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We are a community base for individuals to drop in and join like-minded people on a mission to better their mental & physical wellbeing.

by Rio-Vitalise Southsea Wellness Hub in Southsea, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 8th April 2022 we'd raised £10,010 with 27 supporters in 57 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

New stretch target

With the extra money raised, we will invest into merchandise i.e clothing, cups to reduce the use of single-use plastic, host further wellness events and continue to spread our ethos locally and further afield.

Firstly, Hello and thanks for taking the time to check out the plans for the Rio-Vitalise Southsea Wellness Hub, something that I believe will significantly benefit our local community.

Please let me introduce myself, my name is Alfie Ruffell, and I was born and raised in Portsmouth. 

In one way or another, I have always worked with the community in mind. Before Covid struck, I ran a personal finance course that I had accredited to teach in schools, colleges and universities. I created this course to help young people learn how to manage their money and credit, something I felt was lacking within our society. However, sadly due to the lockdown, I had to close the business.

New beginnings

During this time, my father was in recovery after being rushed to hospital, having suffered a triple A-ortic split. It was a worrying time, with the doctors giving him a 2% chance of survival which then progressed to a six-month life expectancy. My father, a man of great strength and courage, would not be beaten and miraculously, against the odds, reached every milestone, now entering his third-year post-illness.

During his recovery, my father heard about CBD & CBG. For those unfamiliar, CBD & CBG are two of over 100 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. I am aware of the stigma associated with this plant; however, CBD & CBG are not psychoactive. In fact, many studies suggest that they have a whole host of healing qualities, especially for those looking for relief from pain and other symptoms.

Amazed by the positive effects experienced by my father, I decided to put my time and energy into raising awareness on the benefits of CBD & CBG alongside my passion for mental and physical wellbeing. To date, I have built a recognised organic wellness brand here in Portsmouth with our community spread across the UK and abroad.

What's next?

Rio-Vitalise is now reaching its first year of trading. We have expanded to a small team of seven, including my father and my mentor Knox White, an ex-serviceman and boxing charity coach fighting progressive MS.

Being immersed in our community and recognising the impact of COVID19 on our society, we are launching the Rio-Vitalise Southsea Wellness Hub in our current space at South Parade Pier. 

Our vision for Rio-Vitalise Southsea Wellness Hub is to create a community base for individuals to drop in, receive peer to peer support, and join like-minded individuals eager to better their mental and physical health. As a company, we are particularly keen to encourage men in our community to talk about their mental health; I am sure you are aware that suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50.

We will be working alongside for-profit and non-for-profit local organisations to provide our community with various activities, with our hub as a central meeting point. We will have nutritionists, mental health practitioners, and personal trainers joining us on different days of the week so our community can connect, learn and open with peer to peer support. 

Our classes will span mental and physical health and creativity, including to date yoga, breath workshops, HIIT, sea swimming, personal finance, nutrition, book club, and photography. We will also give back to our community by participating in beach cleans and other charitable work.

We have already secured partnerships with several local businesses, including:

  • The Gift Of Being Broken 
  • Morning D.O.S.E
  • Claire Mace Nutrition
  • Win The Morning, Win The Day
  • Trac Finance 
  • Swol With Sol, 
  • The Gaiety Bar (who will be hosting our sessions)

We will also be seeking further partnerships and would love to hear from anyone who would like to be part of. this project.

We will be open from 6 am-11 am 7 days a week. We will also be offering cold-pressed juices, smoothies, bulletproof coffee, herbal teas, and healthy snacks.

Why do we need you?

We are holding this Crowd Funder to appeal to our community to raise £10,000 to refurbish the existing kiosk, which needs to be carefully restored and weather proofed due to its age. We also need to purchase new equipment and kit for our classes. We seek further funds to convert the existing BT phone box next to the hub into a mental health box with direct access to a mental health charity for anyone in emotional distress, struggling to cope, or at risk of suicide.

The drive behind this project is to create a space for our community to unite. We want to make individuals feel that they're part of something greater and not alone. Rio-Vitalise Southsea Wellness Hub will provide a space for the local community to connect, reach goals while giving safety and security.

We thank you in advance for your support and time - Alfie and The Rio-Vitalise Team x


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We are happy to offer our highest strength CBD & CBG oil which is organically grown on our farm in Spain where we have control of our whole process.

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You will have a year's access to our Southsea wellness hub along with a choice of 5 products of your choice on our website. You will also be featured on our wellness hub with an appreciation message for helping better our community.

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