Get the Queen of Sequins her new machine!

by Kate Gwilliam in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

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On 15th May 2024 we successfully raised £2,727 with 76 supporters in 28 days

I am crowd funding £5000 to pay for a digital embroidery machine so I can expand my business and create even more incredible embroidery.

by Kate Gwilliam in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Welcome to all of you sparkle lovers and future supporters! 

For those of you who are new to the journey, I will start with a quick introduction; my name is Kate, otherwise known as the 'Queen of Sequins' and I'm the passionate hand embroiderer behind .

For years, I've poured my heart and soul into every stitch, crafting unique and beautiful pieces of art that have brought joy to many. I love food, booze and creating pieces that are just so niche, including the individuals who just absolutely have to have a sequinned Marks and Spencer Bread Sauce pot or a bottle of Henderson’s Relish, but I utterly adore making these things for you.


Over the last 7 years I have grown consistently and steadily; from making sequinned avocado hanging ornaments (with somewhat questionable photography) to making hundreds of ornaments for Selfridges and Harrods! This growth has now reached a tipping point and as a one-woman business I only have two hands, well, over the Christmas peak I have the #Mumtern but she would quite like to retire and not spend all summer making sequin ornaments, or probably she would like to get paid, which she currently isn’t (Thank You Mum!)

So, this is the quandary, I can’t afford to have someone full time doing all the things I need to do, plus all the things I want to do moving forward. This is especially true as I continue to expand my ranges to create sparkly, brilliant homeware to bring out at parties and soirées. The only way I can see to solve this currently is to purchase some mechanical (metaphorical) hands.


Selfridges In Person Event 2021


The Fruit and Veg Boxes for Harrods 2021

What You’re Funding


Embroidery isn't just a hobby for me, in fact it has never actually been a hobby; it's my calling. It's a craft that I have been learning since a child and I've dedicated my life to mastering. But as much as I love the tradition of hand embroidery, I've come to realise that in order to grow my business and reach more people, I need to embrace modern technology. I would of course love to employ some amazing embroiderers to create all the work I need to, but this machine will give me an extra set of hands for some of my day to day work, which is the only way I can feasibly expand at the moment

That's why I'm turning to you, you amazing community of sparkle loving supporters to help me take the next step in my journey. I am raising funds to purchase a digital embroidery machine that will allow me to have the extra capacity I desperately need to scale my production without sacrificing the artistry and attention to detail that defines my work.

Here's why your support matters:

  • Preserving Tradition: While I am incorporating technology into my process, my commitment to preserving the tradition of hand embroidery remains unwavering. With this machine, I’ll be able to produce the intricate, beautiful designs you love while increasing our output to meet growing demand.
  • Expanding Access: Our ultimate goal is to share the beauty of hand embroidery with as many people as possible. With your support, I will be able to expand my reach to more local markets and further online platforms, allowing me to connect with customers around the world and spread the joy of sparkles for everyone
  • Creating Opportunities: As a small business owner, I understand the challenges of trying to do it all on your own. With this embroidery machine, I'll be able to create more opportunities to create work for other small businesses too. Collaboration is such an important part of the small business community and I want to share my skills as much as possible

The Machine (which is currently nameless)

I have spent time researching the type of machine I will need to help me move forward with this, I have chosen to get a reconditioned machine. For those of you who want to look it up it is this beauty! 


The Brother PR1000E – taken from the Brother Website

I can’t wait to name it and find a place for it in amongst Susie the Singer, the Irish Embroidery machine and Betty my 1960s domestic Singer machine.

The machine has 10 needles which allows me to make multi coloured embroideries easily and efficiently. It will also allow me to have different needles so, if I continue to expand the range to thicker fabrics I will be able to swap projects in and out seamlessly.

Currently any pieces that require this type of embroidery have to be outsourced, which means that I have to decide ahead of time how many of each design I would like and this means that the restocks take a long time. It also means that I can’t offer personalised designs, but with this machine there is now almost endless opportunities to personalise and create all of your niche requests!

The Funding and Rewards

Every contribution, no matter how small, brings us one step closer to my goal. In return for your support, I will be offering a range of rewards, including exclusive embroidered designs, personalised gifts, and of course I will be keeping you up to date with everything going on both during and after the crowdfunding. 

The rewards that I am offering are going to be utilising the new machine, for the most part, and will be exclusive to this crowdfunder. That is to say there is either exclusive pricing or exclusive products!

The ins and outs of the rewards is that they will take a few months to leave the studio, but you will get them in time for Christmas 2024!

I am looking to raise £5000 in order to fund this machine purchase and some of the sundries that I need to create, such as stabilising fabrics and threads, which all are needed to make the machine work.

Should I be incredibly lucky and reach my target, the extra money would go towards new photography and a rebrand I am currently halfway through!

Thank you for believing in me so far and I hope together, we can create magic and that you will join me on this journey of creativity and expansion!



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£1 or more

£1 Reward

Your chance to name the machine! All of my machines have names and this is your chance to name the new one! Send you suggestion when you donate!

£5 or more

13 of 20 claimed

£5 Reward

A mystery set of A5 prints (at least 2 prints in the set) of previous projects and limited edition print runs.

£15 or more

£15 reward

A personalised napkin, with your initials. A beautiful white napkin with hemsitched edging detail, personalised with initials. These will start to be made after I have received my machine, but will be ready for Christmas! A brilliant keepsake from your essential crowdfunding pledge.

£30 or more

4 of 50 claimed

£30 Reward

A single napkin with a custom motif. Be it your favourite drink, snack, vegetable or condiment, I will draw up your delicious treat and then embroider it using the new machine to create a brilliant napkin just for you! If you already own my napkins this will make an excellent addition to your set!

£50 or more

5 of 50 claimed

£50 Reward

A set of two napkins with your custom motif, be it a drink, snack, vegetable, fruit, condiment, the choice is yours. This set will have the same motif embroidered on both napkins. It would make an excellent gift for you or for Christmas!

£100 or more

1 of 10 claimed

£100 Reward

A set of 4 custom motif napkins. A gorgeous set of napkins with your favourite snack, drink, fruit, condiment... I will take your idea, draw it up and create an embroidery that will bring you all the joy! Please note the motif will be the same across all napkins.

£1,000 or more

0 of 2 claimed

£1000 Reward

If you are generous enough to pledge this reward, not only will I be forever grateful, but you will get a discount of 50% off everything for one year. (This does exclude bespoke work, but does include Pet Portraits and any other customisable product that is available on my website to purchase) The discount code will be valid from your first purchase after your pledge until 12 months have passed.

£5,000 or more

0 of 1 claimed


You are amazing. To show how much I appreciate you backing me, this pledge will give you 5 years of a 50% discount off (almost) everything. This includes everything that is available on my website, but does not include bespoke work, however does include all customisable work that is available to add to basket. The reward will last 5 years from your first purchase after your pledge.

£5 or more

10 of 10 claimed

£5 Reward

A set of three mixed greetings cards, these will be taken from my current range and will be chosen at random.

£80 or more

10 of 10 claimed

£80 Reward

A custom sequin glass ornament, usually these start at £120, but just for your support on this crowdfunder project you will be able to receive your favourite cocktail, beer, juice, in a glass. Similar to the ones I make in my current collections, you will be pledging your money to receive your very own bespoke version!

£130 or more

5 of 5 claimed

£130 Reward

This pledge will get you a custom hanging ornament for a set price. Normally these fluctuate depending your chosen piece, but for this exclusive crowdfunder pledge I am setting a special price just to say thank you for your continued support! This is the perfect way to commemorate the crowdfunder and your amazing support

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