Running 150km in 31 days

by Sonya Chilton in Billericay, England, United Kingdom

Running 150km in 31 days

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WHAT?! Why on earth are you running 120km in 31 days you ask....AND TWO charities?! Let me dad was diagnosed with prostate can...

by Sonya Chilton in Billericay, England, United Kingdom

WHAT?! Why on earth are you running 120km in 31 days you ask....

AND TWO charities?! Let me explain....

my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer late 2017. it was a shock. but we knew if caught early he could recover. not the case. so here I am today to do this for my dad and make him proud. i love my dad lots and i think he’s the bravest and most courageous man i know. he is still battling now. many bad days as it’s in it’s latter stages. so i want to raise as much money as i can in the hope that some day that they will be able to find a cure or limit its speed more so of spreading.
so let’s raise money for prostate cancer uk.

another charity dear to my heart is Parents 1st. as many people are aware early 2018 i found myself in a position of being left by my husband. i fell into a deep depression and was very ill during pregnancy. a friend contacted this charity with concern of my mental wellbeing. i was given a case worker, who became more like a family member and without her i will be honest and say i am not sure if i would still be here. she was with me throughout, even at the birth and shortly afterward to make sure i was recovering. mental illness is hard to describe to someone who has never been affected. it’s something that will never go away but can be controlled using mental positivity and working things through logically and just trying to overcome hurdles when you get to them and talk to people who can help.
so let’s raise money for parents 1st.

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