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Started on 1st March 2024 Redland Hill, Redland, Bristol BS6 6UX, UK

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Bristol Steiner School Ptfa posted an update on 28th March 2024

📣 WE DID IT! 📣

Well done everyone! We have met our £30k target in under 4 weeks!
Just simply amazing!
Thank you all so, so much from the bottom of our hearts.
Reading all your comments has been so heartwarming. To see the love for this school past, present and future is a wonderful thing.
Thanks to your support this school is well on its way to surviving and thriving into the future.

Here is a little update video from the Chair of our PTFA Lindsay Berresford about the wonderful progress so far to save Bristol Steiner School:

And please enjoy this lovely photo of some of our wonderful school community celebrating the end of term yesterday.
Thank you so much to Class 3 parent Chris Cornish for capturing this moment ❤️

Have fun zooming in and looking at those lovely faces!


Wishing you all a chocolately, restful Easter 🐣

Bristol Steiner School Ptfa posted an update on 4th March 2024

Thank you awesome people!

Dear friends,

We have been absolutely blown away by the generosity of donations to the Save Bristol Steiner School Crowdfunder.

In just three days we have raised £12,500 and achieved 40% of our target.

This is amazing!!! You are amazing!!!

THANK YOU for everything you are doing to support the Crowdfunder and support the school.

Thank you for giving your money so generously, thank you for sharing the Crowdfunder with your friends, family and networks.

Thank you for your comments in support of this wonderful school. They have moved many of us to tears, and are really keeping us all going.

We are sharing just a few of the many, many truly wonderful comments to show just how loved this school is by so many, and how much support we have in Bristol and beyond:

‘Good luck to all of you. This school will survive. It has already had many lives. May it remain a beautiful centre for children to flourish and grow, for parents to learn and for teachers to share their loving work and skills.’

‘I went to a Steiner school from age 9 to 17. It changed my life for the better. Now that I live in Bristol I would like to help protect this one, despite having no direct connections to it. At the heart of the Steiner ethos is the importance of developing the whole human being, not solely the knowledge machine. We could use more of this in our world today.’

‘In the hope that my small contribution can help towards ensuring the continuation of an environment that is so nurturing of my friend’s child.’

‘My life was forged from my time at this school and I would hate for the opportunity to be lost for others.’

‘Both my daughters have been part of BSS since kindergarten and they have both thrived here. We actually moved to Bristol because of it from Australia. An affordable, alternative education is no longer a choice, for some it is a necessity, as we continue to lose creativity, imagination and movement in state-led schools. Please help keep Bristol Steiner School open for future generations to thrive - Donate Now.’

‘Bristol Steiner School has shown me that learning isn’t a race and we all learn in different ways. It teaches children at a very young age wonderful communication skills, kindness, teamwork and the love of nature and the world around them. Everything is created as a community, and children will hold onto these beautiful memories forever. My son is now at secondary school and talks of how much he misses his time at Bristol Steiner School and his fond memories and experiences at kindy; the smell of baking apple crumble and soup day. It would be absolutely devastating to allow this special, independent school that brings pure joy and confidence into children’s lives to slip away. Please, please help save this precious, beautiful school that has been open for 50 years. Let it live on for many more years to come to spread an alternative, deeper, more meaningful education, that spreads joy, light, creativity, warmth, love, a brighter education for all, a brighter future!!! Thank you so much to all who are able to donate.‘

'Like the Rowan Tree that inspired the name of the kindergarten, this school is hardy and tenacious and continues to survive in the face of adversity. But this extra bit of water and sunshine will allow this beautiful school to truly thrive! What a privilege to be part of this community and what an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to all of you who have contributed.’

Thank you everyone, your support is truly heartwarming and we are immensely grateful.

A note on Giftaid: Did you forget to select the giftaid box? If so you can fill out the 'Get in Touch' form at the bottom of this page: and ask for your pledge to be cancelled so that you can repledge with giftaid. This is really worth doing. E.g if you gift £100 the campaign will receive an extra £25 in giftaid. £50 donation, the campaign receives an extra £12.50 in giftaid. £10 donation, an extra £2.50 in giftaid.

Keep sharing with everyone you can think of, and remember, no donation is too small, it is all adding up to a brilliant result.

Well done everyone. We can do it!

Much love to you all,

From the Save Bristol Steiner School Group

Dear friends and supporters,

As you may know, Bristol Steiner School is experiencing a challenging time. The school was put into administration by the board of trustees on 14 December 2023 due to financial difficulties.

Since then a group of dedicated parents, carers, teachers, staff and supporters have been working hard on a plan to save the school from closure.

In just 8 weeks we have secured £800k in potential loans to rescue the school and ensure that we can pay off the necessary debts and exit administration.

We are continuing to work around the clock and we are doing everything we can to save the school.

Now we need your help.


Whilst the £800k in loans is fantastic, and should be enough to ensure we can exit administration, in order that our business plan to rescue the school is as robust as possible we need to build on this generosity with some gifted income.

For the rescue plan to be successful we need to demonstrate to the administrators that we have the ability to raise gifted income as well as loans, via a committed parent/carer and supporter community at the school. 

So this is your chance to show that parents, carers, teachers, staff and supporters are committed to, and care passionately about, Bristol Steiner School. We all know that, but now we get to loudly and clearly demonstrate our love for this school by donating some money to the cause.


This 50 year old school has provided a creative, holistic, dynamic, excellent, alternative education for children in Bristol since 1973.

Now it’s your chance to dig deep and give generously to help save Bristol Steiner School, and ensure a Steiner Waldorf education survives and thrives in Bristol now and into the future.

Your donation will be used to give our wonderful school building some love and care via some repairs and upgrading; to financially support the rich and varied Waldorf curriculum of art, music, handwork, woodwork and movement that the children at this school thrive on; and to make sure we have enough money to really sail through our first 6-12 months after exiting administration.

Any money gifted to this Crowdfunder will not be called in unless we successfully exit administration. In the event that we do not exit administration all gifted money will be cancelled.

Don't forget to select gift aid! HMRC give us an extra 25p for every pound you donate if you are a UK taxpayer and select gift aid.

Thank you everyone for your continued support, and please spread the word around the world!

Bristol Steiner School Parent Teacher and Friend Association (PTFA)

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Happy you hit your goal

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29th March 2024 at 11:56am

All the best to you all

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Bristol Steiner School PTFA
28th March 2024

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28th March 2024 at 4:07pm

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marie derome
28th March 2024 at 1:06pm

Our daugther had the best education at the Steiner School... gentle, caring and creative... she is now a confident teenager who loves learning...