Putting it Right

by Transgender Trend in Lewes, England, United Kingdom

Putting it Right
We did it
On 28th January 2021 we successfully raised £16,705 with 459 supporters in 14 days

Production of resources and books for the tween/teen years with a focus on accessibility for autistic children.

by Transgender Trend in Lewes, England, United Kingdom

Moving Forward



2020 saw restoration of safeguarding, scrutiny and justice.

  • Keira Bell won her case against the Tavistock in the High Court, protecting other children from experimental medical intervention with puberty blockers.
  • The Department for Education issued new guidance that advocacy groups promoting ‘born in the wrong body’ ideas should not be used in schools.

Transgender Trend was involved in both these victories of common sense.

Whether publicly with our intervention in the Keira Bell case or behind the scenes in our work with policy makers, Transgender Trend works tirelessly to make change happen.

In fact we have been working for 5 years to expose the medical and psychological harms to children of gender ideology-based healthcare and education.

Today it feels like many more people agree with us. It's a good feeling. Concern about medical and psychological experimentation on children and young people is not bigotry.

Next steps

Now we build on the significant achievements made in 2020. There is plenty more work to do.

In Healthcare, this year we will be focusing on the 17 – 25 years age group who are not protected by the court judgment and are extremely vulnerable in adult services.

In Education, there is much damage to undo. We will continue in our consultancy role with policy-makers to ensure that gender identity ideology is taken out of the classroom.

We will also produce the alternative resources needed to replace the harmful material children have been exposed to in the classroom. We are building on the amazing success of My Body is Me! with resources for older tween/teen years with a focus on accessibility for autistic children. We are working on exciting projects with brilliant artists and we can’t wait to show you!

We receive no funding and we rely on our generous supporters to help us produce the resources you know you can trust. We need finance both for exciting projects and mundane but necessary costs:  

  • Development and printing of resources
  • Development of a publishing platform
  • Artist and designer costs
  • Website costs
  • Director’s salary, admin, business and insurance costs
  •  Conference fees

Keeping the momentum

We are ambitious. We think children deserve no less from us. Please join us and show your support. Thank you!


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