RepG3 COVID peptide therapeutic

by RUPERT HOLMS in London, England, United Kingdom

RepG3 COVID peptide therapeutic


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A safe and effective COVID therapy based on a synthetic peptide solution inhaled spray

by RUPERT HOLMS in London, England, United Kingdom

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An effective COVID therapeutic will save lives and eliminate the need for the economically damaging lock downs.

I am Chairman of Nearmedic Group, a Moscow / Cyprus based pharmaceutical group ( We are an approximately 100 million dollar turnover pharmaceutical and diagnostics business operating in the Russian Federation. However, we do not have funding for the development of therapies outside Russia.

We are in the process of spinning out a COVID-19 peptide therapeutic based on ezrin peptide technology called RepG3.


I am the inventor of this family of pharmaceuticals and the first product based on this technology is called Gepon, which has an excellent safety and efficacy record in patients. It was launched on the Russian market in 2001, is now off patent and sold to Avexima)

We now have granted patents world-wide on the second generation product called RepG3 which is a COVID19 therapeutic (agent Kilburn & Strode, London). Three months ago, we transferred the patents on ezrin peptide technology to dormant UK company called NewalR&D Ltd, which I own.

RepG3 has been tested successfully on volunteers in UK, Russia and Germany. It cured mild-to-moderate COVID19. Its mode of action is suppression of inflammatory cytokines, particularly IL-6.

We are looking for funding for clinical trials to register and distribute RepG3 in the UK. Funds raised may be used for pre-clinical research including safety studies, clinical phase 1 human safety testing, clinical phase 2 testing to demonstrate efficacy and clinical phase 3 testing to provide sufficient evidence of efficacy to allow a formal registration of RepG3 for human use in the UK. 

The costs in this process will include but not be limited to contract manufacturing of RepG3 peptide to GMP standards for human use, and cost of various consultants or companies with expertise in the fields of science, clinical trials, regulatory & legal requirements, product format and packaging and any other costs required to get a RepG3 COVID19 therapeutic available in the UK. 

Donors are hereby informed that NewalR&D Ltd shall also seek funds from authorised institutional investors in return for new issues of its shares, biotechnology companies and multi-national pharmaceutical companies. NewalR&D Ltd is prevented by law from issuing its shares to crowdfunding donors.

Back Ground History. 

I established Nearmedic as a 50:50 JV between The Gamaleya Institute and Holms Medical in 1989, over 30 years ago and ezrin peptide therapy was developed in Immapharma, a start-up on the Gamaleya campus. Gepon has been used in Russia for the treatment of various viral, bacterial and fungal infections (including chronic candida infection), and also for inflammatory diseases of the gut such as stomach ulcers and IBD (ulcerative colitis and Crohn's). I sold off-patent Gepon and its small development company Immapharma, to Avexima in Moscow a couple of years ago.

You have probably heard about the Russian Sputnik-5 anti-COVID vaccine. It was produced by Gamaleya Institute with Russian government funding.

Nearmedic Group produces an anti-SARS2-Spike-protein-receptor-binding-site test to determine COVID19 vaccine efficacy without needing a "challenge" clinical study.

Support the project and we will give donors who provide £50 or more to NewalR&D Ltd, one course of treatment of the RepG3 therapy after it is fully tested and registered in the UK.

best wishes Dr Rupert Holms


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