Save our community cat cafe!

by Florence Heath in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Save our community cat cafe!


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We have been fighting an unnecessary third entrance door and need to cover the costs incurred while waiting for this problem to be resolved

by Florence Heath in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 16th May 2022 we'd raised £6,380 with 67 supporters in 21 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

New stretch target

If we do go over our target, it would help pay for another month of rent arrears, one member of staff’s salary, along with giving us a chance to stock up on delicious treats to add to our new menu just in time for re-opening. Indeed, if we cover all of those expenses and still have more, we would like to fit out an extra loo in the basement so that we can really start to use our downstairs function room for lots more classes ranging from crochet to community art classes to birthday celebrations!

Finally, if you all go wild and even those costs are covered, we will be able to cover a range of smaller maintenance costs to ensure our building is as safe as possible, then donate any surplus to our Furry Ears Rescue charity to put towards the travel costs for our new, highly-awaited batch of rescue cats!

Hello dear animal lovers of Pimlico and beyond, 

my name is Florence and I run a small, innovative cat cafe in Pimlico, London, United Kingdom. Our key focus is to provide our local community with a peaceful haven where they can easily access some purrfect cat therapy, whilst simultaneously helping rehome cats in need.

Unfortunately, due to some weighty bureaucratic processes, we have had to close for the last two months. For the time being, we are cat-less, and whilst that matter is happily being resolved, we have had no income in the meantime to cover our fixed costs.

Our landlord is now chasing, and we will soon be due to pay our equipment lease fee, on top of which we have to find funds to pay for our new animal license application.

Unfortunately, we have absolutely no rainy day reserves left as we used them all up during our first year of operation to counter the protracted effects of the pandemic, during which time we weren't eligible for any of the grants, business loans or furlough due to being a new business.

We are therefore asking for your help and support in order to survive and cover these costs, so we can continue to be here and share the love of our furry friends with all of you for years to come!

Here are some photos of some of the rewards available for our supporters, but also of some of the things we do for our amazing, diverse and supportive local community :)


 - We run free coffee mornings for the elderly every Monday morning from 10-11

 - We hold Mother&baby sessions on Tuesday mornings from 10-11:15 am where we make the Cat Lounge baby friendly, and help introduce small babies to cats in those formative early weeks and months; whilst providing some brief respite in a welcoming and calm space for exhausted new mothers

1650619159_cf6507c8-02e1-4dc7-9fb5-00bc79715945.jpeg- During lockdown 2021, we ran almost daily support groups for young parents, and were able to provide some rare respite for single parents in particular; we were also able to assist in two cases of domestic violence by providing guidance on where to find support, whilst providing a few safe and loving hours away from the horrors of home


- We support our local artists by exhibiting some of their art in the cafe and also have our very own Artist in Residence who will be providing art classes once we reopen


- We choose to remain accessible to all, not implementing a booking policy to come and meet the cats, but trying to encourage repeat visits for those who can most benefit from pet therapy. We are also proudly child-friendly as we believe children of all ages can and should be taught how to act around, and respect, animals. This is particularly important in our highly urbanised setting where cats in particular are few and far between in public spaces.


 - We are the proud employers of a primarily-local, small but committed workforce

- We provide volunteering opportunities for local residents of all backgrounds to come and help with the cats and our charity's work, and include some of our younger residents in this programme as well as Duke of Edinburgh volunteers.

1650618946_img_9872.png- We are home to our small rescue charity, Furry Ears Rescue, through which we rehome our animals responsibly but also compassionately, staying away from age-ism and other such arbitrary measures when assessing new homes.


If you feel like these are actions and values that you support, or if you have visited our cafe and enjoyed your time with us, please do consider donating today to give our small, community-focused, independent business a chance to survive and finally settle into providing some much-needed purr-fect therapy to many more visitors.

- We try to be sustainable in our day-to-day, focusing on saving pre loved items from landfill by re-using and sometimes upcycling objects ranging from palettes to teapots as well as chairs and even paints!


If you feel like these are actions and values that you support, or if you have visited our cafe and enjoyed your time with us, please do consider donating today to give our small, community-focused, independent business a chance to survive and finally settle into providing some much-needed purr-fect therapy to many more visitors.

- Our base target covers 1 month of rent arrears (£2200), 1 month of equipment lease (£1180) and the cost of the new animal license (£893)

- The stretch target includes another month of rent arrears (£2200), and the construction of a downstairs loo (approx £2500) to enable us to host more people on site, particularly in our function room.

- Anything above these will help us fund the transport of a new batch of cats!


This project offered rewards

£10 or more

Cat Mum mug

Our brand new merchandise is in! What better vessel for your morning cuppa?

£10 or more

Cat Dad mug

Our new merchandise is in - Cat Dads are awesome!

£12 or more

Dog Treat Box

Our new bespoke dog treat boxes, containing two different bags of treats and two high quality grain-free wet foods. #welovedogstoo! Pick up from the cafe or we can post it too.

£15 or more

Cute Woolly Cat Hats

These are a part of our new handmade merchandise range by artist-in-residence Lisa Payne. Colours will vary and we cannot guarantee any specific colour mix but can do our best to accommodate preferences!

£25 or more

Tea bath - sculpture

Unique piece of art from our Crazy Cat Cafe Sculpture range - enjoy this fun little piece of art from the comfort of your own home (bathroom?) :)

£25 or more

La Maison Dog Hamper

A selection of high quality dog treats, wet food and grain-free kibble for your favourite canine! Ideal for your dog's birthday, as a starter pack for a new addition or to celebrate an adoption 'gotcha day'. Because #welovedogstoo Pick up from the cafe or we can post it too

£25 or more

La Maison Cat Hamper

A selection of high quality cat treats, wet food, grain-free kibble and a unique toy -ideal for your feline master's birthday, as a starter pack for a new pet or to celebrate an adoption 'gotcha day'. Just purrfect!

£35 or more

Gone to Pot - Sculpture

Another fun and unique piece inspired by La Maison du Chat cats and created by local artist Lisa Payne.

£45 or more

Crochet a cat class

Join this new class run in the cafe by local artist Lisa Payne and learn how to crochet a cat - whilst hanging out with our cats!

£70 or more

Afternoon Tea for Two with the cats

Our classic popular Afternoon Tea with our furry charges. Spend up to 3 hours in the cat lounge, catching up with a friend or celebrating a special day over a delicious selection of freshly-made sandwiches, scones and cake - in the company of our friendly cats.

£100 or more

Animal First Aid class

Learn all the basics of animal First Aid with an emphasis on cats - a unique new project run out of the cafe by an accredited trainer, which you will receive a certificate for once you have successfully completed the course.

£1,000 or more

Founder Plaque and VIP party

Have your name listed on our founding members’ plaque which will be unveiled when you join us for a very special unveiling party at the cat cafe -and get a behind-the-scenes tour of the facilities!

£25 or more

Chilling in Mocha - Sculpture

Unique sculpture from our Crazy Cafe Cat Sculptures range - this stunning piece was inspired by and made for La Maison du Chat by local artist Lisa Payne. Enjoy ha fun piece of unique art while supporting our little cafe!

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