Save Alfriston Playground!

by Alfriston Parish Council & the Friends of Alfriston Playground in Polegate, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Save Alfriston Playground!
We did it
On 1st June 2022 we successfully raised £5,765 with 35 supporters in 56 days

Our aim is to raise funds for much needed new play equipment and surfacing for Alfriston village playground.

by Alfriston Parish Council & the Friends of Alfriston Playground in Polegate, East Sussex, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Alfriston Playground is in desparate need of new equipment and surfacing.  The slides and see-saw have been condemned and removed.  Other equipment is old and has little life left. For example, the handle bars on the slide have rusty holes that the parish council have taped up as a temporary measure, and the bearings on the roundabout have gone. The future of our playground is at stake. 


Our vision is to raise funds for new equipment and surfacing to make the playground fun, safe and stimulating for children of all ages, as well as becoming a welcoming place for local families to socialise. 

The Friends of Alfriston Playground is a voluntary community group of local parents and residents set up to help Alfriston Parish Council improve the village playground. The Friends conducted a 6-month community consultation with over 200 local parents, grandparents, children and residents. 


People's responses emphasised how important the playground is for keeping local families connected and children fit, healthy and happy.  The consultation also identified the new equipment that our community wants. 


Alfriston Parish Council have approved the plans for a new playground which includes a play fort, log climber, multiplay tower unit for under 5s, and a 4 seat swing frame.  Examples of potential equipment are given below (please note, the design and provider subject to change depending on how much is raised, availability and cost at time of purchase). 



The proposed equipment is wooden (and from sustainable sources) to compliment the beautiful natural surroundings, and the proposed rubber eco-surfacing and matting is made from recycled tyres. The proposal also includes picnic benches to help the space be more social, and a natural play area with wildflower strip to help the local wildlife, sensory planters, tree stump circle and magnifying post.  

The new playground will become a brilliant resource for local families, after school play, Alfriston pre-school, grandparents looking after their grandchildren, and families of the cricket teams during matches. 



There is huge support for the new playground from our community.  Here are a few examples of  what people have said:

"I moved to Alfriston age two (i am now 40) and the park has more or less looked the same. We are fortunate to live in this beautiful area and yet have a prehistoric and dangerous play area. I have to drive my kids (age six and four) to other parks! So this plan is going to be a game changer for us. The community is going to benefit from healthier happier children, parents and carers. The play park won't look like a derelict mess and the village will have something to be proud of." 

"I’m excited! This is a playground we can all be proud of. It’ll make the village feel far more welcoming of young people and young families. Grandparents will have somewhere to take their grandchildren without having to worry so much. Cricketers will gain the support of more spectators and potential new players of all ages. It’ll make the views from surrounding houses more appealing too. My family and I can’t wait!

"I think it looks like a wonderful design, it’ll be great to be able to get the kids outside and to have the chance to play with their friends after the challenges of the last couple of years. Looks like it covers a range of ages in a small space. Looking forward to getting rid of the ancient and unsafe equipment that is there now. "

"It's just what I want! I like the castle so much. It would make me feel happy"(6 year old boy)

"My love the rope to the tower and my love the castle and my feel good" (3 year old girl)  

It will cost £65,000 to purchase and install all the new equipment and surfacing. Alfriston Parish Council has committed £8,000 to the project.  Our crowdfunding target is £2,000, and we also have several exciting fundraising events in the pipeline. We will be submitting a grant application in June for further funding. The more we can raise as a community through donations and events, the better our chances of getting the grant. 

*Please note, the design and provider is subject to change (due to availability and cost at time of purchase and the total amount raised). If we do not reach the amount needed for the full design we will review the total amount and undertake a further consultation to identify the priority equipment to match the final budget. All donations go direct to Alfriston Parish Council's Playground Fund.

Please give what you can to help ensure that the playground continues to serve our community for generations to come.  

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