Red Pepper's digital revolution

by Jake Woodier in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Red Pepper's digital revolution
We did it
On 3rd May 2022 we successfully raised £21,570 with 438 supporters in 42 days

Red Pepper is crowdfunding to overhaul renew our digital infrastructure to support progressive movements and reach new audiences.

by Jake Woodier in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Thank you so much to everyone who pledged their support to hit our original target! We've set a modest stretch goal of £25,000, but every extra pound pledged will help us pay for better, longer-lasting upgrades to our digital infrastructure and tools. 

If we raise more, each donation will give Red Pepper an even stronger platform and foundation to continue serving the movement and publishing high quality, radical journalism for years to come.

Ever since bursting onto the scene in June 1994, Red Pepper has been an avowedly socialist and radical space for debate, thought and inquiry. We’ve tackled the toughest issues, given space for radical ideas to come to the fore and platformed writers the mainstream wouldn’t give the time of day.

We think the left needs publications which are non-sectarian yet unafraid to take a stand, radical yet non-dogmatic, and thoughtful yet orientated on real-world activism. We’re pushing against the grain of the corporate billionaire owned press machine that stifles ideas and suppresses possibilities for transformation. 

We’re proud to be by and for the movement, pushing for change to tackle the biggest issues of our time. When we have fantastic, well resourced and independent media, we all win.

After a quarter century of history, we’re an unmissable and stunning quarterly print magazine and website of left politics and culture. We’re also a non-profit funded from the grassroots up. We always have and still do operate on a shoestring budget. 

Our team has worked incredibly hard to limit the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on our finances, and because of this we’re in a much more sustainable position. But continuing as usual doesn’t help the movement, and it certainly doesn’t allow us to scale up the impact of our publishing.

A 21st Century Red Pepper

We’re not going to gloss it over; we’ve kept up with the politics, the ideas and the debate, but we haven’t kept up with the technology. 

As a result of making budgets stretch and searching for cash down the back of sofas, our digital systems are in worse shape than the United State’s infrastructure. In order to be a hard-hitting publication in the 21st century, we need modern technology and tools, which is why we’re asking for your support to build on over 25 years of history, and help us create the next 25 to come. Red Pepper’s revolution will be digitised.

Our plan

With your help, we can:

  • Build a much-needed and brand new website with smartly organised, easy-to-find articles on the international issues you care about most
  • Digitise our entire archive, giving you access to all our print issues from 1994 onwards – featuring articles by Harold Pinter, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Naomi Klein, Edward Said, Barbara Gunnell, Gary Younge, Laurie Penny and many more
  • Create new educational resources for the contemporary left: free, accessible online guides to socialist theory, history, organising and movement-building
  • Make it easier for subscribers to update their details, adjust their payments and get in touch with the team

Our target

We are aiming to raise a minimum of £20,000 to get Red Pepper’s digital revolution off to a flying start. Your contributions, no matter how small, will catapult Red Pepper into the 21st century.

And rest assured, we place huge value on every pound we receive. We always keep costs to a minimum and our team and editorial collective are not just part of Red Pepper, but integral parts of social movements the world over so have a commitment to make funding go as far as possible. We are here to serve the movement.


Our team 

The team behind Red Pepper has evolved over the years to bring on younger people, more women, more people of colour and those with experiences of migration. Our team consists of fantastic editors, administrators, organisers, bookkeepers and everyone else in between giving their time, energy and passion every year since 1994. 

Each and every one of us have contributed massively to make Red Pepper what it is today and everything we build going forward is steadied by the solid foundations built with each year. We currently comprise a collective of editors that shape and mould our editorial direction, board members that guide our operations, administrators that keep the engine turning, and freelancers that bring their unique skills from design and photography, to editorial quality. Together, we’re responsible not just for the quarterly magazine and fantastic, regular digital content, but for providing a platform for the movement.

Other ways to help 

If you aren’t able to contribute much financially, you can still play a crucial role in Red Pepper’s future:

  • Sign up on a pay as you feel subscription. Subscribers are our primary source of regular and long-term funding to meet our overheads. We recommend £3 per month, but you can choose here. This might help spread the cost of a contribution over the course of the year, and you will get our beautiful magazine on your doormat every three months.
  • Join our ‘Pepperista’ mailing list to receive regular communications about Red Pepper, latest content, opportunities and more
  • Follow us on social media and turn on notification alerts. We’re active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and liking and sharing our tweets and posts helps others who might not otherwise see our content.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£30 or more

Digital Reader

Digital subscription to Red Pepper for a year for you, or gift to a friend.

£50 or more

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Name in Print

Get a printed thank you in an upcoming issue of Red Pepper magazine to recognise your donation.

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Print subscription to Red Pepper for a year, for you, or gift to a friend if you already get our magazine through the door. What better way to introduce someone to our radical, independent journalism?

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Solidarity Subscriber

Solidarity print subscription to Red Pepper for a year. 4 high-quality issues for you, or gift to a friend, if you already get our magazine through the door. For the price of just a couple of coffees or pints a month, you can support our radical, independent journalism. You'll also get your name in print in an upcoming issue to say thanks!

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Early-bird access to our historic archives, once digitised, and a small hand-picked selection of back issues by an editor, signed by co-founder Hilary Wainwright. You'll also get your name in print in an upcoming issue to say thanks!

£250 or more

Movement Supporter

A year of Red Pepper print subscription for you, or gift to a friend, early-bird access to our historic archives once digitised, and a printed thank you in an upcoming magazine issue to say thanks! We'll also chuck in some hand-selected prints of the best cover art from the last few years, and a signed archived magazine issue by our co-founding editor, Hilary Wainwright.

£15 or more

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2017 Election Art

Get your hands on some Red Pepper artwork from the 2017 general election archive.

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