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Cope Children's Trust - T/A Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People

RCN 1014051, Loughborough

All children and young people deserve the chance to play, laugh, and love life, and all families deserve to spend quality time together without worrying about what the future might hold. Sadly, when children are diagnosed with a life-limiting condition, all of this becomes so much harder. For the families across the East Midlands who are going through the toughest times imaginable, Rainbows is here for them. Rainbows provides end of life, palliative, and respite care for over 300 children, young people, and their families across the East Midlands. We help children to live right up until the moment they die, and we support families through each stage of their difficult journey.

Rainbows only receives limited funding from the government, typically around 10% per year, with the vast majority of our costs being covered by donations. Without support from the wonderful local community, there would simply be no Rainbows. 

You might be surprised by the wide range of services that we offer:

• End of life care and symptom control from a team of doctors and specialist nurses

• Respite care and support for the whole family, wherever it’s needed

• Sibling support services for those who might be struggling to understand

• Support in the home if the family is unable to come to the hospice

• Complementary therapies including massage and aromatherapy

• Hydrotherapy sessions in our specialised pool, making family swim sessions possible

• Music and play therapy sessions, for priceless memory-making

• Bereavement counselling for as long as the family need us