Help us support human rights defenders in Peru

by Ana Reyes-Hurt, Coordinator, Peru Support Group in London, England, United Kingdom

Help us support human rights defenders in Peru
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You can help us support those in Peru struggling to defend human rights and protect fundamental freedoms

by Ana Reyes-Hurt, Coordinator, Peru Support Group in London, England, United Kingdom

The Peru Support Group campaigns on human rights issues in Peru, with a network of partner civil society organisations in Peru and on mainland Europe.

We provide a valuable and reliable source of information for all who share an interest in Peru, its people, their human rights and sustainable development in the region. Our partners see us as a channel to amplify their voices and advocate for change through our network of academics, activists and lobbyists. 

“I sincerely believe that the Peru Support Group plays a critical role in providing a voice to Peruvian citizens and social leaders in cases of human rights violations in which the UK's government voice is required to prevent or stop abuses. It also plays a very important role in articulating British citizens, academics, and politicians that wish to engage on a more permanent basis in the defence and promotion of human rights in Peru.”

Carlos Monge, Natural Resources Governance Institute


In Peru, poverty is rising for the first time in nearly twenty years. Inequality, coupled with corruption at the highest levels, is taking its toll, especially on the poorest and is hampering sustainable development. As international interest in Peru's mineral riches rises again, communities' rights are once more under threat. 

Human rights defenders are doing what they can, but they are increasingly targeted. They face threats, violence and even death. New laws subject human rights defenders to unfounded criminal proceedings and judicial harassment. 

Often they are just ordinary people seeking to protect their land and environment from intrusion by large mining firms indifferent to international standards. 


Photo: communities demand to be consulted prior to development of economic projects affecting their livelihoods

In spite of all this, we are finding it ever more difficult to get funding for work related to Peru. 

This is partly because Latin America is perceived as richer now, its people not in need of support and solidarity. This is far from the truth. Prosperity is ever more unevenly spread and ordinary people, especially indigenous and peasant farmers, are facing increasing threats to their livelihood, environment and physical integrity.

For 35 years the Peru Support Group, through core research, advocacy and campaigning, has supported human rights, justice, democracy and sustainable development in Peru.

But if we cannot raise funds now, we will not be able to continue doing this valuable work at a time when it is very much needed.  

Don't take just take our word for it: listen to what our Peruvian partners have to say about the Peru Support Group and our work:

“Solidarity from North to South has not been at its best in recent times, in despite of the fact that the world order is still unjust; perhaps more unjust than ever. This gives solidarity, such as that of the Peru Support Group, special importance and meaning.

In a world in which the rights of the poor - especially indigenous people, women and children -  are more at risk than ever, and where the planet, especially in the Amazon jungle, is depleted by economic interests, the solidarity work of the PSG helps us to preserve hope and to continue dreaming of a world with a just and democratic society for all”

Ismael Vega Díaz, Director of CAAAP, Centro Amazónico de Antropología y Aplicación Práctica



We are non-partisan; our research and advocacy is only focused at highlighting issues of human rights, justice and accountability. Our values make us:

- Respected our research is reliable and well-regarded by academics, activists, other non-governmental organisations and civil servants.

"I was honoured to become President of the Peru Support Group as it does such vital work in disseminating information about what's going on in Peru to a UK audience, whether individual, academic or corporate, and all with a committed attitude of support for human rights and democracy. The PSG provides a unique service."

Baroness Jean Coussins, President of the PSG

- Non-partisanwe do not support any political party of government. Our research and advocacy is simply concerned with human rights and sustainable development

- Relevantour weekly newsletter keeps readers up to date with key events and developments in a digestible format

"We consider the PSG a serious institution, with a significant academic and activism profile, that has concern for the communities that may be excluded from important decisions that affect their lives and that seek for their rights, as well as the necessary conditions to guarantee their existence... What PSG does in disseminating information is very valuable as it helps these communities to have (the backing of) an international public opinion that calls for the respect of their human rights when these are violated. Also, their technical advice, such as in the Río Blanco mining project, has helped the State to take more informed and coherent decisions in line with its international commitments on human rights and sustainable development.”

Ana Leyva and José de Echave, Cooperacción 

- Connected: we have an international network of expert researchers and grassroots groups; our partners include academics, well known and valued Peruvian civil society organisations, parliamentarians, European civil society working on human rights - such as Plataforma Europa Perú.  

“I first worked with the Peru Support Group in 2006 in an assessment of mining and human rights and have continued to collaborate with them ever since. In that work I learnt that PSG allows engagements between Peru and the UK that other organizations cannot. It enables contacts and exchanges at all levels, from everyday civil society relationships to meetings in Parliament and Congress.  The PSG team is remarkably committed to Peru and to providing novel ways for British citizens of all ages and backgrounds to understand Peruvian social and political life. My collaboration with them between 2006 and 2007 was one of the most rewarding professional experiences of my career.”

Anthony Bebbington, Milton P and Alice C Higgins Professor of Environment and Society, Clark University

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing, suit and indoor

Photo: Ismael Vega at a parliamentary event during his visit to London.  Ismael is director of the Centro Amazónico de Antropología, working with local Indigenous groups in the Peruvian Amazonía for the realisation of their Indigenous rights 

- Effective: our work makes a difference. The PSG played a key role in the conflict over Río Blanco, a mining project on the border with Ecuador, between local communities and Monterrico Metals, a British exploration company. It organised a delegation with a development expert,  an MP, a journalist, an anthropologist and a geologist who visited the proposed mining site and evaluated its likely social and environmental impacts. At the behest of the PSG, members of the communities came to London to meet Monterrico representatives at the Houses of Parliament. The PSG was also involved in helping communities access legal assistance in London. It produced an acclaimed report on the delegation's visit and its findings. Now in the hands of a Chinese company, Zijin, the mining project is still being opposed by local communities. 


- New user-friendly website

With your support we can amplify the voices of our Peruvian civil society partners by creating a new, user-friendly and responsive website. This will enable us to expand our reach and effectiveness. 

- Ongoing reliable and timely production of our weekly newsletter

We know that our weekly newsletter is a valued source of impartial and reliable information to our readers, and want to continue building its strength and outreach.

- Advocacy work

Advocating for human rights in Peru not only requires impartial and analytical research; it also needs us to spread the word,  raise our voices and build pressure for change. Your support would enable us to continue this work.

- Human rights defenders visits

The best way to learn about the country's issues is by listening to those affected. Visits by Peruvian human rights defenders provide them with invaluable international access. Such visits highlight general concerns through specific cases, mobilising support in the UK, invigorating our work and helping us to build and strengthen networks of solidarity.

Image may contain: 5 peoplePhoto: public event co-organised with Amnesty International during Esperanza Huayama's visit to London. She is a human rights defender and president of the association of forcibly sterilised women in the province of Huancabamba, Piura



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