Reduce clothing landfill to save our environment

by Georgia Thompson in Plymouth, Plymouth, United Kingdom

Reduce clothing landfill to save our environment
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To provide landfill clothing waste with another lease of life, encourage sustainability and prevent harm it is causing to our environment.

by Georgia Thompson in Plymouth, Plymouth, United Kingdom

About me

I graduated from PCA in 2021 with a degree in Fashion Media and Marketing. Since then, I have started my own business 'The Thrift Shop' selling second hand vintage clothing and encouraging the recirculation of garments and accessories to encourage sustainable shopping. I have closed my market stall and now sell solely e-commerce via Depop with the ability to sell internationally. 

My Aim

I want to continue to fight the battle with clothes waste especially garments and accessories that are heading to landfill and have the opportunity to be reused, recycled and appreciated. In order to do so, I aim to tackle this issue on a much larger scale and visit landfills in and around Europe to collect clothes waste and bring garments back to the UK to be reused, recycled and continue to encourage sustainable shopping. This would provide the opportunity to build relationships with relevant parties dealing with landfill and create a strong partnership to continue distributing the waste to the UK and decrease the effects the current issue is causing to our environment. 

 My Next Steps 

To encourage international sustainability I will promote and sell garments via my Depop and focus on creating kilo sale events throughout Devon, Cornwall and surrounding areas. Pop-ups and bulk garments for low values can assist in achieving the distribution of garments that were once waste in landfills in and around Europe. The opportunity to assist in the crisis we are facing due to fast-fashion and textile waste would provide a much deeper insight into what we are tackling and result in further knowledge I can spread to much more people via schools, colleges, universities which are other places in which Kilo sales, pop-ups and events can be organised. 

Landfill I aim to reach

Malagrotta (680 acres / 255 hectares) (Eastern Outskirts of Rome)

This Roman landfill takes between 4,500 and 5,000 tonnes of waste every day, numbers that make it the largest municipal solid waste landfill in continental Europe. It has a holding capacity of 60 million tonnes.

There are plans to use Malagrotta’s methane for electricity and fuel, but so far the landfill has caused considerable environmental damage to the area where it’s located. Issues have included air contamination, soils poisoned from harmful chemicals, and underground aquifers.


Italy tops the chart for Europe’s biggest producer of textile waste. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

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sustainable shopping bag

A sustainable shopping bag with printed graphics designed by myself to encourage sustainability.

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