Remember Me COVID-19 Physical Memorial

by Remember Me COVID-19 Memorial in London, England, United Kingdom

Remember Me COVID-19 Physical Memorial

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St Paul's Cathedral is fundraising to build a physical memorial to remember all those who have died as a result of COVID-19 in the UK.

by Remember Me COVID-19 Memorial in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 28th March 2022 we'd raised £2,715,543 with 5830 supporters in 396 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

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Remember Me Memorial Update

Thanks to the very generous support of donors and an incredible response from the public, as a result of the Daily Mail and St Paul’s partnership fundraising campaign, run in May 2021, we are delighted to confirm that our goal to raise £2.3m has been achieved but please do read on as there is still an opportunity to donate to the Remember Me legacy….. 

Work on the build of the physical memorial has now started and we anticipate that it will be completed within the next 12 months.  It will be the first build of its kind at St Paul’s in over 150 years. 

Our plans for the memorial will include the creation of a new inner porch in the Cathedral which people will be able to go through and enter into a tranquil space, where they can pause, reflect and remember the many individuals, loved and cherished, who have died as a result of the pandemic. 

We are keeping the opportunity to donate to Remember Me open because, with further funding, we want to increase the impact and capacity of the project.  All additional funds will only be used for the Remember Me project.  With more funding we can endow the online memorial and increase its digital presence in the Cathedral.  We will enhance the visitor experience for those visiting due to the impact of the pandemic and be able to endow the specific Remember Me roles required.  More funds give us the opportunity to deliver an outdoor experience linked to the memorial.  Furthermore increased Remember Me voluntary income will provide the opportunity for a special free entry to all to the Cathedral for a day of remembrance, either during National Bereavement Week or on March 23rd each year, marking the official first UK day of COVID lockdown.  

If you would like to make a contribution to this memorial to help us ensure its legacy within the Cathedral continues to live on, please donate through this site. 

Remember Me – from on-line to a physical memorial 

In May 2020, with external support, St Paul’s set up Remember Me, an on-line memorial to help people cope with the overwhelming sense of grief and isolation caused by the increasing number of pandemic deaths. Remember Me is for people of all faiths and none, and will be open for entries for as long as is needed.  

Public reaction to Remember Me has been so positive that St Paul’s wants to give it a place at the Cathedral, so that those who it commemorates become part of the centuries of history to which St Paul’s bears witness.  

Remember Me Memorial

St Paul’s is fundraising for a new inner entrance and space for contemplation in the Cathedral, in memory of those in the UK of all faiths and none who have died because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

For centuries the Cathedral has provided a place of shared memory, to remember and grieve for people lost in war and tragedies. 

Now in partnership with the Daily Mail, and with public support it hopes to create a new memorial that people can go through into a tranquil space, draw breath and take a moment to remember the many individuals, loved and cherished, who have died as a result of the pandemic. The memorial will be the first of its kind in St Paul’s for over 150 years and will take 12 months to build. 

We are asking you to donate through this site.  Whatever your donation, large or small, it will help to ensure a physical memorial is built at St Paul’s Cathedral. 

We need to raise £2.3million to deliver the project, through crowdfunding and other donation sources.


Artist’s impression of Inner Portico: Copyright Caroe Architecture Ltd with Fergus Connolly

Many support the project including David Gompertz of the Yellow Hearts Facebook Group.   

He said: “Our loved ones are not just a statistic, and we thank St Paul’s Cathedral for recognising this, and helping to ensure they are remembered. We feel that anything that can be done to comfort families in this difficult time is important, and that both the ‘Yellow Hearts to Remember’ and Remember Me campaign complement each other very well. The prospect of a physical memorial at St Paul’s Cathedral is something much looked forward to by many members of the ‘Yellow Hearts to Remember’ community. There will be a day when, irrespective of belief or background, we can come together, united by loss, and celebrate the lives of those who are deeply loved and who were taken too soon by COVID-19.”

Adding a memorial to Remember Me 

As the death toll continues to rise from the pandemic St Paul’s wants to encourage people to honour their loved ones by writing a tribute on the site.  Every individual who has died is valued and worthy of remembrance.

You can freely access Remember Me by going to

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