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by Hope Works in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom


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Hope Works & No Bounds need your help to survive. This campaign is to prevent Hope Works from closing & help deliver No Bounds Virtual 2020.

by Hope Works in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We have extended this fund for an extra week to end on 19th October for those who missed the deadline and also to try and hit our stretch target! The more money we get the longer we can survive and plan for the future beyond 6 months. The extra money after our initial target will also go towards 

  • Allowing us a 9 month period of funding support for Hope Works moving the total up to £38K.
  • Fully enabling us to create all the infrastructural improvements needed for post COVID full reopening.
  • More investment into No Bounds Festival to allow us to give the artists and workers more support through extra hardship money for our virtual 2020 festival and create a new fund to go towards NB2021.
  • We can begin our plans for a more developed residency programme and training/workshop facilities. Open up more opportunities for young artists to develop their skills with us. We have been especially looking at ways we can further welcome people from marginalised communities, POC, LGBTQ+ and others to be part of what we offer. This builds on the work we already do with No Bounds and our year round residency.
  • To Improve our disabled access with other measures designed to enhance the experience of not just disabled people but those with mental health issues in feeling included in what we do at Hope Works. To offer new guided training from experts in this area for our whole organisation so every aspect of what we do is more considerate and inclusive. These are things we were looking towards already for 2020 but had to shelve due to COVID-19 and the total loss of funds.

Hope Works needs you. After struggling through the last six months of closure and uncertainty we have reached a point where this is truly a battle for survival.

We’ve created an incredible collision of underground music and culture for No Bounds Festival 2020 that people worldwide can experience for free – but we need your help if this isn’t to be our last event.

Since 2012 we’ve weathered many storms but always come through each year with a heart full of hope and a head full of beautiful memories of incredible moments together on the dancefloor.

We've brought some of the world's biggest electronic artists to Hope Works from Bicep, Jeff Mills, The Blessed Madonna, Floating Points, Honey Dijon , Midland, Ben UFO, Craig Richards, Paul Woolford, Josey Rebelle, Daniel Avery, Avalon Emerson, Dusky, Dax J, Rebekah, Objekt and Eris Drew to Dillinja, SHERELLE, Dj Q, The Bug, Actress, Batu, Novelist, Shackleton, Nkisi, rRoxymore, Shygirl and Julianna Huxtable.

We've also nurtured and supported many new Yorkshire / UK DJs, sometimes giving them their first ever shows.


In 2017 we began the biggest project in our history by starting the music, art and technology festival No Bounds – which has been an incredible success for us and for Sheffield. In 2019 we won DJ Mag's "Best Boutique Festival" in their Best Of British Awards and 2020 was set to be even more ambitious... then, of course, COVID-19 happened.

Hope Works closed on 18th March and No Bounds Festival was put on ice as everything went into meltdown not just for us, but the entire music community worldwide.

As the initial lockdown has passed and time has gone on it has become clear that as we head towards winter things are looking potentially catastrophic for Hope Works's survival into 2021. Furlough ends in October and we are still no clearer as to when we can get back to proper indoor shows at anything like normal capacity, volume and let's face it, vibe.

For us running at normal capacity is not only vital to allow us to survive economically, but it's part of the magic of what has made Hope Works so special for so many people over the last 8 years. Shared, close contact physical experiences where we loose ourselves in the moment together in a communal act of celebration, connection and joy through music: this is who we are and what we do.


Despite this dire situation created by the pandemic we've still pulled together a very, very special new virtual version of No Bounds Festival on a free / pay as you feel basis. We just didn't want to remain silent, for us we needed to make a response, we felt we owed it to those who have supported us so far to not go down without giving our all. The show must somehow go on, and go on it will, primarily online but we WILL go on!

However, we need to do something we’d hoped we’d never have to do, especially as so many out there are experiencing real difficulty too. If Hope Works is to survive and we are to deliver No Bounds Festival to the right standard we need to ask for your support.

Initial Fundraising Target >>> £30,000.

This number is the bare minimum we need to cover our basic monthly running costs to keep the club alive for the next 6 months & to deliver No Bounds Virtual 2020.

  • Our basic monthly running costs to keep the club alive including wages and overheads are £4,000.
  • We need £6000 to help deliver No Bounds Virtual 2020.


We've put together a variety of Levels (1-9) which contain rewards and goodies to give back to you for your support. They are tiered in ascending order – plus a special Level 5 which is for those of you who wish to support No Bounds Festival only.  Note: Level 1 is designed to be a pay as you decide option for those individuals and businesses who may not have so much interest in coming to Hope Works or No Bounds but who want to show their support for Sheffield culture under threat. This Leaves you open to pay anything you like starting at £5. 

Please see the right hand side of the page.

Here's the brand new Save Hope Works campaign "Hope" T's....



We thank you for taking the time to read this. We want with all our hearts to be back where we belong, together, enjoying incredible music and art, helping people grow a sustainable career in this world and nurturing the next generation of young artists. Your help here will make all the difference in making this possible in such a difficult and uncertain time for us.


Love and respect.

Hope Works & No Bounds Festival.



  • All physical products will be shipped or available for collection as soon as possible once the campaign is over.
  • Collection is preferred and will be available from Hope Works Sheffield. You will be contacted in advance to see if collection is possible or to arrange delivery.
  • If you are unable to collect in person, UK delivery is possible but please add £5 additional donation at checkout if you are located in the EU and £10 for the rest of the world. We reserve the right to charge additional shipping if required based on your location.
  • Rewards have no cash value of any kind and are non transferable.
  • The custom digital print version of our “Save Hope Works” graphic will be emailed out to all supporters after the end of the campaign.
  • The physical “Wall Of Hope” in Hope Works will be completed as close to the end of the campaign as possible.
  • Priority access to full re-opening tickets, supporters applications & all digital perks are provided on a first come first served basis and may be subject to some limits.
  • The raffle will be selected completely randomly using computer software after the completion of the campaign and the winner will be notified separately by email to arrange membership details.
  • All “Hope Works Supporters" will come with their own set of terms and conditions which will be sent out via email to each member following completion of the campaign. 
  • All tickets will need to be arranged in advance & are subject to limits on a first come first served basis.
  • All physical products are non returnable/exchangeable unless faulty.
  • We reserve our right to refuse entry regardless of ticket holding.

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