Joint & Muscle Pain? Revive Is Here For You

by Cornel Sampson Founder Revive Mind | Body in Rossendale, England, United Kingdom

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Grow a community of like minded people to Revive and Maintain their body's ability to heal itself - 3 Pillars, Support, Maintain, Improve

by Cornel Sampson Founder Revive Mind | Body in Rossendale, England, United Kingdom

My Story – My WHY

Health Is Wealth - I saw these words on a sign in the local Municipal Baths when I was a child. When I got home I told my mother about it, she explained what it meant and how important it was for each person to take responsibility for their own health and work towards maintaining and improving their health.


I come from a culture where using plants, herbs and spices on a daily basis to maintain and improve general health is ‘normal’.

As a child in the UK, I clearly remember my mother receiving large brown parcels from Jamaica. My sisters and I would sit in the middle of the living room floor as she unwrapped them.

Inside were spices and herbs, or ‘bush teas’ as Jamaicans call them. Items not readily available in the UK at that time. Pimento, All spice, Turmeric, Ginger, Mint, Sorrel (Hibiscus) Cerasee (Bitter Melon) and our least favourite Senokot.

There would be other goodies like Mangos, Sugar Cane, Achee, Jamaican Cake and a flask of White Rum.


My point is, my sisters and I were weaned on these natural foods and our mother never bought into the processed food and drug revolution.

Our mother’s first thought was to look to nature for relief from our maladies. Natural cures which only had side benefits, NOT side effects.

Yes, I/we’ve benefitted from medicinal use and recognise the important contributions of medical science to our society. I just believe that in lots of instances we have an alternative and a choice.

I am 100% convinced that this upbringing, coupled with my lifestyle decisions, has enabled me to lead an incredibly full and energized active life up to this point, with my contemporaries watching in disbelief from the sidelines.


What Happened Next


I had an extensive career as an elite athlete winning these titles:

·        Former Junior National Bodybuilding Champion.

·        Title Winner as an Amateur and Professional Boxer.

And I was a Fitness Professional delivering personal and group sessions.

My academic qualifications include an BSc (Hons) Sports Science specialising in exercise prescription. My thesis topic - Adherence to exercise & the GP referral scheme.


18 months ago both knees and shoulders started presenting pain. The diagnosis was inflammatory response to wear and tear AKA Arthritis.

Gradually, over the months, I had to reduce the frequency and intensity of my activity levels in order to manage the pain and discomfort – often spending days sitting/laying down.

What I Did

I refused to accept from doctors that there was no other option but to undergo drug therapy/steroid injections and pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs with associated side effects.


My first stop was Google – Turmeric and Ginger featured most prominently. 

I tried several products on the market with limited success...

The Problem

  • Tablet/Capsules – Expensive, ineffective (< 35% absorption) and ‘hard to swallow’.
  • Infusions – Low/little active ingredient.
  • Powder – Quality control (additives) – can be messy to prepare.
  • Liquids – Shots – expensive and mixed/diluted with other juices. Questions regarding bioavailability.

The Science

In accordance with my scientific background, I looked for validated and documented evidence as to the efficacy of these two natural products.

I based my formulation on the research evidence.

The Cochrane Library is the most authoritative and up to date source of evidence based information and can help clinicians make decisions about appropriate and effective health care.

It brings together in one place research that looks at the effectiveness of different health care treatments and interventions.

There were more than 37 published articles that combined turmeric and ginger – more if you search each ingredient on its own.  

I have put links to some of the research at the bottom of the page, should you want to know more.

Since formulating and taking my drink daily, I have reduced the pain and discomfort almost completely with no major recurrence of episodes.


On Jan 11th 2021 I underwent *Rotator Cuff Repair surgery under general anaesthetic. I replaced prescribed medication from the surgeon with my Turmeric & Ginger based drink.


I have enjoyed a pain free recovery to date and included active physiotherapy from day one following surgery - planking and pullups by day 14 on video! 

When I told family and friends of my success with the juice they ‘took the p**s.

However, a couple of friends said they would like to try it and they had positive results. They then passed the juice forwards to their family and friends and that’s been the story. People passing it forwards, how cool is that?

My Vision


My vision is to change a million lives one juice at a time.

We will also grow a community of like minded people who will support, encourage, teach and share with members and loved ones.

My original idea was to subcontract the manufacturing, bottling and distribution. It became apparent very quickly that outside companies wanted to compromise on quality, and therefore results, to try and maximise profits.

With funds raised by this campaign, I plan to equip a small manufacturing and bottling plant. That way we can control the quality of ingredients and produce a superior, effective product. 

We will also use the funds to create additional resources for our community; resources to Support, Maintain and Improve our health and wellness. These are the three pillars upon which we will grow stronger and healthier.

Each member of the Revive Community will receive a ‘Bottle for Life’. They will receive their 'magic juice' in a recyclable pouch. The pouches will be returned to us at Revive by Freepost.


We have a fantastic team at Revive, all of whom are committed to our cause - Change A Million Lives One Juice At A Time.

Join our community today and support Revive, and your health, by choosing your reward! We can not wait to welcome you into the community and together we will change a million lives one juice at a time. 

Click here for the ingredients list etc. 


"I suffered with general niggles caused by years of lifting weights. I had a particular problem with my left shoulder after I had done a shoulder workout which could sometimes last a few days and was noticeable when getting showered, dressed, driving and shopping.

I heard about Revive through a conversation with Cornel which made me curious about the effects of Turmeric

I had no real expectations when trying the drink for the first time but was keen to see the effects in action. Once I started on the drink I noticed a difference within days. I was recovering after a workout much quicker and the usual training niggles started to become less noticeable and my shoulder niggle all but disappeared after a week or so.

I would recommend this drink to anyone who is active or wants to be more active without the fatigue, sore joints and inflammation it causes.

I would say to Cornel he has created something special which genuinely gives positive effects to the body." - Dion O'Byrne


"I want to support this product as I’m already a user of the shots and it has improved my daily life massively. What better way of supporting the company and in return getting some product. Good luck to Cornel and his team however I don’t think he needs it! His passion for the product will see it through." - Steve Higham


"Good luck to the team at Revive. This is a brilliant product which has significantly reduced the pain in my legs. If you have inflammation and pain, try this!!!" - Catherine Cocklin

Click here to watch more testimonials on our YouTube channel.

Further research:

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