Birthday fundraiser to help record my songs.

by Liz Terry in Stroud, England, United Kingdom

Birthday fundraiser to help record my songs.

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It's time to record my songs! To be able to share my music more widely and I would love your support to help make that a reality!

by Liz Terry in Stroud, England, United Kingdom

Dear All,

To celebrate my birthday this year, I invite you to help me to raise funds to record some of my songs and music and be a part of this new creative venture!

The idea

Perhaps you enjoy listening to my songs, or singing them or maybe you have shared one of my songs with groups? Or perhaps you've worked with me in some way, or just want to support this to happen!? Whatever draws you here THANKYOU for being here and I hope you can share in my excitement about more recordings becoming available of my music soon. 

To enable that to happen I need to ask for your help ( eeep always easier said than done right!?) as I take a leap of faith this year to run a crowd funder to help cover the costs of doing it well. 

What has lead me here 

As many of you might already be aware of, I’ve contributed to and helped organise loads of creative and environmental fund raising campaigns over the last 3 decades with song and music for a variety of social change and environmental organisations. I've really loved doing that alongside my work in participatory song, movement and music- making. Some of the songs I want to record will continue to support those initiatives, as they are all very close to my heart and feel imperative for the times we are navigating.

What will the money raised go towards

All the donations and funds raised through this campaign will help to pay for the expertise needed including : the costs of studio time and sound engineers to record and produce the tracks to a high standard; towards paying the incredible musicians I have the pleasure of working with, and some funds will be spent on design work to accompany the music. 

I know that 5,000 pounds is a lot of money and.... I think I probably know 500 people or so, which means that if everyone I know threw in a tenner it could be raised fairly easily. 

Any amount large or small is welcome and appreciated- it will all help! :) 

Why now?

The tipping point for doing this crowd funder came when I shared a conversation with a friend Zoe around a fire at an event a couple of summers ago. It rekindled something about moving ahead with this idea as I was going to run a crowd funder previously in 2020. That was the plan back then- and then the Pandemic happened! Zoe was enquiring about trying to get hold of one of my songs to listen to that she had heard me sing live and when I said it wasn't yet recorded, we spoke some more about how crowd funding campaigns seem to help so many Artists record their music. 

Then out the blue, and more than a year later, Zoe contacted me on my birthday with a lovely message offering to help get this crowd funder project off the ground! It was a lovely birthday gift and real surprise. So here I am nearly a year later as another birthday approaches .....and the time is now!

Listen to my songs and music 

You can listen to some of the live recordings of several of the songs I want to record on my YouTube channel here. As I mentioned above quite a few of the songs on there aren't yet recorded, such as this one called For My Life here and this one Dwr Cariad Dwr- a song to the waters in Welsh here 

There are many more and I would love to record them professionally and to make them available to be shared more widely. I have some older songs available on Bandcamp here most of which were recorded in my living room on fairly basic recording equipment which was a good start at the time and a helpful self funded process to learn from. 

Those songs featured on my CD, Woman Kind which I released in 2018.

There are newer song babies to record which have been born during the last few years and I am really looking forward to working recording them and sharing them with you all!

What has got me here

I've been writing songs since I was a teenager as a way of expressing myself, and as a way of kind of grappling with being here in this life. Tending to the many aspects of being human; the challenges, the wonders, and the journey of it all. Making music is an incredibly healing, stimulating and transformational process. 

I've been working professionally with facilitating and sharing creative music making, song making and with voice and movement for over 25 years. I trained as a Community Music Tutor in 1996 and have been practicing as a Natural Voice Practitioner since then; running groups and trainings in a variety of health, educational and community settings. 

I helped to set up and manage a music and arts charity working with young people in challenging circumstances for a decade, plus training teachers and health professionals in inclusive practice, designing and delivering Early Years child centred creative music making/ arts projects. I was an Area Leader for Sing Up for 4 years and helped 500 schools in my area to develop and incorporate singing into daily school life, with a focus on supporting children's health and well being.  

I've also written and delivered a wide variety of funded singing for health projects in Secondary education and community settings, for National and International organisations, including women's leadership and well being, environmental organisations and campaigns, mental health projects with NHS, drug rehab centres, children and family centres, refugee organisations, in hospitals, women's refuges, looked after children projects, children and adults with specific needs, nature connection courses and retreats. 

It's been a very full and interesting journey and I've had the good fortune of working with thousands of people as well as performing in singing groups and in bands, playing in Arts Centres, at Edinburgh Festival, in forests, festivals, song raids in supermarkets name a few!

Where my songs have travelled and what they've already supported:

My songs have found their way throughout the UK and  beyond through various networks. In 2016 Beautiful Chorus contacted me from the US asking permission to record one of my songs for their album as they had heard a recording of it from a CD I made with other women to raise funds for Women In Power UK.

 I whole heartedly agreed to them recording it and it was wonderful to hear their version of the song known as 'Powerful Woman' or 'In My Heart'.      

In 2018 I ran a song based fund raising process and event with a women's singing group I led in Stroud called She Sings. We raised over £1.3 k for Tree Sisters in one day with a vibrant all singing and dancing flash mob with 200 women and girls. All  to mark and celebrate International Women's Day. It was a rather epic day! :) 

Subsequently and rather surprisingly, I was then invited to design and deliver a programme for Tree Sisters called Sing With The Trees which ran Internationally for a couple of years. It was a joy to work with women involved in Tree Sisters from all over the world and to offer guidance and support sessions for them to facilitate groups in their local areas. All focussing on well being through group singing, nature connection, and embodiment as part of the reforestation and feminine based leadership work. We held 72 events in 20 Countries to mark International Women's Day in 2019- it was incredible and a wonderful initiative to be part of. 

More recently I was contacted by The Climate Choir Movement as they had shared one of my songs called Raise Your Voice in a song raid action in the British Museum in London, to raise awareness of the Climate Crisis and to put pressure on the UK government to take action. Raise Your Voice has been a song used to support The Stop Ecocide Campaign

I am the founder of  Sing For Earth Day -  a creative and regenerative initiative which began in 2018 to mark Earth Day every year. It's aim is to help raise awareness and funds for environmental campaigns, and to nurture well being of people and planet. It draws inspiration from The Work That Reconnects, infusing the spiral with songs, embodiment and movement practices. We have worked in partnership with The Global Diversity Foundation and over the last few years hundreds of people have been involved in participating around the UK and in other Countries on Earth Day. Along with a wonderful collective of Guest Artists and Facilitators contributing to this creative collaboration. 

Thank you for any donations

I've already recorded several CDs to help raise funds to support projects and campaigns I believe in and are passionate about, now it's time to record more of my music to share in other ways. 

Any donation you can make, large or small, is very much appreciated and your presence and support will be woven in. 

I will be popping in here and on social media over the coming weeks to share more as the process evolves and progresses.

Thanks again for being part of this with me. 

With love, Liz 

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