Single Aid Mamas solidarity fund

by Emily Bell in London, England, United Kingdom

Single Aid Mamas solidarity fund

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To support vulnerable members of the Single Aid Mothers (SAM) community with financial assistance during particularly difficult periods.

by Emily Bell in London, England, United Kingdom

The Single Aid Mamas (SAM) WhatsApp group was established in August 2018 and is an online community of single mothers/mothers-to-be who are either not with the father of their child(ren) or who are single mothers by choice. SAMs are doing most of the heavy lifting of raising kids alone, while working in the aid/humanitarian/development field.

The WhatsApp group now has 145 members (April 2020), and there is also a Facebook group (which also accepts Single Aid Papas) with 269 members, and a Google spreadsheet which lists resources such as lawyers, counsellors, playlists, employment opportunities and more.

The SAM network has been a tremendous resource and source of comfort for many of its members. It has linked women and their children living in the same countries and also those living in different countries, and as a result of the connections formed there have been shared birthday parties, holidays, exchange of career advice and mentorship support, and of course invaluable sharing of experiences/jokes/tears.

This page exists to accept donations from SAMs which will be allocated to specific SAMs in need of financial assistance during particularly challenging moments in their lives, for example prolonged unemployment, illness etc. How the funds will be allocated will be agreed upon by the nine Admins for the SAM WhatsApp group. Updates on how the funds are disbursed will be provided via the WhatsApp platform, respecting confidentiality if requested by the beneficiary SAM.

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