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Help us Renovate the Roof over Colossus & Preserve and Protect the Origins of Digital Computing Be part of the Bletchley Park Legacy.

by TNMOC - Charity 1109874. in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

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On the 10th March 2023 we'd raised £18,776 with 168 supporters in 70 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Help us Renovate the Roof of The National Museum of Computing, Preserve and Protect the Origins of Digital Computing. Be part of the Bletchley Park Legacy. Incredible update! From The National Museum of Computing Thanks to your generosity, our Colossus Roof Restoration fund has reached an amazing 92.3% of our goal. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved. Your collective effort is shaping history. Let's sustain this momentum as we head toward the finish line. Together, we're transforming aspirations into reality! 🙌🏽🔧🏛️ #ColossusRestoration #Gratitude #CommunitySupport

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Deep gratitude for your support! Your shares and engagement are helping us shape a future of impact. Together, we're making a meaningful difference. Thank you for being a part of this journey! #Gratitude #CommunitySupport #ImpactfulFutures

You will be part of the community conserving the Historic WW2 Building for all to continue to be educated by engaging with our world class working collection and be  inspired by our history, the innovators and their legacies

The National Museum of Computing, located on Bletchley Park, is an independent charity housing the world's largest collection of functional historic computers and WW2 code breaking machines, including, Enigma, Lorenz, the only working Turing-Welchman Bombe, the rebuilt Colossus, the world’s first electronic computer, and the WITCH, the world's oldest working digital computer. The museum enables visitors to follow the development of computing from the ultra-secret pioneering efforts of the 1940s through the large systems and mainframes of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, and the rise of personal computing in the 1980s and beyond.

The museum runs a highly successful Sandford awarded Learning Programme for schools and colleges from primary school age through to PhD. We introduce computer coding to young people to inspire the next generation of computer scientists and engineers with a special emphasis on supporting female, minority and disadvantaged students. 

We have a proven track record of bridging digital divides  and inspiring future computing professionals.

Why are We Fundraising?

We need to raise £150,000 in matched funding to restore our roof. We are reaching out to ask you to join the community of people who help us continue to conserve British computing history, engage, educate and inspire our visitors and future generations. Our museum is located in Block H on Bletchley Park. Block H, grade two and  listed, dating from WW2, was the world’s first data centre containing Colossus electronic codebreaking machines and now houses our world class collection of working exhibits, including our unique working reconstructed Colossus. 

We have successfully received the bid From The Post Office Remembrance Fellowship  willing to award significant funds to help us restore the roof over the Colossus and adjacent galleries as part of an essential project to improve our visitor experience and facilities. Project details are available.

Why Now? Over the years we have patched and repaired  parts of the roof from limited museum funds, but with the passage of time and a changing climate, the time has come to replace the original structure with a modern waterproof and insulated roof to protect the building and preserve its contents for future generations. 

Problems and risks: roof leak threat to major exhibits, aging plumbing leaks, poor environmental conditions (temp and humidity) threaten collection, renewal and better insulation will address these and help us be more energy sufficient, making museum more sustainable.

How it will work

Step 1. A funding application has been submitted for £500,000  to a charitable trust. Our successful bid needs us to raise a matching £150,000 to meet the total project cost of ~£650,000 

Step 2. We achieve our matched funding target through seeking sponsorships & crowdfunding

Step 3. We deliver the project  (Phase 1) to conserve Tunny & Colossus, and increase the welfare facilities for all of our visitors 

Who do we reach?

Visitors of all ages from UK and wider afield

Families, parents and carers

School and college students through our learning programme

Computer historians, academic researchers

Cyber security & technology industry professionals 

Retired industry professionals

Corporate groups

Sponsors and donors

Museum Supporters Club

Museum trustees, staff and volunteers

We proactively support diversity and inclusion

Special programmes for neuro-diverse groups through relaxed openings; specialist days for home educators; support for students with additional needs including those from disadvantaged backgrounds 

Our Mission:

To bring to life the history and ongoing development of computing for inspiration, research, learning and enjoyment for the benefit of general and specialist publics of all ages. We are an accessible museum supporting others to fuel the future.

In support of this we acquire, conserve, restore and reconstruct historic computing machinery for preservation, display, demonstration and research.

Our emphasis is on British computing heritage and on ongoing British contribution to innovation and development.

Our distinctive approach is engagement through the display and demonstration of working historic systems.

We provide context through our active, Sandford awarded education programmes, festivals, lectures, visitor activities, and interpreted exhibitions and interactivity to raise awareness and inspire future generations of computer scientists, engineers, programmers and inventors.



This project offered rewards

£1,500 or more

Sponsor a Digital Future Day x120 students

As a Museum, we strive to champion, support and enthuse young women in their pursuit of and engagement with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. Our Young Women in STEM/Cyber Days & Digital future days are opportunity for female students and other students to experience interactive and inspiring activities, designed to encourage them to consider careers in STEM and/or Cyber.

£15 or more

Day Ticket

A Day Ticket to visit The National Museum of Computing on Bletchley Park.Valid for 12 Months

£15 or more

Online virtual tour for one

3D and virtual curated tours let you explore the world's largest collection of working historic computers. Speak to experts on the codebreaking machines of WWII, those maintaining the world’s oldest working digital computer – and more! The tours last approximately 1.5 - 2 hours and cover the full museum collection from The Bombe / Colossus onwards. Much of what is on display is fully working and our guides describe how the computers were used.

£20 or more

Set of 3 fridge magnets

A WITCH magnet A Colossus wrens magnet On off mug magnet

£30 or more

Royal Blue T-shirt

Royal Blue T-Shirt showing an expressionist painting of COLOSSUS. Softstyle -Seamless twin needle collar. Taped neck and shoulders. Tubular body. Twin needle sleeves and hem. Tear out label. Colour may vary slightly from picture.

£45 or more

Framed Original magazines/ Supp from 1960's-1980's

We have a selection of original magazines/ Computing Supplements which include Data week, The Computer Bulletin Supplement. These are fantastic pieces or Art that will look great in any setting. You can add your preference of what we ship to you- Data week, Retro game publication or Computer bulletin in the comments.

£50 or more

Black Hoodie - COLOSSUS

Comfortable and classic, the pro hoodie is an essential addition to any work wear offering. Cut in a modern and comfortable fit, with twin needle stitching for extra durability, the slip on style has a drawcord hood and front kangaroo pocket. This over-the-head hoodie is both a reliable style staple and durable enough to wear in the working day.

£60 or more

Family day visit (2 Adults & 3 children)

We recommend that you allow a minimum of two hours for your visit. Recognised as one of England’s Top 100 ‘Irreplaceable Places’ The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) is home to the collection of working historic computers. Watch the evolution of Computing unfold before your eyes and discover how technology evolved from valves and early semiconductors to the modern microprocessors we use today. It's a journey not to be missed

£60 or more

Become an annual TNMOC Supporter

Become a personal supporter of The National Museum of Computing. We receive no government funding or Heritage Lottery Funding and depend entirely on industry and individuals for its development. click here to see what is included :

£60 or more

Build Your Own Environmental Light & Temperature

This electronics kit contains all the components needed to construct your own Environmental Light & Temperature Kit: Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 Four port Expansion board Analogue sensor Board (Light & Temperature) MicroPython Demonstration software with Machine Learning A detailed Instruction Guide Please Note: This kit is intended for those with some experience in soldering electronic components. We recommend individuals unfamiliar with sold

£60 or more

Red Hoodie - "Mondays are an Enigma"

Red Hoodie - Mondays are an Enigma RX350 PRO HOODIE Comfortable and classic, the pro hoodie is an essential addition to any workwear offering. Cut in a modern and comfortable fit, with twin needle stitching for extra durability, the slip on style has a draw cord hood and front kangaroo pocket. This over-the-head hoodie is both a reliable style staple and durable enough to wear in the working day.Fabric Content: 55% Polyester / 45% Cotton, Weig

£70 or more

Escape Room experience voucher for 2

Faced with a series of perplexing puzzles and challenges inspired by computing technology across the decades, you must gather your wits, problem-solving and team-working skills to beat the ticking clock in a thrilling race to the finish line to determine your fate. Prepare to be confronted with alien tools and technology from decades past - paper tape, punched cards and floppy disks to name a few.

£300 or more

Sponsor a virtual school visit x 100 students

Supporting schools - For schools wanting to experience, The National Museum of Computing but can’t physically get to us? Don’t worry, we’ve got you -The story here at Block H is a wonderful tale of secret messages, cryptography and technological advancement. Our 90-minute immersive learning experiences offer an engaging and interactive way to learn about WW2, Cryptography, Computing and Maths

£350 or more

Team private guide tour x15

In this two-hour walking tour, the evolution of Computing will unfold before your eyes. Accompanied by one of our fantastic team of friendly and knowledgeable Museum Guides, adventure through the Museum and be captivated by the extraordinary artefacts in our unrivalled collection.

£800 or more

Sponsor a school visit x 50 students

You can sponsor a full school day visit for 50 students

£900 or more

The Turing Pen

Engraved on the barrel are the words "The Alan Turing Pen" to keep alive the memory of this most ingenious man whose secret activities during the Second World War helped save Europe from Nazi tyranny, and also triggered the start of the computer era. -Around the wide sterling silver cap band is the word "ENIGMA", and there is a secret compartment to hide your secret message - unscrew the barrel end, and there is a compartment.

£1,500 or more

On off Piece of Art of Alan Turing

Created by 2 stepper motors and some timing belt to move a suspended pen on a piece of paper. A line drawing portrait of Alan Turing: It's a single continuous line, which makes for interesting pictures It is an original as there are not prints or copies,it took about 3 hours to draw.

£3,000 or more

Limited Edition Alan Turing by Justin Eagleton

This incredible artistic celebration of Alan Turing and the history of computing at Bletchley Park has been created by renowned artist, Justin Eagleton, in collaboration with The National Museum of Computing. This stunning digital tribute features many of the key stories from the birth of the first large-scale computer, 'The Colossus to the creation of the 'Bombe' and the wartime push to break the enigma code.Signed by Sir Dermot Turing

£5,000 or more

Turing Welchman Bombe Drum- One of a kind

An Aluminium Bombe Drum They are made from the original drawings and 1:1 exact replicas- single Bombe Drum mounted on an oak base- made by Baddog Designs

£30 or more

T-Shirt - COLOSSUS - Cherry Red

Cherry Red T-Shirt showing an expressionist painting of COLOSSUS. Softstyle -Seamless twin needle collar. Taped neck and shoulders. Tubular body. Twin needle sleeves and hem. Tear out label. Colour may vary slightly from picture.

£55 or more

This Build Your Own Calculator Kit

ATmega328 Based Build Your Own Calculator Kit: This electronics kit contains all the components needed to construct your own eight digit calculator, including percentage, square root and memory functions, with an automatic power off. This Build Your Own Calculator Kit contains: All 52 components needed for the construction of an operational eight digit calculator.A detailed Instruction Manual, including a complete inventory of components,

£200 or more

Framed Acorn User Issue 1 1982

Framed original Acorn user magazine issue 1, from July/August 1982

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