by Joshua Sparkes in St. Albans, England, United Kingdom

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We want to complete our product and get it in the hands of GCSE students!

by Joshua Sparkes in St. Albans, England, United Kingdom

The Problem

To put it lightly, GCSE students do not like revision...most of us know this from our childhoods, take a look at some of these posts and quotes from popular student forums (I've removed the results with swearing):


Why do students hate revision?

The reasons for such dislike...

1. It's boring...

2. It's disruptive, you have to move from where you are

3. If it's online, it's not clear if it's relevant. Other revision products are subject general, meaning students aren't necessarily revising for questions that will come up... students hate thinking they may be wasting their time!

Our Objective

If we can get students enjoying revision, their grades and knowledge will improve, and likely, as a result, their standard of living in the future as a result. 

A related benefit is that performing better in a subject, means a student is more likely to be more interested in that subject and could open up new lifelong interests.

Not only that, but also years 10 and 11 become more enjoyable and a lot less stressful.

These are worthy goals that we only wish we could go back in time and live through as students ourselves. Well now we have solved this for the new generations of GCSE students. If properly backed, RevisePal could have significant positive impact on the future of the UK population.

This image is our objective.



Addressing the Problem

1. Make it mobile

This study shows how if something is to be popular with teenagers, it needs to be mobile.

This study shows how important it is for a product to be digital to really be used by teenagers. If you have ever had teenagers, you'll know this already.

Not only that, but students can now revise wherever they are... a quick ten minutes on the bus, while waiting for a friend. Magic.


2. Make it fun

Attention spans are short... especially as a teenager with Facebooks, Instagrams and Snapchats to pull on that attention and provide instant gratification.

To keep teens interested, the product has to provide some kind of pleasure, and how do we create pleasure? With fun.

This study by StriveCloud outlines just how successful gamification of products are in improving engagement and performance. Just take a look at your LinkedIn profile completion progress, you kind of want to complete it...


3. Stay social

Every. Single. Top app, has a social element. It's a critical factor in engaging teenagers and students.

Not that you need it, but take a look here at the evidence. 



Actually enabling students to enjoy revision? Seems like a pipedream perhaps, but this already happens today in other areas... The best example is Duolingo. A hyper successful and addictive app for language learning. Duolingo and countless studies prove that ease of use, gamification, and community, work in getting students to enjoy revision and do it frequently. 

We are not guessing success here! With backing, these outcomes will occur.

 (Duolingo image below)


Thats why RevisePal is already proving a hit with a number of students studying for their science GCSEs.

Steps to Success


The RevisePal team includes a successful technology project manager, so we know how to create a successful product and business, get it to market, learn, and improve. In fact we've already done this with our first release (you can download it on App Store now). 

We are now finalising the second release, which is looking great, and testing fantastically with students. The next step is to promote it within schools and add more subjects.

RevisePal will partner with a school authority in the next 6 months to help students with their 2022 exams.

There are around five million new students every year, and small subscriptions to get students revising are a small price to pay for a genuine improvement in grades. The future looks bright for everyone involved in this real win-win situation.

See our roadmap below!



We need around £20,000 to get ready in time for the new school year. By then, we aim to hire UK teachers to contribute the new subjects, invest in a big marketing push to start the word-of-mouth that naturally occurs in schools, implement new feature to motivate students during revision.


Thank you for helping!

The RevisePal team


Checkout our website for more info!


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