered discounts, various exclusives and the inside scoop on what we're doing and where we're going. We don't do VIPs at Sea Change, this is inviting you to become part of the show.

£350 or more

Signed Phoebe Bridgers Card + Album

Phoebe has signed us a 12" x 12" art card for her EPIC new Punisher LP. The reward you are purchasing is a hand signed art card, plus either a CD or an LP of her album donated by Drift.

£10,000 or more

Delivery Partner

In 2021 we will be presenting something new to celebrate Sea Change and the amazing network of artists, performers and creators that we have forged in the last five years. Following on from our digital debut (★★★★★ - The Guardian) we'll be delivering something fresh and innovative. This is your opportunity to become our delivery partner, your name as our main supporter in creating "a swell of congregation in the new nowhere".

£100 or more

Sea Change Stage Flags

Do you remember the amazing (semaphore ) flags we made as part of Sea Change 2019? We had them hung all over the side of the main stage. We have dug THREE of them out of the archives and this is your chance to take one home! They even have real Sea Change mud on them! Custom fabric, cut to 1000mm x 1000mm.

£350 or more

Signed Jarvis Cocker Test Pressing

We have a signed test pressing of Jarvis Cocker's JARV IS 'Beyond The Pale' LP. We also kept back a huge (1000mm x 1000mm) fabric promo banner from Drift HQ. A must have for the JARV fan in your life.

£500 or more

Signed IDLES test pressing

Ultra Mono, one of 2020's biggest albums, and you can reward yourself with this hand signed test pressing from Joe Talbot, Mark Bowen, Lee Kiernan, Adam Devonshire and Jon Beavis.

£999 or more

... Introducing

Whether our next edition is digital or in person, this one really is unique. YOU can pick any of the shows, sessions, performances or conversations and YOU can introduce it! (On stage with a microphone in person or a video message for any digital broadcasts.)

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