Replace The Lucid Dream's stolen music equipment

by The Lucid Dream in Carlisle

Replace The Lucid Dream's stolen music equipment
We did it
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Help raise money to replace the equipment recently stolen from The Lucid Dream while on tour in Paris

by The Lucid Dream in Carlisle

After our gig at Supersonic in Paris (2/3/2017) we unfortunately fell victim to the recent spate of robberies occuring on bands vans.

We have lost a huge amount of equipment, most of which holds great sentimental value to all of us and is irreplacable. Some of this gear has belonged to us since we were 14years old and some we have worked our backsides off to buy.  Please see below for a full list of stolen equipment.

As everyone knows music is what we live for and it breaks our hearts to think of letting the band suffer because of the act of some ignorant thieves.

We hope, with a little help from our friends and fans, that we can look to replace some of the equipment we have lost so that we can continue to gig and record music.  We have been blown away with the show of support from everyone so far  and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mark, Luke, Mike & Wayne x

The Lucid Dream


Vox Phantom 12-string (blue/white)


Rickenbacker 330 6 string (electric blue)


Vox Lynx 6-string (red/black - (cherry red - distinctive feature - Paul and Shark sticker on body)


 Epiphone ES 339 6-string (cherry red)

Orange 40th anniversary or50 amp head
Marshall 4 x 10" speaker

Jim Dunlop wah wah
Electro harmonix big muff
Marshall blues breaker
Boss phaser ph-3
Boss tremolo the-2
Boss re-20 space echo 
Boss delay dd6
Electro harmonix holy grail 
Boss tuner tu-2
Boss ve-20 vocal pedal

Boss delay dd3, ,

boss overdrive,

boss tremolo,

boss chorus,

Jim Dunlop wah wah.

Vox valvetronic Amplifer


Dub siren 
Korg ms-20 synthesiser


Premier 1970s weather kit black

Paiste cymbals

Yamaha snare drum

Gibralter hardware


Fender Jazz Bass Black

Ashdown 4x10 speaker

Ashdown 200 Watt Head


 Vinyl Records

Selection 100 12inch records

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