Project RED Spot

by Jaikara- Project RED Spot in Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom

Project RED Spot

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Helping women during this time of crisis and on going support to ensure that they are getting the personal feminine care that they need.

by Jaikara- Project RED Spot in Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom

Project RED spot 

Project RED spot represents all of the women around the world united by one thing - their menstrual cycle. Every month. mothers, sisters, wives, and young girls in need are often told that this natural cycle makes them dirty, unclean and prevents them from having access to appropriate items such as tampons and pads. This issue has heightened in a time of uncertainty and lock down and so we are raising funds to support women with emergency needs.. 

Project RED Spot will also go on to help by running educational workshops to change the way that people think, talk, and learn about periods and to try to fight for systemic change towards menstrual equity. 

Why we need Project RED spot

Not all BAME women within our communities understand that menstrual stigma is wrong, and they may not appreciate the wider impact that this has on future generations of women. We believe that campaigns to fight for the rights of women in the heart of our families need to be pursued to build capacities at a community level. This is because there is a clear lack of awareness of period stigma, and women all around us are suffering needlessly, missing out on school, work, and family events.

Current research shows that exclusion of BAME women in the gender equality agenda still persists. By not engaging in period activism, BAME women have less opportunity of being beneficiaries of female empowerment initiatives and so are less likely to be full citizens of an equal society either politically, economically or socially.

We are aiming to add to current research into the understanding of period stigma in relation to culture, religion, patriarchal structures, and matriarchal structures within different minority communities. Our activities will help to design more focused awareness campaigns, tailoring our delivery and messages to encourage social change and ensure that no one is left behind. 

What we offer

Jaikara provides information, advice, support and multi-lingual advocacy services throughout the West Midlands. We will provide a period packs for women and young girls in need who have no access to vital products to assist them during their menstrual period.


Period Packs- contain 6 Tampons and a pack of pads with non-fragrant wipes and a shower gel or soap and toilet paper. This pack is created especially for those who are homeless or in temporary accommodation.

With less than £10.00 you can help a woman for a whole month.   

£1.30 - shower gel

£1.50 - Pack of Pad 

£1.00 - wipes

£ 2.00 - Toilet paper

£1.20 - Tampons 

Support for project RED Spot Appeal 

We urge everyone to support our valuable project by simply donating everyday sanitary products alongside other much needed  basic hygiene  items   like toiletries, soap and  toothpaste. We are also raising funds to buy these much needed items. By  donating these products to those women who are struggling financially, we  can try to make certain that no woman misses out on living a positive and active life.  We also support families who rely on local organisations, local families strengthening  hubs, women  living  in refuges and  temporary accommodations. 


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