RESET: Festival of Mental Health & Motherhood 2022

by Pregnant Then Screwed in York, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 13th September 2022 we successfully raised £22,714 ( + est. £1651.25 Gift Aid ) with 1121 supporters in 56 days

RESET: the festival of motherhood and mental health

by Pregnant Then Screwed in York, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Additional funds would help us to support more women, to host more events and to ensure that no woman has to face pregnancy and maternity discrimination alone.

Buy tickets for the first festival of motherhood and mental health through our crowdfunder. Every order placed here will be match funded which means if you buy a ticket for £6, PTS will get £12. 

RESET will take place at a screen near you from the 12th - 16th September 2022. With over 25 events to choose from; we’ve searched the globe for the very best people to deliver talks, workshops, comedy, interactive art sessions and dance parties that will help you repair your fractured mind. All with a specific focus on motherhood and the absolute TURD that has been the last 2 years.

Do any of these sound like you? 

  • My baby was born during the pandemic and my mental health hasn’t been the same since 
  • I’m feeling really stressed about money
  • I’m facing challenges at work and it is impacting my wellbeing
  • I'm having relationship issues and it is making me miserable
  • I had a baby in the NICU and I don’t think I have recovered from it
  • I’m worried about my child’s mental health
  • My hormones seem to control my mood 
  • I am burnt out from working and parenting  
  • I’m a single parent and I have no one to talk to about the challenges of lone parenting 
  • I’ve noticed I am experiencing quite intense levels of anxiety when I leave the house 
  • I want to meet some other mums and talk to them about my experiences over the last two years 
  • I’m in need of a really good snort-tea-out-of-my-nostrils type of laugh at some female comedians that understand the challenges of motherhood

We are putting an event together that is for you, and to make it happen all you need to do is donate £6, select the RESET reward, and you can access 5 whole days of activities. This gives you access to all the events, plus access to our various forums where you can chat with other mums, and an option to receive one to one therapy to talk about whatever you want. You can also watch the events live or you can watch the recordings of the sessions in your own time. If you can't afford £6 then drop us an email on: [email protected] and we can issue you with a free ticket, no questions asked. 

You can support this project and the work of Pregnant Then Screwed in other ways, by simply donating to us (the money will be match funded by the NET trust), you can select the reward to donate a RESET ticket to a mother who can't afford to attend, you donate and get a talk from Pregnant Then Screwed for your workplace, or you can buy one of our new prints, pin-badges or tea-towels. Here are the pin badge and tea towel designs to give you a taste of what is on offer!





Pregnant Then Screwed is a charity which is changing the narrative for mums. Last year we supported over 80,000 women with free advice. We have changed the law, won awards, and influenced companies. We also hold amazing events! To find out more about RESET, including announcements on the programme, click here  


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£6 or more

Come to Reset Festival

This will give you full access to RESET festival, plus access to the forums, and the opportunity to do one on one therapy with a mental health expert.

£6 or more

Gift a ticket

The number of requests for mental health support increased by 40% amongst new mums in the last 2 years. This event is so needed, but not everyone can afford to attend. If you would like to gift a ticket to someone in need then you can do that here.

£10 or more

Buy one, Gift one

Buy one RESET ticket and gift one to a women who can't afford to come but would really benefit from attending

£10 or more

Badge Only - No Access To RESET

Our new metal pin badges will BLOW YOUR MIND. If you want to tell the world that you're sick of mums getting shafted by the system, then this is the way to do it. Designed by Sophie Brampton and Lucinda Hurst. This reward doesn't give you access to RESET.

£15 or more

Ticket and Badge

Our new metal pin badges will BLOW YOUR MIND. If you want to tell the world that you're sick of mums getting shafted by the system, then this is the way to do it. This reward will give you access to RESET and a limited edition Pregnant Then Screwed metal pin badge

£15 or more

Ticket and Book

Access to RESET and a copy of Joeli's book: ''The Motherhood Penalty: How to stop motherhood being the kiss of death for your career.''

£20 or more

13 of 100 claimed

Ticket and Tea-Towel

Who wouldn't want to dry their dishes with a Pregnant Then Screwed tea towel.. Because mother's want workplace equaliTEA (towels). Access to RESET and a limited edition PTS tea towel

£20 or more

Ticket and limited edition A4 print

Want to attend RESET but also want an exclusive print to remember the occasion with? Our A4 prints have been designed by Sophie Brampton and Lucinda Hurst and they are incredible. There's only 100 of these beauties available so get a wriggle on

£28 or more

The BIG Package

Buy one, gift one, plus a limited edition A4 Pregnant Then Screwed print and a limited edition Pregnant Then Screwed metal pin badge

£50 or more

Donate free legal advice

Give a mother experiencing discrimination 1 hour of free legal advice. We will list you on our website as someone who has helped to fund our free legal advice line

£50 or more

Ten tickets to RESET festival

Do you have lots of pals that want to come to the best event for mums EVER? If you select this reward then you will have 10 tickets to share with all your mum-pals

£100 or more

3 of 50 claimed

Support for new mums

Access to RESET for you and a pal, plus fund 5 hours of mental health support for a mum who had a baby during the pandemic and is struggling to deal with what happened to her.

£250 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Workplace Package

30 min remote talk by Joeli Brearley covering what the motherhood penalty is and why all employers should care; inc. Q&A for your company + 10 tickets to RESET for you and your colleagues

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