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A COMPLIMENTARY PRIZE DRAW HAS BEEN ADDED WITH FABULOUS GIFTS! We are raising funds for essential building work to comply with health and sa

by Celestial Studios in Derby, , United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 3rd May 2024 we'd raised £11,971 with 206 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

The Free Route Prize Draw

We are running a prize draw to continue to raise funds for the essential building works at Celestial.

We have over 40 prizes to be won, varying from apparel, equipment, studio hire from various incredible venues and professional appointments. 

The prize draw terms and conditions are as follows:

Please note, this is classed as a free entry route, as this is an additional bonus which has been added retrospectively to the fundraiser as a thank you to everyone who has donated. There is no obligation to enter. There are no extra postal (or other) costs for prize winners; we will ship your prize to you via email or post, free of charge within 14 days for you to redeem, free of charge with either Celestial Studios, or the prize vendor. If you have any issues with redemption, please contact us and we will rectify this for you immediately. 

We will be drawing the prizes on 4th May at 12pm UK time, live on the X social media platform, whether we reach our target or not, so that we are able to use what we raise for the building works. 

As a thank you for your donation, you will receive  1 ticket for every £10 donated. Your unique codes will be sent to you via email.

The prizes are drawn on 4th May at 12pm midday, UK time, live on X by the studio owner, Vivienne. 

The prizes will be drawn in a set order, so each prize will be won by one individual code/number and will be awarded via voucher, sent to email, which can then be redeemed through Celestial Studios or directly through the vendor. We can help with any customisations that are needed. 

Who can enter the Prize Draw: This is open to people over 21 years old.

In order to enter, please provide your email when you add a donation, and you will receive an email from Celestial Studios with your prize draw numbered codes.

There are no additional costs upon winning a prize, Celestial Studios cover the postage and packaging costs to have the prize delivered within 14 days of winning.

Please send an email to confirm that you have received your prize, so that we can be sure that we are operating within the terms and conditions of the platform, and in line with currently legislation regarding prize draws.

April 2024 Update: 

We now have the funds to complete the temporary works required to remain open and commence with all scheduled 2024 events, including Tangled, Latex Devotion, Rogue & our own Circus Maximus Events, but we still need to fit an external staircase by September 2025, so we are continuing to fundraise.

We have acquired a fabulous plethora of prizes, from latex apparel, overnight studio stay, hires and much more to conduct a raffle for £10 per ticket, paid through the crowdfunding page, drawn on 4th May after the funding page closes. All previous donors have also received raffle tickets.

Please buy some tickets, and be sure to leave your email on the crowdfunder donation. 

Thank you so much for your continued support and kindness. We have the best community on the planet, and we can’t wait to continue to serve you loyally, and without prejudice. 


About us 

Our website

Celestial Studios, a historic 230-year-old warehouse, has been meticulously transformed into a sanctuary for the alternative and LQBTQ+ community.

Our mission has consistently been to provide a welcoming, comprehensive, and inclusive environment for content creation and recreation all conveniently consolidated under one roof. Celestial Studios is available for private, professional, and event bookings, boasting a capacity of approximately 150 individuals spread across two floors.

Operated by a dedicated team of badass women, Celestial Studios stands as a testament to female empowerment values.

The Genesis of Celestial Studios

The journey of Celestial Studios commenced in December 2016, evolving from a concept conceived by our owner and Managing Director, Vivienne l’Amour. Vivienne envisioned a multifaceted space tailored to accommodate party goers and independent film-makers with a wide array of interests.

Initially devoid of basic amenities, such as water and electricity, Celestial Studios was a dilapidated structure, a relic of its former grain storage purpose. Through unwavering dedication and relentless effort, Vivienne and her team transformed this neglected space into a vibrant and meticulously curated venue.

Vivienne l'Amour's Vision

The inception of Celestial Studios traces back to a serendipitous encounter in 2016, when Vivienne stumbled upon the dilapidated structure while out fishing with a companion. Inspired by the potential of the imposing yet neglected structure across the River Trent, Vivienne harboured a fervent desire to transform it into a premier venue for the alternative community.

Driven by this vision, Vivienne took ownership of the unassuming shell devoid of modern amenities. Thus began the arduous yet fulfilling journey of transforming Celestial Studios from a decrepit structure into a fully equipped and exquisitely furnished space.

At Celestial Studios, each meticulously curated set exudes a unique ambiance reflective of Vivienne's diverse palette of interests. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Celestial Studios continues to attract a loyal following of visitors, eager to partake in our ever-expanding repertoire of experiences.

From hosting exclusive events to facilitating rentals for fellow content creators, photographers, and videographers, Celestial Studios remains a beacon of creativity and empowerment.

Celestial Studios today

We operate a unique and specialized establishment catering to the Alternative and LGBTQ+ community. We run skill workshops and extravagant monthly events. We host touring content creators and even offer overnight stays and couples experiences that can be tailored to fit any whim. We are also an important filming and photography space and frequently host film studios and photography shoots.


With running such an old building comes with inevitable maintenance costs and challenges. Work on our building has been ongoing since the project began but we have recently come up against various issues that are causing safety concerns. Dealing with such issues can indeed be complex and costly but we hope that with your help we can implement the changes needed and keep the building viable.

Fire Safety Compliance:

We have been advised that we can no longer have more than 40 people in the facility at any one time unless we build a second fire exit. With the building being historical this is a huge undertaking that will cost many thousands of pounds to have constructed. As our previous events have often had upwards of 150 people, this is catastrophic for the future of this side of our business and really limits our potential. Given the limitation on the number of people allowed in the building, it's crucial to prioritize the construction of a second fire exit. While it may be a substantial investment, ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations is non-negotiable for the safety of our patrons.

Roof Replacement and Structural Improvements:

There are also issues with us needing to replace our roof, build additional walls and improve our current staircases. Although these things aren't critical, they are something that will have to be completed in the next few months. Maintaining the upkeep on the premises is essential for the long-term structural integrity of the building, and keeping the place we all love open to all. While not as urgent as the fire safety concern, these issues should still be prioritized to prevent further deterioration and potential hazards.

Why we need your help:

We're reaching out to you with a heartfelt appeal for your assistance. As a fledgling business deeply rooted in our passion for providing a unique space for the alternative and LGBTQ+ community, we've encountered unforeseen challenges that threaten our very existence. We've poured years of hard work into building this dream, but now we face a harsh reality: without significant help, we may have to shut our doors for good. This will affect many people who rely on their facility as their place of work.

Despite our dedication, many aspects of our operations are not yet profitable. Every penny we earn is reinvested into the business, leaving little room for financial stability. While we've managed to cover staff wages and bills, there's not much leftover to address the pressing issues we're now confronting.

Our dream is not just a personal endeavour; it's a vital hub for both local and worldwide members of the community. Our offerings and premises are uniquely tailored to serve their needs, making relocation an impractical solution. Without essential improvements, we fear that our business will no longer be viable, leaving a significant void in the community we serve.

Your support is crucial in helping us overcome these challenges and keeping our dream alive. By contributing to our crowdfunding campaign, you're not just helping a business survive; you're sustaining a cherished community hub that provides a safe, inclusive space for expression, connection, and exploration.

Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference. Together, we can ensure that our doors remain open and that our mission to support the community continues to thrive.

Thank you for considering our plea and for your unwavering support. Our friends, allies and members loyalty and support means the world to us, truly.  

Vivienne l'Amour and The Celestial Studios Team


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