Providing Necessary PPE Equipment to NHS @Southend

by Luke Farey in Southend On Sea, England, United Kingdom

Providing Necessary PPE Equipment to NHS @Southend

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Raising money to purchase the best PPE available for our frontline NHS workers at Southend Hospital.

by Luke Farey in Southend On Sea, England, United Kingdom

We’re looking to raise funds to provide NHS A&E staff and other frontline workers with the PPE equipment that is recommended by the World Health Organisation.  As you may have seen from those brave enough to speak out, many of our frontline NHS staff are not being given the equipment deemed necessary by the WHO to do their jobs safely.  Some receiving the watered down equipment that Public Health England recommend and some NHS staff, despite working with and around Covid-19 patients are being provided with nothing at all.

I have various NHS frontline workers that I am in regular contact with, so as things develop I will be able to change my strategy if needed.

I’ve spent the last week or so endeavouring to source FFP3 / N99 standard respirator masks.  Despite my best efforts, I cannot yet find these.  In the meantime, for now I’m looking to get a shipment of FFP2 / KN95 / N95 masks, as these are still more suitable than standard surgical masks.  My search is ongoing, but I wanted to start this page hoping that by the time I’m ready, there will be enough funds to purchase immediately.

I do have a trusted contact that can provide FFP2 / KN95 masks at a cost of £3.25 each, air freighted.  If anyone has any trusted contacts in China that are producing such mask, please do contact me.  Also, if anyone has contacts in China that could help with due diligence checking CE certificates that would be great, please let me know what locations.

This is a tricky job, as understandably there is a global demand for these mask with many producers only supplying to their own government.  I am also aware that there are many fake / sub standard masks out there.  But I will get there.  I will then look to source the correct aprons and visors as these are also very thin on the ground.

Please, please dig deep if you can.  These amazing workers are risking their lives for us and our loved ones and also then have the risk and fear or taking the virus back home to their own families.  They are our heroes!!!

If there is a sudden turn around and all staff suddenly receive the correct WHO approved equipment I will look to providing these to other hospitals, frontline workers, pharmacy workers, GP’s, supermarket checkout staff etc.

All funds raised will be used solely for the purpose of purchasing PPE equipment for NHS staff and frontline workers.  Excess funds will be held until this awful virus is under control and our lives are back to some kind of normality, with any left over money being donated to both Southend Hospital Charity and Havens Hospice.

If this becomes a success and I can expand to other hospitals and trusts, then fantastic.

Thanks in advance,

Luke Farey

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