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Brexit is the disaster no political party wants to talk about. We want to make sure they do. Please help us achieve this

by Rejoin EU Party in United Kingdom

 New stretch target

The extra money will help us launch further campaigns and fund election activities in local council and parliamentary (by-)elections

Each  by election costs us a £500 deposit & a futher £500-£1000 in getting a basic leaflet out : we'd like to do better


It is a year now since the Rejoin EU Party started raising the failure of democracy in the UK represented by Brexit.

Since then, we have grown in an enthusiastic, way to have a contact group of over 1000 people. 

As a volunteer only organisation with no staff this has been quite an achievement.

However it is that enthusiastic spirit that we now need to make more co-ordinated & help our campaigning reach the electorate to inform them of the real cost on Brexit.


This Crowdfunder is primarily aimed at enabling us to fund our campaign programme in the lead up to the next election. We want to ensure literature goes out in appropriate by elections, as well as fully fund the video content of our YouTube channel and help us promote our ERASMUS study rights campaign which we want to focus on the prospective parliamentary candidates in the upcoming election


Real people are suffering badly as a consequence of Brexit. Did you know one of the Bank of England's own (former) senior policy makers states 80% of current inflation is due to Brexit? Ordinary people needs quick & urgent solutions to this, and rejoining the single market is one of them

Meanwhile, small businesses are suffering from 1) lack of access to raw materials 2) more expensive raw materials when they can source them 3) barriers to crucial  staff members moving in and out of the EU

Pensioners have had their Spanish retirement plans shattered by a Brexit they had no chance to vote in

Young people have had study rights abroad stripped away from them

90% of our individual freedom to travel across our continent as and when we please has been removed 

All these things are being downplayed by the media and sidelined in mainstream political debate - we want this changed!

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