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Save Field Maneuvers
We did it
On 28th October 2022 we successfully raised £43,986 with 681 supporters in 28 days

Help save Field Maneuvers. After an unexpected tough year we really need your help.

by Field Maneuvers in United Kingdom

 New stretch target

***We are totally overwhelmed with all your support. This has been a rollercoaster, from the high of putting on our best party, to the low of facing financial ruin, to the high that is having your community rally around you. Thank you FM fam, from the bottom of our hearts. This campaign has confirmed that FM definitely has a future. 

We hit our original target with 8 days to go so we've decided to set a stretch target for two reasons.

1. Because, to be totally honest, the original amount was to just get us out of a hole. We still have an overdraft and a covid bounceback loan that needs to be paid.

2. Because many of you have messaged asking if we can ensure some of the rewards are still available after pay day and how can we deprive you of an I SAVED FM T-shirt after you saved FM?! As a rule we don't do re-prints of our designs so this will be your only chance to cop this merch. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has shared our campaign and to everyone who has donated. We feel the love. 

Now FM has been saved, expect FM2023 news vvv.soon. See you for a pint and pickled egg in The Packet Inn?

“The love you gave me, nothing else can save me, S.O.S”  

First of all, a massive thank you to everyone who joined us for FM2022. In many ways it was our best event ever: our best line-up, best sound, best location and best crowd. And many of you sweethearts have been in touch to say just that. So thank you. Without you, the party is nothing.

But sadly, we can’t cash in all this love, and so we find ourselves in a position where we are asking for your help to save FM. 


FM2022 Family portrait by Drew Eckheart

Field Maneuvers started eight years ago when five of us put £50 in a pot, bought an incorrectly spelled domain name, and hoped for the best. Each year we've grown incrementally, releasing a few more tickets, improving the sound systems, booking bigger acts, always trying to throw the best party available within our means, never paying ourselves much more than expenses and stupidly or not, not taking any sponsorship (beyond a few kegs of beer). Call us plonkers but we've always done it for the love. FM2022 was our biggest party to date. But it has also ended up being the hardest. 

We always knew our first event after a three year break for Covid was going to be tough, but it ended up more challenging than we ever could have imagined. The bottom line is we’ve lost a lot of money, and without your help we could end up in a crippling amount of debt. But we really believe FM has a future. And if you do too, we could do with your help. 

How we got here...

  • Firstly, we sold most of our tickets in 2019, pre-pandemic, and have racked up three years’ of day-to-day costs before this event even started: licensing, storage, ongoing business administration, accountancy, all of which would normally be covered by the annual income from running the event. 
  • Secondly, the cost-of-living crisis has affected us across the board. Brexit, the war in Ukraine and inflation have seen all of our contractor prices rocket by at least 30% - from diesel to marquees to plant hire to hay bales -  everything cost more this year, so we found ourselves trying to make 2019 ticket prices match our 2022 costs.  
  • Thirdly - and this is the biggie - since buying those tickets in 2019, life has changed for a lot of people. Wedding invitations got sent, people got new jobs, children happened, financial situations changed - and so despite selling 1500 tickets and budgeting for a party for 1500 people - only 1000 people turned up. 500 less punters buying drinks meant our bar projections were out and our take was down 35%. A devastating amount for a tiny, independent party.

How we save FM…

  • We could have *just* about survived with the 1000 people on site, but only if those 1000 had each spent an extra £40 at the bar to make up for the people who didn’t attend. Now we need £40,000 to cover our losses *gulp*. So…
  • If every single person who attended FM2022 copped a t-shirt or a jumper then we would be sorted…
  • Or if every single previous attendee from over the years copped a sticker pack & pen bundle we would be sorted…
  • And if you have ever been on our guestlist or hit us up for a few extra meal/drinks tokens, then now is a good time to return the love. 
  • And if you ever met your BFF or significant other at FM then you know what to do ;)

To reiterate, we’re festival promoters by accident. We have our own full-time jobs, responsibilities, and children, despite which, we still focus almost entirely on this event for three months of the year, and beyond a few drink tokens and meal vouchers, we rarely pay ourselves. We don’t wanna be vibe assassins but it's a lot to shoulder, at times too much, but it still all feels worthwhile when we hear our favourite DJs play to a dancefloor full of beaming faces. 

But, in probably the first sensible move we’ve ever made, we’re drawing the line at financially crippling ourselves to keep going! For Field Maneuvers to survive we really do need your help. We know times are tough and if you can’t afford it, please don’t even think about donating, but if you can chip in to this Save FM Crowdfunder, you’d make some exhausted and genuinely worried people very happy indeed. 

So if you ever wanted to buy a T-shirt or a bomber jacket or get keys to your own luxury FM portaloo then now is the time

And who knows what the future holds. But if we can make it through this bump in the road, we promise to make it worth your while!

Love to you all. 










This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£60 or more

I Saved FM T-Shirt + sticker pack + pen

I Saved FM T-shirt designed by Stewart Armstrong + FM sticker pack + a commemorative FM2022 limited edition pen + your name in next year's programme. Screenprinted on Gildan.

£20 or more

FM sticker pack & pen & prize draw

FM sticker pack + limited edition FM22 commemorative pen + your name in next year's programme.

£40 or more

FM2022 Family photo + pen + sticker pack

11" x 14" unframed family portrait delivered to your door. Giclee print.

£45 or more

Worst. Rave. Ever. Cap

Let everyone know how you really feel about their party. White embroidery on a navy blue corduroy cap.

£50 or more

Live, Laugh, Love T-shirt + FM sticker pack + pen

Live, Laugh, Love Field Maneuvers. Inspired by Tia Cousins and designed by Pointless Illustratoions. Red on lilac.

£50 or more

Sputnik T-shirt, sticker pack & pen

Sputnik T-shirt designed by AJAM + FM sticker pack + a commemorative FM2022 limited edition pen + your name in next year's programme.

£70 or more

Black FM sweatshirt + sticker pack + pen

Black sweatshirt with embroidered FM logo in white + FM sticker pack + a commemorative FM2022 limited edition pen + your name in next year's programme. FM logo designed by Pointless Illustrations and Stewart Armstrong.

£70 or more

Grey FM sweatshirt + sticker pack + pen

Grey FM sweatshirt + sticker pack + pen Heather grey sweatshirt with embroidered FM logo in heather grey + FM sticker pack + a commemorative FM2022 limited edition pen + your name in next year's programme. FM logo designed by Pointless Illustrations and Stewart Armstrong.

£150 or more

17 of 50 claimed

FM bomber jacket

Very rare FM bomber jacket. White logo embroidered on to an A1 bomber jacket with metal zips. FM logo designed by Pointless Illustrations and Stewart Armstrongs.

£200 or more

2 of 6 claimed

Fruit Machine tutorial + T-shirt + sticker pack

Fruit machine tutorial with self-appointed experts / FM bosses Henry and Leon. Plus a FM Tshirt + sticker pack + pen.

£1,000 or more

1 of 5 claimed

Luxury private portaloo at FM2023

We will provide you the keys to your own private portaloo at FM2023. We will welcome you to the toilet with bottle of champagne, chandelier and an unlimited supply of triple ply bog roll.

£50 or more

39 of 39 claimed

Worst. Rave. Ever T-shirt + sticker pack + pen

Worst. T-shirt. Ever designed by Don Richards (and Matt Groening) + FM sticker pack + a commemorative FM2022 limited edition pen + your name in next year's programme. T-shirt designed by Don Richards and Matt Groening.

£50 or more

12 of 12 claimed

Wet & Limp & Pink T-shirt + FM sticker pack + pen

Wet & Limp & Pink T-shirt + FM sticker pack + penWet & Limp T-shirt in pink designed by Harry Wyld, Alfie Allen and an angry customer + FM sticker pack + a commemorative FM2022 limited edition pen + your name in next year's programme. Printed on Earth Positive Tshirts. We advising ordering a size up if you prefer baggy to fitted.

£500 or more

10 of 10 claimed

VIP party in the FM Pub + 2x tickets to FM2023

Two tickets to FM2023 and a 1hour VIP party for you and your pals in the FM pub. Either you can have control of the aux, or maybe one of gang can DJ, but you will definitely get ploughman's platter. Pickled eggs guaranteed. Plus stickers and pens galore.

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