Sanditon Keepsake Review 4 Journalism to Treasure!

by The Luminaries Magazine 4 Culture, Social Impact & Community in Ventnor, England, United Kingdom

Sanditon Keepsake Review 4 Journalism to Treasure!

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To sell 50 or more copies of the Sanditon Printed Review in support of quality independent arts and culture magazine journalism.

by The Luminaries Magazine 4 Culture, Social Impact & Community in Ventnor, England, United Kingdom

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On the 29th March 2021 we'd raised £107 with 4 supporters in 34 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


The Brean Beach Stunt by Simon Beck for the Sanditon Sisterhood. See the link to the News Feature by Journalist Alison Jane Reid below.

We are back with a three-week campaign to sell the rest of the popular, hand-crafted Sanditon Review print in support of more arts and culture journalism that delights, entertains and inspires you.


Sanditon Starring Theo James, Rose Williams, Crystal Clarke, Anne Reid and Kris Marshall. Made by Red Planet Pictures from ITV and Masterpiece PBS. Pictures Courtesy of ITV Press Office.

I know how much the adaptation of Jane Austen's last novel has touched and captivated you. I loved writing the Sanditon Review and the Brean Beach Story. Now I hope that a printed, collectable copy of the Review will provide a treasured memento that you can enjoy whenever you want to revisit and relive highlights from Jane Austen's intriguing final novel about coming of age, entrepreneurship and Austen's first bi-racial heroine.


Rose Williams Stars as Miss Charlotte Heywood in Sanditon for ITV and Masterpiece PBS.

I apologise for the delay in re-starting this campaign. I am in recovery from severe anaemia.  We are facing many challenges due to a lack of support from the government for the creative sector during the pandemic. The only answer is to keep doing what I love and to be a Scheherazade journalist extraordinaire with a thousand and one stories and more to tell and then keep going!

Warmest Good Wishes, AJ and Team Ethical Hedonist. The South Coast of England, February 2021.1613752381_sanditon_memoir_white:gold.png

 The Sanditon Printed Keepsake Review, Written By Journalist Alison Jane Reid.

You can now snap up the Sanditon Review as a reward again in support of quality independent arts journalism. We have experienced the most challenging and difficult year imaginable. Out of such challenging times, we are focusing on writing and broadcasting stories on culture from film, drama and books to real food and circular fashion to convey stories that matter with integrity, passion, experience and a love for old school, magazine journalism.  

We hope you love the result.


With Jenny Agutter, Film Icon and Star of The Railway Children, Walkabout, Call the Midwife, Spooks and Equus.

Calling Sanditon lovers! To celebrate the hit Masterpiece PBS Jane Austen period drama and our love of arts journalism and feature writing, we are offering a limited edition, pamphlet style, keepsake edition of AJ’s beautifully executed hit, long-form journalism - The Sanditon Review -  Sex, Sandcastles and Love Undone! + The Simon Beck Art Stunt Story. Printed in an eco-friendly press in Wales. The Sanditon Keepsake Review costs £20 inclusive of postage in the UK and £25 inclusive of postage for the US and the rest of the world. All proceeds after print, postage and production costs go into continuing to produce the magazine and delivering more arts journalism that entertains, informs and captivates you.


Artist Maria Fotaki's Beautiful Image of Charlotte and Sidney, Kindly Donated for Our Crowdfunded Project and Featured in the Review.

Read the Hit Sanditon Review on the Magazine Here and then buy your keepsake printed version to treasure and remember Sanditon forever.

Brean Beach Stunt News Feature -

About the Journalist 


Journalist Alison Jane Reid, AJ, at Borough Market to Report on Real Greek Food.

Here is a  little bit about me, my career and track record in UK  Journalism as a broadsheet and colour supplement feature writer specialising in writing about icons, film, drama, food and fashion.

 Alison Jane Reid, AJ, is a journalist, author, broadcaster and student mentor and the founding editor and publisher of this independent arts and culture magazine. AJ spent a decade writing about icons, film, fashion and food at The Times Newspaper in the UK, as contributing editor to the Saturday Times Magazine. She trained at Mirror Group Newspapers and also worked at The Lady Magazine and her features, interviews and broadcasts have appeared in  - The Sunday Times, The Independent, ES, You Magazine, Orient Express, How to Spend It, Red, Harpers Wine and Spirits, Tatler, ITV and Sky and publications around the globe via syndication.  Support AJ, and quality independent journalism. Become a supporter and subscribe today -

I love arts journalism with a passion. Writing about drama, film fashion and culture has been my whole life since I was a teenager, devouring Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, Truman Capote and Graham Graham Green.

 About AJ and Ethical Hedonist - The Independent Arts and Culture Magazine with an Organic Heart.


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A copy of the printed Sanditon Review plus the Brean Beach Stunt news feature story as a limited edition keepsake, signed book style pamphlet in colour written by arts and culture journalist Alison Jane Reid. Includes postage and your name on our magazine supporters page as a thank you for supporting independent arts and culture journalism. Please note our postage costs have gone up since Brexit.

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A copy of the printed Sanditon Review plus the Brean Beach Stunt news feature story as a limited edition keepsake pamphlet in colour written by arts and culture journalist Alison Jane Reid. Includes postage and your name on our magazine supporters page as a thank you for supporting independent arts and culture journalism.

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