Saunature Spa-Authentic Baltic Community Sauna

by Gerda Skrickiene in Addlestone, Surrey, United Kingdom

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Saunature Spa aims to introduce an authentic Baltic, Lithuanian wood-fired sauna experience to Holme Farm in Surrey.

by Gerda Skrickiene in Addlestone, Surrey, United Kingdom

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On the 1st January 2024 we'd raised £1,267 with 31 supporters in 60 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


🌟 Saunature Spa: Igniting Wellness, Connecting Community 🌟

Greetings, beautiful souls!

I'm Gerda, your friendly neighborhood sauna enthusiast, and I'm on a mission to bring the authentic Baltic Sauna Experience to the breathtaking landscape of Holme Farm in Surrey. With your support, we're creating Saunature Spa—a haven where nature, sauna, and well-being dance in harmony.


Why Saunature Spa?

Saunature Spa is more than just a sauna; it's a movement to reconnect our community with the profound healing power of nature and the age-old remedy of the wood-fired sauna. In the midst of life’s pressures, cost of living crisis, and mental health challenges, we're offering a sanctuary for escapism, relaxation, and a much-needed return to nature.


Meet Gerda: Your Sauna-loving Guide

I'm Gerda, a Lithuanian mum of three, daughter, wife, personal trainer, dance and yoga teacher, and, well, just me. Born and raised in Lithuania, where saunas outnumber people 3:1, I carry a passion for authentic Baltic sauna culture. Sauna life is simple in Lithuania - a weekly ritual that brings people together, providing a blissful state of peace and leaving you feeling revitalized.


The Vision: Mind, Body, and Soul Healing
Sauna isn't just about heat; it's a holistic experience. Connecting with nature, immersing in cold plunges, socialising in the steam, and adopting a new way of healthy living—Saunature Spa aims to weave these elements into the fabric of our community. Picture golden sunsets, crisp morning breezes, and moody skies—all within the gentle embrace of our nature-inspired sauna.


The Sauna Movement in the UK 

What we're planning is not new, but it's revolutionary for Surrey. Inspired by local wood-fired sauna pioneers, I've been in creative conversations to elevate this project. The sauna experience isn't just about sweating; it's about improved sleep, reduced pain, enhanced exercise performance, and even protection against diseases.

Your Support Matters: Pledge Now! 

To bring Saunature Spa to life, we’re seeking your support. By pledging to our Crowdfunder, you're not just contributing to a handcrafted sauna from Wood Project Carpentry. You're investing in a haven that will touch hearts and change lives. Your pledge covers not only the sauna but also crucial start-up elements like insurance, licences, and securing a safe space at Holme Farm.


Crafted with Love 

Our sauna will be crafted by Wood Project Carpentry using sustainable Lithuanian materials. From a wood-burning stove to insulation for energy efficiency, every aspect is designed with meticulous care to withstand the whims of the UK weather. Imagine an inviting space with guided Baltic sauna rituals, maximum comfort, and efficiency.




Become a Founding Member: Unlock Exclusive Perks! 

For a one-off donation of £500, you can become a Founding Member. This unlocks a treasure trove of exclusive perks, including bespoke sauna rituals, VIP events, complimentary sessions, and the honor of having your name etched on a plaque onsite.

Let's Celebrate Together: Opening Party and Beyond

When Saunature Spa springs to life, we're throwing a grand celebration-music or DJ's, delectable snacks, surprise guests, and the opportunity to connect with fellow founding members. As a Founding Member, you'll have the first pick of all the fun, including priority booking for the very first public sauna sessions—a truly special occasion.

Other Ways to Make a Difference 

If being a Founding Member isn't your cup of tea, no worries! Every donation, big or small, is like a ray of sunshine. Spread the word on social media, share our story, and let's build a community excited about well-being.

One Vision, Many Dreams: Get Involved! 

Your support isn't just a donation; it's a vote for wellness and community connection. Pledge now and let's make Saunature Spa a reality, where nature and well-being intertwine.

Thank You from the Bottom of Our Heart 

Your support means the world. Pledge now, join the movement, and let's create something truly magical at Saunature Spa.

With gratitude, Gerda 🌿

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This project offered rewards

£500 or more

Founder Member Club

Founder Member Club gets: 2hr Sauna Ritual with Sauna Guide for you and your friends Invite to Grand Opening Spa Party Founder member VIP sauna event 5 Sauna Sessions- 4 fitness/yoga sessions - 3 Nature Connection Events and Activities Free 'last-minute' tickets to any special events which don't sell-out 10% off memberships and price plans for the first year. Founder Club Members will also be honored with their name on a plaque on-site

£10 or more

30mins Sauna Taster session

This pledge gives you pass to come and try our community sauna and cold plunge for 30 mins discounted session at Holme Farm. Reward will be emailed or/and booked via our booking system and redeemed up to 6 months after our sauna opens to the public.

£12 or more

Natural Home Made Candles

Natural Home Made Soy Wax Candle with essential oils and herbs and plants and flowers made at upcycled and recycled holders. Pick up at Saunature Spa, Holme Farm or can be posted to you.

£13 or more

Authentic Felt Sauna Hat

These hats protects your brain from overheating in sauna. Authentic Baltic sauna hat to sit relaxed and be on trend too. Pick up at Saunature Spa , Holme Farm or can be posted to you.

£15 or more

Home Made Box Of Cookies

Home made Box of Cookies ( 12 cookies ) from natural home milled grains which have amazing amount of nutrients and minerals. Mix of Cranberry Pistachio and Chocolate Chip Cherry Shortbread cookies. Pick up at Saunature Spa , Holme Farm or can be posted to you.

£18 or more

60mins Sauna Taster session

This pledge gives you pass to come and try our community sauna and cold plunge for 60 mins discounted session at Holme Farm. Reward will be emailed or/and booked via our booking system and redeemed up to 6 months after our sauna opens to the public.

£30 or more

1hr Sauna session and Essential oil roller

1hr sauna session and 1 essential oil roller for you mixed with natural and organic oils. You can redeem sauna space once you booked your sauna session with voucher which will be sent to you by email .Pick up your Essential oil roller after sauna.

£35 or more

Earth Yoga and Sauna Experience

This is 45mins Earth Yoga at outside nature studio and 45mins sauna session experience in our newly build sauna.This experience suitable from beginner to advance yoga fan. Do poses outside and you can continue pose in sauna for more restorative option. Subject to weather and availability .

£40 or more

2xGift Voucher for 2x90 mins Sauna Session

2 x Gift Voucher for 2 x90mins Sauna Sessions to you or your friend.Great Christmas Present! Can be used as 2 separate sessions or for 2 people in same sessions.Valid until August 2023

£45 or more

Angel Reading by Spiritual Spa

Connect to your inner guidance, receiving clarity and help with issues from your angels and guides. Its 45 mins over zoom/phone/skype or whatsUp. Angel Therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with a person’s higher self, guardian angels and archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of life. An angel reading helps you to really tune into your highest good and to confirm which path would best suit you.

£50 or more

Art painting By Soulfam Creations

This pledge is given by Soulfam Creations.This Original art painting it will be send/given to anyone who enjoys arts and paintings. Painting can vary as artist always works very intuitively. It can be small or bigger canvas art painting with mixed media or just acrilics.

£65 or more

60 mins Private Sauna Hire

This is private sauna hire for you and your friends to use for 1hr with member of staff. Reward will be emailed or/and booked via our booking system and redeemed up to 6 months after our sauna opens to the public.

£70 or more

4 x Gift Voucher for 4 X 90mins Sauna Sessions

4 x Gift Voucher for 4 x90mins Sauna Sessions to you or your friends.Great Christmas Present! Can be used as 4 separate sessions or for 4 people in same sessions.Valid until August 2023

£80 or more

Chocolate Fudge Celebration Cake

Chocolate Fudge Sweet Sensation celebration cake which will serve for 40 people . Who doesn't like cake? Having party and need cake ? This is Annie's famous Holme Farm volunteer home baked cake. And it delicious ! Pick up at Holme Farm only!

£85 or more

Soul Connection Therapy by Spiritual Spa

Soul Connection Coaching is Nicky’s signature therapy. For over 18 years now Nicky has been offering Journey therapy and Angel readings and as time has gone by has been awed by how organically a new way of working with people has evolved. These sessions are a way to connect to your higher self/your angels and understand what is missing. Nicky lives in Bridport,but its done over Phone, Skype, WhatsApp or FB Messenger for a 60 minute session

£180 or more

3hr Private Sauna Hire

This is private sauna hire for you and your friends to use for 3hr with member of staff. Up to 10 people only .( Worth £250)

£250 or more

2hr Baltic Sauna Ritual for you and your friends

2hr Deeply Relaxing Guided Baltic Sauna ritual for you and your friends ( 6ppl max ) .Includes fully guided Baltic sauna experience with sauna master: tree leaf whisking, thermal massage, aromatherapy and salt scrubs, face mask and oils for your all body. Also cold plunge and Baltic herbal tea drinking by the fire! ( Worth £300 )

£250 or more

8hr Carpenter at Your Home

This carpenter will come to your house and will do anything carpentry related or DIY related works/jobs : fix your table, chair , install door or change broken fencing anything you need help with for 8hr. Only in Surrey.

£250 or more

Pizza and Sauna

Gather a group of friends and enjoy pizza around firepit with unlimited sauna time at Holme Farm for 4hrs only . Pick day time (11-3pm) or evening ( 4-8pm).Limited to 10 people.

£400 or more

One Day Private Sauna Hire

Private Sauna Hire for 1 day. Perhaps you have a special birthday ,family celebration or event coming up that would be even more fun with sauna to play in ? You be able to use outdoor sitting area and fire space that day too and use whole Saunature Spa space to relax in nature with your friends and family. Max 20 people! Available from 10am-6pm.

£20 or more

1hr Private Sauna Hire for you at Seasidesaunahaus

1hr Private Sauna Hire for you at our friend's established sauna in Dorset. To redeem within the year. Seasidesaunahouse in Bridport , Dorset.It's woodfired, beach-side sauna you will find the dedicated space and time to reconnect with your body and the elements. Wake up your senses! Come to experience the heat of our sauna, in contrast with the refreshing natural sea water. Let nature be your spa!

£30 or more

2hr Cleaning at Your Home

Relax and enjoy your house been clean by professional.2hr Domestic Cleaning at your house. Only in Surrey.

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