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by Red Chair Highland in Inverness, Highland Council, United Kingdom

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Join us in bridging the digital divide! Supporting digital inclusion through 1-1 sessions, workshops, device projects & community outreach.

by Red Chair Highland in Inverness, Highland Council, United Kingdom

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1715250605_socialenterprisescotlandaward23.jpgRed Chair Highland, is an award winning (ISPA - Digital Inclusion award 2022, Social Enterprise Scotland - Tech for Good award 2023) micro social enterprise committed to fostering digital inclusion and empowerment in our community. 

1715250814_cannich.jpgOver the past three years we have been tirelessly working to bridge the digital divide and provide essential digital literacy training, support  and resources to those who need it most. Research from the Office of National Statistics shows that 16.9% of Highlands and Islands residents have never used the internet. These residents may lack the access, skills or confidence to go online and as such may be missing out on the opportunities to seek and apply for work, manage their money, make savings, access and engage with healthcare, reduce social isolation and access learning opportunities. This figure is 6.9% higher than the UK average.

We provide a variety of services, including personalised 1-1 support sessions, group workshops, funded device and data provision projects and community outreach programs. By offering tailored support and resources, we strive to bridge the digital divide and ensure that all members of our community have access to the opportunities afforded by technology and the internet. Through our collaborative efforts and innovative approaches, we aim to create a more digitally inclusive society where everyone can thrive.

We work closely with over 200 referrers from local organisations and support services to deliver our services to older adults, families, individuals with disabilities, those experiencing homelessness, those affected by the criminal justice system, those affected by drugs and alcohol use, asylum seekers and refugees. Through our impactful interventions such as one-on-one support sessions, group workshops and device/data provision projects, we have empowered an incredible number of individuals to navigate the digital world safely and confidently

However, w1715251161_untitled_design.jpge are eager to expand our services to meet the growing demand for our vital programs. Despite our unwavering dedication and efforts, current funding for digital inclusion interventions is limited and highly competitive. This makes it challenging to secure the necessary resources to enhance and broaden our offerings. Without additional financial support, we may not be able to fully realise our plans for expansion, potentially limiting the positive impact we can have on our community.

We are excited to launch our first ever Crowdfunding campaign and are delighted to have been matched with Aviva Community Fund who will match any donations received via our crowdfunder page! We'd love it if you could make a donation and help us close the digital divide here in the Highlands!

With the additional funds raised through our crowdfunding campaign, we plan to bridge the gap left by a lack of funding, enabling us to continue our impactful digital inclusion efforts.

This includes continuing to serve individuals in need, particularly those in underserved communities. We will invest in acquiring more devices, such as laptops, chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones to provide access to technology for those who cannot afford it. Additionally, we aim to enhance our support services by offering more 1-1 sessions, workshops, and training programs to empower individuals with digital skills and knowledge. By doing so, we can bridge the digital divide and create a more inclusive society where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive in the digital world. Your support will help us make a lasting impact and transform lives within our community. Join us in our mission to ensure digital inclusion for all!

£20 can provide a basic phone and a 6 month calls, texts and data SIM card to someone in a time of crisis

£30 will cover the costs of a 1-1 session. These are especially impactfull to older adults (it could be your granny or grandad!) learning to use a device or navigate the internet safely and confidently

£50 would allow us to provide a mobile WiFi hotspot (MiFi) device and 6 month data SIM card. This will allow someone without internet access to connect to the internet and gain all of the benefits from that connectivity that we often take for granted

£50 could also be used to purchase a refurbished Chromebook. These are beneficial to all groups we serve but are particularly beneficial for those pursuing further education or searching for work that are unable to afford a device

£100 will allow us to purchase a smartphone for someone that is unable to afford one. These can be allocated to all that we serve but are often given to those at a time of crisis, allowing them to connect with their loved ones and support networks

£120 would allow us to run a group workshop in community locations on important topics such as Internet Safety, Scam Awareness and Media Literacy. These are popular and well attended. Again, older adults like your parents or grandparents will benefit the most from these sessions

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