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Help us bring Padel Tennis, the UK's fastest-growing sport, to Purley Sports Club and make us the first in Sutton! Join our campaign today.

by Purley Sports Club in Purley, Greater London, United Kingdom

Welcome to Purley Sports Club

At Purley Sports Club, we are a friendly local community amateur sports club dedicated to providing fantastic facilities for our members and the local area. Our club boasts:

  • 18 tennis courts
  • 5 squash courts
  • Cricket facilities
  • Hockey pitches
  • Netball courts
  • Bowls greens
  • A two-floor gym
  • A fitness studio
  • A function room
  • Two bars

We take pride in our exceptional facilities, ensuring they are accessible to everyone. Whether you are looking to join a sport, host an event, or simply enjoy our amenities, Purley Sports Club offers something for everyone.


Why are we crowdfunding?

At Purley Sports Club, we are committed to creating a club for the future. Our building, though cherished, is aging and in need of numerous upgrades. To maintain our high standards and continue providing excellent facilities, we are carefully managing our funds. However, to ensure the club remains strong and vibrant, we need additional support.

We are excited to introduce padel to PSC, a new sporting opportunity for our members and the community. We will be the first club in Sutton to build Padel courts!

To achieve this, we have applied for a grant from Sport England. Part of the grant process requires us to raise funds to qualify for the funding.

We are turning to our members and the community for help with these expenses. Your support will not only help us bring padel to PSC but also assist with other planned upgrades to our club building. The more assistance we receive, the more improvements we can make.

We are deeply grateful for your support. Together, we can ensure that Purley Sports Club continues to thrive and serve our community for years to come.


About Padel:

Padel is an increasingly popular racket sport that combines elements of tennis, squash, and badminton. It's played on an enclosed court about one-third the size of a tennis court, using a solid racket and a depressurized tennis ball. Here are some reasons why Padel is so fun to play:

1. Easy to Learn

Padel has a relatively simple set of rules and basic techniques, making it accessible for beginners. The learning curve is gentle, allowing new players to enjoy the game almost immediately.

2. Social Sport

Padel is typically played in doubles, promoting a social and interactive experience. This makes it ideal for friends and family to play together, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

3. Fast-Paced and Exciting

The smaller court size and enclosed walls result in a fast-paced game with quick rallies. The walls can be used creatively for shots, adding an extra dimension to the strategy and making every point exciting.

4. Physical Benefits

Playing Padel offers a great cardiovascular workout, improving fitness, agility, and coordination. It also helps with muscle toning and endurance, making it a fun way to stay active.

5. Accessible to All Ages and Skill Levels

Padel can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. The court's smaller size and the slower ball speed compared to tennis reduce the physical demands, allowing older players and those new to racket sports to participate comfortably.

6. Growing Popularity and Community

Padel is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide, leading to the formation of vibrant communities and frequent social events and tournaments. Joining the Padel community means being part of a growing, dynamic sport. We will also be the first club in Sutton to build Padel!


Padel's blend of ease of play, social interaction, and exciting, fast-paced action makes it a fun and engaging sport for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're looking to stay active, socialize, or enjoy a strategic challenge, Padel offers something for everyone.


How we’ll spend the money raised

We are excited to introduce padel to PSC, a new sporting opportunity for our members and the community (especially being the 1st in area to build them). The cost of this project is £210,000, and the money raised from this crowdfunding campaign will be directly used to cover these expenses. 

To fund this project, we are doing three things:

  • Applied for Sport England Grants: We have applied for a maximum grant of £20,000 from Sport England.
  • Crowdfunding Campaign: We are seeking support from our members and the local community to help us reach our goal.
  • Club Funds and Other Efforts: We are utilizing our limited club funds and exploring other fundraising opportunities to bridge the gap.

Your support will not only help us bring padel to PSC but also assist with other planned upgrades to our club building. The more assistance we receive, the more improvements we can make.

Support Our Fundraiser: Every Contribution Counts

Your financial support, no matter the size, is greatly appreciated as we work towards completing our project. Here's how your donations can make a difference and the recognition you will receive in return:

Donation Recognition and Benefits

All Donations:

  • Every donor's name will be proudly displayed on a crowdfund plaque after the project is completed. This plaque will honor the generosity of everyone who supported our initiative, showcasing the strength and unity of our community.

Donations Over £5,000:

  • Donors contributing over £5,000 will receive a lifetime membership to the Padel section for a nominated individual. This includes:
    • Free court bookings during off-peak times.
    • Half-price court bookings during peak times.
  • Please note: These benefits apply only to the nominated person.

Donations Over £10,000:

  • Donors contributing £10,000 or more will have the above in addition to having their name on a dedicated section of the Padel court glass, offering a lasting tribute to their exceptional generosity.

How Your Donation Helps

Every contribution, regardless of the amount, brings us one step closer to making our project a reality. Your support will help enhance our facilities and create a better environment for all members.

Our Gratitude

We are immensely grateful to our members and local supporters. Your dedication and contributions are vital to the success of our club, and we truly appreciate every bit of support you offer.

Thank you for being a part of this journey and helping us build a brighter future for our club

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