Save Our Venues National Campaign

Save Our Venues National Campaign


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Started on 26th April 2020 London, England, United Kingdom

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Music Venue Trust posted an update on 13th June 2022

Time to Own Our Venues

Thank you for supporting the #SaveOurVenues campaign. 

With your support, Music Venue Trust was able to prevent the closure of hundreds of grassroots music venues during the pandemic. It was an incredibly tough time, but thousands of us stood together and collectively took action. As a result, from a network of over 900 UK venues, only 3 closed as a result of the Covid crisis. 

Now we are asking you to join us again - to take action as community to permanently make a radical change to the grassroots music venues sector.

We want to permanently secure a future for these venues by changing the ownership model. We believe these vital venues should belong to us. All of us that care about them, that play in them, that visit them. 

We want you to join us. Click HERE to learn now

We Can Do It. Let's Own Our Venues.

Music Venue Trust posted an update on 14th April 2021




Please click HERE and take the Revive Live Survey about your attitude towards the return of live music.

We are nearly there in our campaign to Reopen Every Venue Safely. Thanks to your help, Music Venue Trust has been able to support hundreds of grassroots music venues to survive this crisis, with less than a handful having permanently closed. It's been remarkable, and we can't thank you all enough.

We have been building a way out of this crisis for the last 13 months. We are now at a crucial stage of the planning where we need to practically deliver the measures that make you feel confident about attending live music events. We've done all the science, we've looked at the risk mitigation, now we need to look at the most important thing there is: What do you want to see, what makes you feel confident to return, what makes you nervous about returning. Without you, we can't deliver the programme to Reopen Every Venue Safely.

So please - two minutes. If you run a group about live music, please post this in there. If you have a mailing list, or you're an artist with a fan base, or even if you just have your own social media account, we'd really appreciate you helping with spreading this message. Please post in your own spaces, and let's find out what we need to do to give audiences the confidence they need to come back.

Thank you #ReviveLive

Music Venue Trust posted an update on 22nd December 2020



For your donations, for your support, for your voices, for everything you've done this year to make sure that our vital Grassroots Music Venues will be there at the end of this crisis..... THANK YOU. This year, more than any other, we are reminded of the words of Joe Strummer, who said ‘Without people, you’re nothing’.

This year, our community has responded to this crisis with extraordinary passion and commitment.

You are our people, and that means everything to us and to the venues.

Happy Christmas from everyone at Music Venue Trust

2021: The year we Reopen Every Venue Safely. Remember: People who say it cannot be done should get out of the way of the people doing it.

Please read our full end of year message HERE


Music Venue Trust represents 670 independent UK music venues right across the UK and as a result of the current ‘lockdown’ and social distancing policies the prospects for many are grim. A lot of grassroots music venues are already operating on very thin margins and since these restrictions came in only 17% of them, equating to just 114, are currently secure for the next eight weeks.

The other 556 are at imminent risk of being permanently closed down.

The situation is dire, and it is now incumbent on music fans and the wider industry to do something about it.

Put bluntly, without these venues the opportunities for artists and audiences to connect in a meaningful way at a local level will simply disappear in a lot of cases.

And if they go they will never come back.

Please help us to help grassroots music venues to survive this unprecedented threat to their existence.

Please help us to #saveourvenues

Visit the #SaveOurVenues website


28th November 2023 at 9:48am

well done and crack on!

28th November 2023 at 9:47am

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25th January 2023 at 2:51pm

Such a simple, but incredibly important idea.

Paul Wightman
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Love live music

Andrew Aglionby
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Music Venue Trust
13th June 2022

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