Auction has Closed - Pump Field Llangollen

by Friends and Family of Amanda in Llangollen, Denbighshire, United Kingdom

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Our aims are to: - Protect 'Pump Field' from property development - Secure for public use - Enhance area for biodiversity & food production

by Friends and Family of Amanda in Llangollen, Denbighshire, United Kingdom


UPDATE - Pump Field - Sale by Auction 

Letting all our generous supporters know that the Auction for Pump Field closed at 3pm 17th May and the final price was above what we were able to bid, so we were not successful on this occasion.

People have been so generous in their donations and support, we really want to thank everyone for their community spirit and efforts to secure a beautiful green space for public use. It's been heartwarming to see the number of donations, whether large or small it has all been really appreciated as we know people have given what they can.

Please DO NOT continue to donate. The crowd-funder has a minimum open period until 27th May so we need to wait until after then but the AUCTION IS NOW CLOSED. We ask for you to bear with us whilst we sort the logistics of closing the crowd-funder page, we will be updating as to final amounts that were raised and pledged in the coming days.

Llangollen Green Spaces will continue to work to protect our beautiful green spaces and improve biodiversity in the local area and look forward to future projects.

  • This field has now been sold TUESDAY 17th MAY (the minimum time for the crowdfunder is 2 weeks)
  • Green Paw project have already pledged £50,000 (the auction starting price) for this land, any funds raised will be additional to help improve our chances. 
  • Green Paw will put up a maximum bid up to whatever money has been pledged on this crowdfunder (and private pledges) at the auction start time 
  •  If we are not successful at auction 100% of the money will be fully refunded
  • In the event of us winning the bid at auction, any additional funds will be put into a pot for the social and ecological development of the land as outlined below
  • Please contact [email protected] directly if you would like to discuss donating via a pledge that's only enacted if the bid is successful  

Location of 'Pump Field'


This crowdfunder is a joint collaboration between:

  •  Green Paw Project - a UK registered (Charity number 1166316) , environmental conservation and animal welfare charity.


  •  Llangollen Green Spaces - a newly formed community action group aimed at protecting spaces for long-term community use and wildlife enhancement. 

Our collective vision is to secure the purchase of a piece of land (‘Pump Field’) situated in Llangollen which has recently come up for sale and is due to go to auction on Tuesday 17th May. 

It is one of the very few remaining green spaces in the local area with public access which provides opportunities for the community to dog walk, connect, exercise, have social meetings and a lot more.

1652696419_screenshot_2022-05-16_at_11.18.25.jpgWe assume given the lands’ location, it has likely been targeted by a number of commercial property developers to create more housing estates, continuing the trend of putting profit over people & planet. This impact of this could:

  • remove the possibility of any future public use.
  • reduce and limit spaces for local residents to walk, exercise and socialise.
  • destroy existing habitats and wildlife populations.
  • negatively impact on the local community, views, pollution, increase population density etc.

We have come together as a charity (Green Paw Project) and a local community action group (Llangollen Green Spaces) to raise funds with the intention of securing the local area for communal and environmental purposes. 

The core ethics of the Land

The core ethics of the land will be decided equally between Green Paw Project and Llangollen Green Spaces. The values will be based on the vision of Green Paw Project and the vision of Llangollen Green Space Community Group. 

Llangollen Green Spaces Vision
To safeguard green spaces in and around Llangollen for public access and community use


1.    To be a community voice that influences planning and policy in order to preserve green spaces.

2.    To preserve access to green spaces for exercise, recreation and wellbeing within walking distance for the local community.

3.    Sustain and find ways to improve biodiversity within the town boundaries and surrounding area.

Green Paw Project Vision

Green Paw Project recognises the urgent need for humanity to step up into our rightful role as responsible caretakers of the Earth. 

Our project vision is to help restore the landscapes of the UK back to their natural state. We aim to:

  • Protect and conserve current green spaces, biodiversity, wildlife and habitat
  • Regenerate landscapes, helping to bring eco-systems back to optimum health
  • Provide long-term food security solutions for communities to thrive
  • Provide multifunctional, ecological solutions to offset carbon 
  • Strengthen climate change resilience through ecological & social strategies
  • Raise awareness and educating our connection with the natural world. 

Green Paw Project Mission


Create an effective demo-site to share what’s possible


Green Paw students how to design & create systems that heal


Regenerative models throughout the UK and create Green Paw National Parks


Green Paw Hive aims to show & share ways in which we can live in a healthy, harmonious relationship with natural systems. Our mission is to create a living, edible ecosystem that will function as a working model to manage land in a holistic, and wholesome way. Our demo-sites will share ways in which we can: grow an abundance of food & medicine, harvest & clean water, increase & enhance biodiversity, capture & sequester carbon, host spaces for social events and educational workshops, and leave a beneficial footprint for future generations to thrive. 


Once our site has been installed, planted and in the process of establishing, we will utilise the systems in place as a working model to share the tools, techniques, and strategies we have used. We will invite specialists in permaculture, ecology, regenerative agriculture, agroecology, and wildlife conservation to host workshops & courses for our members and guests, along with regular ecological education classes for all ages. 


The intention for our project is to mimic nature by creating regenerative social-ecological systems which seed, grow, flourish, and self-replicate. We aim to inspire, encourage and facilitate the growth of sister projects for regenerative land use to spawn throughout North Wales, and for those projects to continue on to scale and self-replicate. We envision that this will help to nourish the grass-roots regeneration movement to manage land responsibility by helping communities to become more self-sufficient whilst helping to increase biodiversity and generating surplus to reinvest into it’s own growth. Green Paw Project is a not-for-profit UK registered charity, and any surplus income raised will be reinvested back into development and the Earth"

Who are Green Paw Project Trustees?

Stephen Chesters lives in North Wales and is the leading trustee of Green Paw Project. Stephen is also a Director of a UK festival Audio Farm Festival, and also a well established business entrepreneur that runs National Coach Network LTD and Tuned in Travel LTD. To check out Stephens business credentials please visit this link.

Green Paw Project is also co-run by Olly Boon founder of Earth Repairs, an ecological design company based near Llangollen which specialises in designing, installing and maintaining landscapes which regenerate the environment and create long-term, low-maintenance ‘edible ecosystems’. 

How will the company formation between Green Paw Project and Llangollen Green Spaces be formed? Who will own the deeds of land?

The land will be set up as a Community Benefit Society (CBS), a CIC or legal company formation similar to this, that is to be confirmed. The purpose of the organisation is to serve the broader interests of the community.

There will be 2 voting members; Green Paw Project and Llangollen Green Spaces. Each will have its own separate board of trustees. Each will have a 50/50 voting rights on major decisions, so any major decisions going forward must be unanimous and agreed by both parties making joint decisions on the future use of the land. 

Any plans for the land will take place in an open forum for community involvement, input and participation. Any land proposals will be shared locally for feedback and integration before any implementation plans are put into action. 

Your pledge/donation Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Any donations will be held securely with crowdfunder, and if transferred will be sent to the registered UK charity Green Paw Project. 100% of every single penny you donate (minus the fees of 1.9% +£0.20 +VAT) will go straight towards the purchase of the land. No penny will be spent elsewhere. This is a 100% guarantee by both Green Paw Project and Llangollen Green Spaces. 

This crowdfunder is specific for the purchase of Pump Field in Llangollen. If the purchase of the land is not successful, full refunds will be issued by crowdfunder (See info on funding a pledge - or by Green Paw Project. 

The Crowdfunder Target

We have already raised £50,000 for the land and are crowdfunding for a further £30,000 plus. We believe that land will go for around £80,000+. If there is any surplus money left over the excess money will be used to start the land regeneration process. The more money we raise the bigger chance we have of winning this land. 

Your money is safe and secure within either Crowdfunder or Green Paw Project. Join on helping heal the earth and project and rewild green spaces in Llangollen.

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