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In a world of plenty, hunger is still the biggest killer. Help us fix this with our news and events targetting those who can change things.

by Quota.Media in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 8th February 2021 we'd raised £5,938 with 37 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

With extra money we will pay for more journalism which will jet propel our momentum. This way Quota will make an impact much faster - preventing hunger, addressing climate change, and ending exploitation. 

What we're about 

Quota is an online news and events magazine where great minds think aloud. Every penny you invest in us is spent on journalism dedicated to fine-tuning the food system. We speak directly to the world's most influential business, policy and research professionals who work in food. This way we reduce hunger, climate change, and exploitation. 

Already we have built up a community of 25,000 senior professionals who work across the entire food ecosystem. Our audience believes that if they work more closely together, the improvements can be dramatic and fast. We want to take Quota to the next level to hold them to account on that - and share their hard-won milestones along the way.

Our business model

Please help us establish Quota. Once we are on a firm footing, we will become self-funding through sponsorship, advertising, and subscriptions. We aim to be the go-to brand for advertising university courses, jobs, research funding, and for publishing research. We have already taken our first steps and attracted sponsorship from a handful of corporates who support our aims. 

A little more about the problem

Hunger and malnutrition remain the biggest cause of the death in the world – not Covid, not cancer. 

The world produces enough to feed everyone but dysfunction across subsidies, farming, transport, wages, animal health, poor planning and many other elements of the food system causes 30,000 deaths a day from hunger and malnutrition – even in countries producing plenty. 

One third of all food produced is wasted due to dysfunction in the system. 

One third of all carbon emissions are from food production – so fixing the food system is also the best way to address climate change. 

A little more about the solution

Simple co-operation across the various elements of the food system – not extra money or charity – would address the problems.

Quota’s specialist food systems community brings together the global business, policy and research fields. Co-operation among this influential group offers the greatest opportunity to change the food system for the better.

The food and agriculture industry is worth at least US$8 trillion. Food-related humanitarian aid has risen to more than US$6.5 billion, up from US$5.3 billion in 2016.

This is big business and we’re here to help it do better.


Quota delivers the news and information to support these business decisions, through:

- A morning news précis, Daily Quota - sign up here

- Fresh, investigative journalism – on everything from innovation to catastrophe

- Great research that needs a wider audience for true impact

- Briefings on the biggest topics in food

Every penny that you invest will help fund Quota's award-winning journalism, that's it. Your contributions will directly support the journalists and writers who are chasing the most important news in food systems.

Who are we?

Quota was set up by Gavin Wren and Lise Colyer. Gavin is a well-respected food policy consultant - who absolutely knows his onions when it comes to food systems. Gavin has behind the scenes access to news and research at the highest levels. 

Lise is a journalist and campaigner who operates in the business world as a senior communicator and editor. Lise has a track record of holding the most senior corporate, policy and NGO leaders' feet to the fire. 

Our position

At Quota we are on the side of food security. That’s it. We are endlessly curious about the relationship between environmental sustainability, commodities markets, farming, science, policies and food agencies, whose efforts combine to put food on our tables. 

Our primal response to good food is never forgotten. We love our food.

And we love good journalism. Our business model prioritises the re-investment of income into our award-winning reporting.

Content of record

We strive only to publish content that contributes to food security. If we don’t believe a story will remain relevant, we won’t publish it.

Our logo

Quota’s Latin motto, Sol omnibus lucet, “The sun shines on everyone”, is from the 1st-Century Roman novel Satyricon by Gaius Petronius. Under the same sun, we all have a role to play in food security. And, we all suffer when food systems fail.

The bee goddess in our logo is in the British Museum. She’s believed to be from the 7th century BC, was found in Rhodes, and her worship dates far further back. For Quota, she represents the vital role bees play in the food ecosystem, the pollination of ideas, better relationships we foster, and the great pleasure that honey has always been – our first sweet treat before sugar crops were developed.

Quota TV and Omnibuzz

You will find filmed interviews with food specialists from around the world on our YouTube channel. We’re calling the series Omnibuzz. 

Join our community

Stay up to date with our news and join our events. Join in the conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter. Write for us and send us your news. We welcome tip offs, research papers, and press releases. 


This project offered rewards

£17 or more

Thanks Honey - Quota's taster pot

Exclusive to Quota, this organic honey has been harvested in London by a very special project called Bees for Refugees. The project increases the local bee population and gives displaced people a fresh start. It aims to re-establish the once-common black honeybee and plant lots of pollinator-friendly flowers to help them thrive. Our incentive is a one-breakfast taster pot to say "Thanks honey!" to our beloved investors.

£15 or more

Secret soap, exclusive to Quota

Quota's own hand-made soap in the beautiful shape of bees. It's made with love, in London, with all-natural ingredients including the essential oils ylang ylang and sweet orange.

£45 or more

Investor T-shirts

Our one-off Ts read "Put your money where your mouth is, Invest in Quota." They include our logo. They are high quality, fit beautifully, and they're made from organic, sustainably sourced cotton. We'll be in touch to get your size and arrange delivery.

£199 or more

Exclusive: world's rarest chocolate tasting

Impress the one you love this Valentine's Day. Only through this Quota pledge can you access a VIP tasting event for two for the world's most expensive chocolate - costing around £250 a bar. To'ak have very kindly lent their support by agreeing to host Europe's only tasting events for our investors. Events to be Covid-safe, are guaranteed, for London and other cities as needed. To'ak chocolate is produced on an Ecuadorian eco reserve

£500 or more

One-off food art, signed and stamped by Gavin Wren

Our biggest investor pledge will earn this one-off artwork. This year we will produce just one copy of Gavin's brilliant food-photo, the twirling iced-lolly. It will be certified as a one-off, signed and stamped by Gavin. Next year we will produce a new image but release just two copies, the following year three, and so on. So this, the first Quota Food Photo can only increase in value.

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