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by Sally Morgan in Bovey Tracey, England, United Kingdom


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We're raising money to stop the destruction of wildlife rich woodland and be able to fight a winning campaign.

by Sally Morgan in Bovey Tracey, England, United Kingdom

This page is as a result of the many donations and expressions of support we received when we were trying to raise money to purchase these 3 acres of woodland. Many people told us to keep their donations but unfortunately we are not allowed to do so.  

We now need a 'fighting fund' to continue our opposition to development here.  We will use your donation to fund literature, surveys and maybe even legal advice.

Any money remaining at the end of the campaign will be used for nature conservation projects in Devon.

The National Trust, who were bequeathed this land, have accepted an offer from a housing developer.  We want to save the land instead and will fight for every tree and dormouse upon it! 



Local farmer Major Hole, a life-long resident of the town of Bovey Tracey in Devon, left 3 acres of land, in the 1970's,  in his will to the National Trust for the benefit of the people of Bovey Tracey.  

This nature rich plot of land has since been left to re-wild naturally for the last 15 years and has recorded over 700 species of flora and fauna, including bats, newts and dormice and is a much-loved quiet corner of the town, behind Bullands Field (the rugby field).  

We want to make sure that this area remains a town asset for everyone one of us to enjoy, forever. We want to make sure that the mature trees that grace the land are not cut down.

Given that the town has recently declared an environmental emergency, the urgency of tackling climate change and the National Trust’s public ethos, we are at a loss to understand their motivations.

Despite long and protracted attempts over the past few years by a cluster of local residents to try and engage with the Trust over the future and proposed management of the land, we have not been successful in encouraging them to engage with us.  We are astounded that the National Trust, with the mission statement “We protect and care for places so people and nature can thrive. We look after the nation's countryside and green spaces, ensuring everyone benefits. We're the biggest conservation charity in Europe” are preparing to let this habitat be destroyed.

We have a long battle ahead and will need funds to to fight it.  

Please help us fight to save a fantastic woodland and wildlife habitat.

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