Safeguard our Vulnerable and Elderly during covid

by redgreencards in London, England, United Kingdom

Safeguard our Vulnerable and Elderly during covid

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Help safeguard our medically vulnerable and elderly neighbours during the Covid-19 crisis and pandemic

by redgreencards in London, England, United Kingdom

We are now clearly in the midst of a crisis. In the NHS, we are undertaking huge measures  to limit the pandemic and its effect on the community. In times of need, we, the British people have been united and compassionate to each other. We know at this time simple measures go a long  way. 

Anyone medically vulnerable has been asked to self-isolate. This could include Diabetic, Hypetensive, Cancer, Transplant, Respiratory or  immuno-supressed patients. Beyond this, heavily pregnant or people over 70 irrespective of medical conditions have also been identified as medically vulnerable to the virus. We all really value these neighbours as integral members of our community. It is however, clear that they are now at higher risk and for their safety we, their proud neighbours, would like to support them while they are self-isolating.

I'm a head and neck cancer surgeon and since the coronavirus crisis have been working as an ITU doctor. It's a huge privilege and honour to work in ITU during this crisis and when i'm not working I am grateful to be helping our community. Our red green cards initiative is helping safeguard medically vulnerable and elderly people. Recently we have also been supported by Age UK and Samaritans which has helped in a big was as I'm currently only able to help when I'm not working in the NHS.

So far we have had immense support, 100’s of volunteers, and have safeguarded 300,000 homes across the UK. It's been a massive effort and I would like to thank our amazing volunteers and people who have generously donated so far, big or small. Your generous donations have helped safeguard thousands of homes. Without kind people like you, none, of this would be possible and you are our heroes! 

Any donations generated will help buy more cards and get the cards out to people. Commercial printers are often paying for the printing generously but the cards is a cost. £300 pounds pays for 20,000 cards therefore safeguarding thousands of vulnerable and elderly people. The other donations will be used to get the cards delivered to people across the UK.

How does this help? How do we use the cards? Please goto to volunteer or more information. 

Once all the homes on the road have the cards. Each resident can merely draw their curtains and look across the road. Please go across the road, look through their window and check what the concern is. Either help your neighbour if you can or ask someone who can. Examples include food, medications, feeling ill and just needing a chat. You can also download the cards if you have access to printing on our website. 

Im soo grateful that we have such amazing community spirit and people are volunteering in incredible numbers. Thank you soo soo much

Dr Shilen Patel, ITU Doctor                              twitter                 facebook                     instagram

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